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What Is a Magsafe Case, and Is It Worth It?

What Is a Magsafe Case, and Is It Worth It?
What Is a Magsafe Case, and Is It Worth It?

You’ve heard of a magsafe case, but you’re not 100% sure what it is and if it’s worth all the hype? 

You’re not alone. We’ve all gotten used to carrying our cell phone charger with us for when our phone inevitably dies. And a simple solution to the constant ‘low battery’ notification may seem too good to be true, right?

We’ll walk you through exactly what a magsafe case is, how it works, and the benefits you can expect to reap from using one. Keep reading. 

What Is a Magsafe Case?

Magsafe technology was designed by Apple and released in 2006. It allowed charging through the use of magnets (which would eventually make way to wireless charging phones). 

Magsafe phone charging was released in 2020 with the launch of the iPhone 12. Users quickly discovered that the cases people had on their iPhones interrupted how the magnets between the phone and charging device interacted.

Luckily Magsafe cases hit the market. These innovative devices contain magnets that align with a phone’s Magsafe accessories to make charging possible. Now, you can have a fully protected phone while still being able to use your accessories and charging units.

How Does a Magsafe Case Work?

To get technical, here’s the make up of how Magsafe works — there's a copper-graphite shield, followed by a magnet array and an alignment magnet. Then there's the charging coil and the polycarbonate housing, topped off with the e-shield. Altogether it's presented as a disc inside the case.

Credit: Apple Event October 13

The magnetic disc in the case interacts with the built-in Magsafe feature in the iPhone, ultimately allowing users to charge their case using Magsafe technologies. 

There are many Magsafe charging options on the market, but one of the go-to technologies for people is our power pod. Our power pod magnetically connects to Magsafe cases, providing a seamless and simple charging solution while on the go. 

What Are the Benefits of Magsafe Cases?

Easier Charging

The most obvious benefit of the Magsafe case is how much easier it is to charge your cell phone. If you were excited by the technology of a wireless charger but were then disappointed to find you couldn’t charge your cell while it had a case on, the Magsafe case solves this problem.

No More Wires

Say goodbye to carrying around your charging cable everywhere you go. With a Magsafe case, you’ll no longer have to only use traditional charging modes. 

Even more, you’ll not have to worry about unreliable cords or old cables fraying at the ends. We’ve all been in that situation where you have to hold the wire in the perfect position to get a tiny bit of charge to keep your phone from dying. The Magsafe case means this is a thing of the past and you can rely on the magnets in the case to do all the work for you.

Super Sturdy Case

Magsafe cases are incredibly secure and sturdy. It houses a lot of high-tech functionality in a small and thin case, so it's hardly surprising these cases can withstand a lot. If you’re someone that puts your phone through a lot of unintended abuse (here’s looking at you chronic phone droppers) then the Magsafe case is a great option for you.

Better Accessories to Improve Your Quality of Life

Why limit yourself to plain old wireless charging when there are many other super cool features the Magsafe case affords you? You can get a magnetic wallet connecting to your case, holding your cards, and protecting their information - magic!

Next is the car mount - no more messing about with broken, plastic arms on an awkward aftermarket mount that does more damage than good. The ease of the magnetic car mount will literally change your life.

And finally is our power pod. This is part of the magic that will keep your phone constantly charged. It's portable, it's sleek, and it's magnetic. What more could you want?

Is It Worth It To Get a Magsafe Case?

The answer to this question depends mainly on the type of person you are, but if you're asking us, the answer is yes. MagSafe technology has opened up a massive can of possibilities, and while, at the moment, there are limited accessories, we're sure to see a boom of others in the coming years.

While you might not see any problem with taking your case off to use your wireless charger, we're sure it'll only take you a few times with the Magsafe option to wonder how you ever survived. One of the greatest aims of innovative technology is to create something that makes life more convenient for its user, and it's safe to say, Magsafe cases have absolutely achieved that.

Sold On Buying a Magsafe Case? Shop Casely's Wide Range Today!

Whether you're a tech-head or are simply looking for a cute phone case that will make life a little easier, the Magsafe case is a great option. It transforms your phone to charge even easier and you'll soon become addicted to a convenience you didn’t know you needed.

And for those wanting to keep their phone charged on the go, grab a power pod. At Casely, we’re committed to innovation and bringing you the best options on that market. 

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