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iPhone 13 Pro Cases

iPhone 13 Pro Cases

About iPhone 13 Pro Cases

We know you're a pro—that's why we've designed the best iPhone 13 Pro case on the market!

This iPhone is full of upgrades: a better camera, more memory, and higher power. You have no choice but to protect it with a case as powerful as the phone.

Casely's designs have something for everyone. Go for the sleek black-on-black case for subtle mystery, or maybe grab a pastel design for something light and airy. With hundreds of options, if you can imagine it—and we've got it.

The iPhone 13 Pro is for those who are serious about their phone. So our cases are seriously tough. Raised edges, a hard plastic shell, and a comfortable grip all dovetail to create the ultimate level of protection in phone cases.

Trust us—you don't want to walk two feet with your new iPhone 13 Pro without having it covered. Come on over to Casely and find your new favorite case.

But shop now—our iPhone 13 Pro cases are already flying off the shelves!

Check out our wonderful cases for other models below!

iPhone 13 Pro Cases | Frequently Asked Questions

Are Casely's iPhone 13 Pro Cases Eco-Friendly?

Yes! Casely is a Carbon Neutral Corporation. Casely phone cases are made from 50% recycled materials, meaning you never have to feel bad about using them. We also donate a portion of our profits to numerous environmental and charitable organizations. You aren't compromising on your climate conscience when adopting one of our unique styles. In fact, you're actually keeping the recycling train moving. Go you!

What are iPhone 13 Pro Classic Cases?

Our classic cases are aimed at those who prefer a simpler, less bulky look for their iPhones. You won't get quite as much protection for your iPhone, but you will get a stylish, durable case that you can rely on no matter what — at a lower price. Don't believe us? Try one out for yourself!

What are iPhone 13 Pro Bold Cases?

If you like to live life a little more on the wild side, our range of Bold cases is for you. Larger-than-life prints wrapped up in a Military-Grade case that offers 8-feet of drop protection, what's not to love? These cases match your bold lifestyle both in style and purpose, so why don't you already own one?

What are iPhone 13 Pro Power Cases?

Our power cases allow full wireless charging without needing to remove any of the extra protection. Shock-absorbing air pockets and 8-foot military-grade drop protection make Power cases the best for practicality, keeping your iPhone 13 Pro safe and fully charged. That's a win-win.

What are the Most Protective iPhone 13 Pro Cases?

Our Bold range is the most protective, but all our cases benefit from durable materials that keep your phone safe from just about anything! Our Bold range stands out due to its water and dust resistance and stunning shock absorption capabilities. They're virtually invincible, and we love them.

Which Type of Case is Best for iPhone 13 Pro?

Uh, the one you like the most? Okay, sorry, less sass. But seriously! Here at Casely, we are all about self-expression, which is why we offer so many designs. All our cases are durable and fully equipped to deal with (almost) everything you could throw at them, so just put your favorite in the basket and get to checkout!

What Material are Casely's iPhone 13 Pro Cases Made From?

Polycarbonate — an extraordinarily tough material that can withstand numerous falls and knocks over its lifespan. Although it is a part of the plastic family, Casely is committed to making our cases from 50% recycled materials, so you don't need to feel environmentally guilty! Despite their significant protection, our cases aren't bulky and won't make your phone feel hefty. They're stylish and practical at the same time!

How Durable are Casely's iPhone 13 Pro Cases?

Very. Polycarbonate is no joke, and the shock-absorbing air pockets featured in many of our cases only takes that to the next level. Many of our cases are military-grade, so if you’re taking your iPhone 13 Pro into battle, you can rest assured it'll make it out the other side. Don't worry. With a Casely case, your device is safe.