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8 Best iPhone 14 Cases in 2023 Reviewed

8 Best iPhone 14 Cases in 2023 Reviewed
8 Best iPhone 14 Cases in 2023 Reviewed

Style is about personal expression. It's not about buying expensive brands, chasing trends, or conforming to anyone else's idea of what looks “good.” Style means expressing yourself in the purest, most unique way possible.

And it isn't all about the clothes you wear on your body. So much of personal style comes down to what accessories you tote around—including your phone case.

Read on to find the best iPhone 14 cases in 2023 so that you can win fashionably while still protecting your precious phone.

8 Best iPhone 14 Cases

Some people buy phone cases just to protect their phones, some because it feels better when you cradle it in your hands, and others because it's another way to maximize the impact of your self-expression. Whatever your case is, these cases will have you locked and loaded to take on the world.

1. Current MOOd – Cow Print Case

Live your home on the range fantasy with this plush and precious cow print phone case. You'll feel tempted to reach out and pet the case because the fur detail is so precise. It looks like it's practically blowing in the wind!

The Current MOOd Cow Print Case features large black spots on a snow-white background. It's minimal yet chic.

One of the benefits of this case is that black and white go with practically every other color. Whether it be a bright orange romper, a jade green blazer and apartment pants combo, or a sleek black or white dress, you'll be perfectly accessorized.

This Bold case from Casely has reinforced edges, rubber grippers, and a thick internal layer of shock absorption should you ever drop your cell phone. Nobody thinks it will happen to them, but it happens to the best of us! Pair it with a screen protector, and you'll be just as safe and snug as a cow with all its winter weight lying in a pasture.

Get ready, cowgirl, to protect your phone in fashion!

2. Opposites Attract – Day & Night Colorblock Mountains Case

The Opposite Attract Day & Night Colorblock Mountains Case is for the outdoor obsessives out there, literally, in the wilderness. It’s for the forest freaks, the mountaineers with unshakeable hiking habits, and the types with their local REI on speed dial (we see you!).

Little known fact: outdoorsy people care about fashion too! They may seem like they just get what's most practical and best suited for the conditions at their next campsite. But really, they care about color, material, and cost like the rest of us. And this phone case will undoubtedly make any outdoorsy iPhone 14 user fall in love.

Switch it upside and down and get two different views of a minimalist design of a mountain with the moon in the back. Or is it a mountain with the sun shining above reflected in a lake? The clean lines, simple shapes, and warm earth tones make this case timeless—like the sun, mountains, and moon themselves!

This case for iPhone 14 is also rugged enough to withstand a few drops and rough handling. The military-grade drop protection means that you can focus on what matters to you most—the great outdoors—while protecting your phone.

3. Deep Sea – Blue Marble Case

Get lost in the deep, entrancing design of the Deep Sea Blue Marble Case. See what you want to see—is it the colors of the deep ocean that speaks to your inner sea goddess? Or is it an elegant slab of marble cut from a century-old mine? No matter what you see when you look into the Deep Sea, it’s a magnetic case that will provoke many deep thoughts.

Speaking of magnetic, this case offers MagSafe compatibility, meaning you can do away with cords and other land-items keeping you tangled up. Go wire-free thanks to the magnets embedded within it.

This case also has the most elegant and sophisticated color palette on this list, period. You could spend hours just staring into the undulating waves of light and dark. And just like marble, this case is reinforced for added protection. The 3mm raised lip will help protect your phone from drops, scratches, and cracks.

Get it here and let your inner sea goddess shine.

4. Wild West Adventure Desert Case

For the kid from the country, the weary road traveler, the cowboy or girl, the dust devil—this is the phone case for you. It features beautifully drawn scenes from country life, including a cowboy and his horse, cacti and other desert plants, a herd of cattle, and even a few snakes. The Wild West Adventure Desert Case is your chance to reconnect with the heartland.

There are two layers of durable polycarbonate backing and a raised front lip for added protection. Whether you're wrangling a bull, driving cattle across the mudflats, or harvesting spring's crop, you know you can rely on your phone.

The color scheme is the best thing about this phone. With a cornflower blue and white color scheme that resembles fine china, this phone brings you all the comforts of the country while remaining effortlessly chic. It's easy to match with neutral, jewel, and even highlighter tones.

5. Van Gogh - Almond Blossom Floral Phone Case

Vincent Van Gogh's paintings are timeless, and so is this phone case that features a detail from his famous painting of almond blossoms. This gorgeous masterwork features a series of spindly grey branches bearing delicate white almond blossoms. You can practically smell them in the breeze wafting from this elegant case.

Van Gogh was a famously troubled man, a true artist, so the fact that he could find beauty in nature is something to inspire us all. You can find beauty anywhere you go, and if you buy the Van Gogh Almond Blossom Floral case, you can have it in your pocket.

Casely has an ongoing collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum. If you want to shop the other Van Gogh x Casely collabs, whether it be his self portraits or his famous painting of a vase of sunflowers, you can dive into the artistry now.

