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Clear iPhone Cases & Covers

Clear iPhone Cases & Covers

About Clear iPhone Cases & Covers

Don't take a beautiful iPhone and cover it up. We know it's hard to choose between quality protection and showing off your new phone, but we've made the decision easy with our clear iPhone cases. It’s a see-through solution that doesn't distract from your iPhone choice and ties in seamlessly with any of your wildest fashion looks. 

At Casely, we simply don't accept boring or basic, so don't expect 100% minimalism. We've got designs ranging from simple to funky and fancy to punky to satisfy any aesthetic. We know design is super important, but so is protecting your investment.   

You want to keep your phone safe, and so do we! Casely cases protect your phone from scratches, bumps, knocks, and any other mischief you might encounter. Whether you need lightweight protection or a heavy-weight contender, our 1mm front raised lip will see you through. 

Did we mention they are also wireless charging compatible? 

You’ll also find a free guarantee spanning the whole first year. We believe in our products, not just because they’re cute! You can too. 

Our clear cases are available to fit iPhone models from the iPhone 6/6s right up to the iPhone 14. Check out our clear iPhone case selection today.