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Does an iPhone 13 Case Fit an iPhone 14?

Does an iPhone 13 Case Fit an iPhone 14?
Does an iPhone 13 Case Fit an iPhone 14?

Knowing whether your old case will be compatible is crucial if you’ve invested in a new iPhone but want maximum protection for it. While it might seem like the old case should work at first glance, changes in features and dimensions could prevent it from doing so. 

So, save your device from unnecessary damage by knowing the differences between different iPhone models today.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 Cases Compatibility

Does an iPhone 13 Case Fit an iPhone 14? 

For many, throwing away a perfectly usable phone case will feel like a waste of money; for the environmentally conscious, it’ll feel like adding to plastic waste problems more than necessary. Luckily, most of the time, it’s likely that an old 13 case will fit a newer 14 despite the iPhone 14 being 0.01 inches thicker than the older 13. 

Both designs have a 6.1-inch display screen and are 5.78 inches high, so the thickness is such a marginal change in design that most iPhone 13 cases can fit an iPhone 14. However, this depends on the accessory. 

One other marginal change Apple has made to the designs is the location and size of the power and volume buttons. Should your old 13-case design incorporate this feature, it won’t be compatible with the newer device. If you want maximum protection for your phone, you must have a protector with 100% compatibility, so investing in the best iPhone 14 cases could be your option.

Does an iPhone 13 Pro Case Fit an iPhone 14 Pro?

To the naked eye, it might seem like the older 13 Pro and the newer 14 Pro are so similar that the case will fit like a glove. However, that’s not the truth. While the dimensional changes aren’t massive, they’re enough to need a new protector. 

The new 14 Pro is 0.03 inches taller, 0.01 inches less in width, and 0.01 inches larger in depth than the earlier Pro model. One of the most significant factors in the lack of compatibility is the change in the camera. While the new camera is an excellent feature for users, it does mean that older cases won’t work on the Pro 14 model.  

All is not lost; see the change as an opportunity to find a new case and aesthetic that works for you and ensure you know if it’s MagSafe compatible. Additionally, consider using a specialist recycling company to dispose of your old case or donate it where possible. 

Does an iPhone 13 Max Case Fit an iPhone 14 Max?

Unfortunately, no. Like previous models, the iPhone 14 Max has a new camera design to enhance exciting photographic opportunities. However, this change in design will make your older 13 Max case incompatible. 

Alongside the camera change, Apple also altered the dimensions again, giving the newer 14 Max less height and width but more depth. While these changes are miniscule, they don’t help when trying to fit a newer model into an older model’s case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do iPhone 13 and 14 Use the Same Case?

In most circumstances, you can use an earlier 13 case for an iPhone 14. As their dimensions are so similar, most cases will fit. However, this won’t apply to every case. And if you want maximum protection, getting a 100% compatible case is best.  

Final Thoughts

If you’ve got a new cellphone and want to protect it, investing in a new case as soon as possible is best. And why not use this opportunity to get a new, chic case that showcases your personality? Discover Casely’s Memorial Day sale today!

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Does an iPhone 13 Case Fit an iPhone 14?

Does an iPhone 13 Case Fit an iPhone 14?

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