6. Hanging Around Potted Plants Floral Case

Potted plants are the hottest new trend in home decor. If you’ve ever scrolled TikTok, even just once, you probably came across multiple lifestyle influencers showing off what looked like a greenhouse overstuffed with potted plants, which was actually their bedroom. Now, don’t get carried away, plants emit CO2, and we breathe oxygen, so you don’t want to go too overboard with your plant obsession!

That’s why the Hanging Around Potted Plants Floral Case is perfect for the green-thumbed plant lover. This case is also great if you love ficuses, ferns, and flowers so much but just can’t seem to keep them alive. The adorable hanging plants, with their various leaves spilling over their pink, blue, and creme-colored pots, will never grow old!

This case also features MagSafe compatibility as part of our Bold collection. With wireless charging, the only thing “hanging around” can be your spider plants, not your phone charger!

7. All Smiles Smiley Face Sticker Case

Turn that frown upside down with the All Smiles Smiley Face Sticker Case. Flashback to the ‘90s with this retro design. It’s giving 90s, nostalgia, and everything we love about pre-Y2K.

If you want your phone to look like you pasted it with the kind of stickers you used to buy for a quarter in the machines outside convenience stores, you’ll be all in with this case. The fun was never knowing what smiley you’d get. In this case, you can have all of them.

Whenever you pull your phone out, it’s going to light up the smiles of everyone in the room. Whether it be the rainbow smiley, pink, purple, silver, or classic yellow, the All Smiles Smiley Face Sticker Case will envy your friends, bringing everyone nothing but pure joy.

8. Think Pink Solid Neon Pink Case

Barbie’s back in 2023, and the iconic plastic figure of hot-pink legend would absolutely sport this case. The Think Pink Solid Neon Pink Case is for the fashionistas, the designer baddies, and the ones who bookmarked every Miu Miu look at the last NYFW runway show. The saying might go that black is the most timelessly fashionable color. But for those brave enough to rock it without shame, hot pink is the true stunner of the color wheel.

Even though it’s loud and attention-grabbing, this phone case has style in spades. It's not that this case will accentuate any outfit—this case demands girliness and iconic style. The Think Pink Solid Neon Pink Case is a fashion revolution in the guise of a phone case! It’s a Barbie World, so show everyone that you’re a Barbie girl unafraid to flash hot pink fashion.

This hot case also has maximum durability. The 3mm raised edge protects the screen and the camera system on the back should the phone ever take a tumble while you’re walking around in hot pink stilettos.

How to Choose The Best iPhone 14 Case

A lot goes into choosing the best case for your iPhone 14. You want your phone protected but not weighed down by such a heavy case that you dread carrying it around.

You want your case to be aesthetically pleasing without being so eye-catching that it's an eye sore. And you want your phone to be worth the investment without breaking the bank. These are the qualities you should look for first.

Hard or Soft Phone Case

Do you want your case to be soft, like rubber, or something hard, like polycarbonate? Rubber is easier to slide on, but then again, it's easier to take off should your phone fall into the wrong hands.

On the other hand, polycarbonate will undoubtedly protect your phone in a drop, with the material rated for military-grade drop protection. It might not be as pliable as rubber, so you have to decide which is best for you.

Card Holder?

Many modern phone cases come with card holders so that you can conveniently stow your credit card, debit card, ID, and whatever other plastic you need daily.

Some don't like having a card slot in their phone because they're afraid it'll increase the likelihood of theft. While there aren't any reports or research out there to indicate that phone cases with cardholders increase the likelihood of becoming a victim of a crime, it's something to consider!

A Case for All Seasons

Why stop at just one? If you liked multiple cases on this countdown, get them. Just like you have multiple outfits, you can have multiple phone cases. And just like fashion has seasons, so do phone cases.

For summer, you could pick the Wild West Desert Adventure Case. It has that rugged, sunburnt kind of aesthetic. For fall, pick the Opposite Attract Day & Night Colorblock Mountains Case with its autumnal palette—red, blue, brown, and gold. Plus, it will remind you to take in the changing foliage.

For winter, there's no better case than the Deep Sea Blue Marble Case to go with your ice sea queen outfits. Come spring, open yourself to magical changes with the Hanging Around Potted Plants or the Van Gogh Almond Blossoms. And when the Barbie movie finally hits theaters, you have to be in line with the hot pink case, obvi!

Special Features and Accessories

There are so many features you can explore in phone cases. With iPhone 14, you can shop for MagSafe compatibility. The technology lets you charge wire-free, which is where everything is heading—you might as well catch up!

Other options include phone rings, sticker packs, and more. With special features and accessories, it's all up to what you want out of your phone case.

Express Your Style

Don't underestimate the power of your phone case to heighten your style and offer you a sense of protection. One shouldn't come at the expense of the other, though. Thankfully, all of these cases offer both! Shop Casely today to find the case that lets you express your style.

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