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Google Pixel 6 Pro Cases

About Google Pixel 6 Pro Cases

Balancing style and durability can be a tall order, but our Google Pixel 6 Pro Cases manage the task expertly. Long gone are the days of bulky, unattractive cases. Now, style and safety go hand-in-hand.

Available in various styles, including colorful and bold and some more minimalist designs, there is something to suit your tastes. Embrace your feminine side with the Pastel Floral or the Frida Kahlo Collage Floral, or go all in on the Colorblock craze with the Day & Night Opposites Attract mountainscape or Here Comes the Sun Sunset design.

Casely cases aren’t just famous for style but robust protection, too, thanks to the military-grade shock absorption air pockets built into the cases. Even if you drop your phone more often than most, you won't have to deal with the nightmare of a cracked screen or damaged camera. Our cases have you (and your phone!) covered for all eventualities.

No one wants a dead battery, and with our cases compatible with wireless charging, it’s a thing of the past. Pair with one of our Casely power pods, and you can charge your device no matter where you are, all while looking uniformly stylish. There's no downside here!