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MagSafe Battery Pack

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MagSafe Battery Pack

About MagSafe Battery Pack

Out with the old — in with the new! Say farewell to your corded charger and hello to on-the-go charging! Compatible with Qi Wireless Charging, you'll have instant power everywhere you go with Casely's Power Pod MagSafe Wireless Chargers. 

To use, snap your cute charger to the back of your phone and let it work its magic. It's easy to remove and share if needed. We all have that friend whose phone is always on 10% battery (sometimes, we are that friend). Either way, your low-battery dilemmas end here as long as your phone is wireless charging compatible. 

Wireless and portable, Casely Power Pods use MagSafe technology to charge your phone wirelessly. It's SO convenient — our only mistake was not thinking about these sooner! 

Whether you're texting that special someone or hopping on work calls all day, Casely's Power Pod MagSafe Wireless Chargers will keep you going. The question is, what style best suits you? Have fun browsing through our dozen styles designed with you in mind. From sophisticated black to animal prints to swatched patterns, we have something for everyone.