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What's in Your Picnic Basket? 5 Tasty Must-Haves 🧺🍯🌻

What's in Your Picnic Basket? 5 Tasty Must-Haves 🧺🍯🌻
What's in Your Picnic Basket? 5 Tasty Must-Haves 🧺🍯🌻

Are you making picnic preparations? The summer is the perfect time to pack your basket with delicious treats and bask in the sun.

Here are five tasty must-haves you'll want to include.

1. Finger Sandwiches 🥪🤌

Finger sandwiches are easy to make, pack, and eat. Did we mention they're delicious?

The great thing about finger sandwiches is you can use what you already have in your pantry and refrigerator. Layer your sandwiches with your choice of cheese, meats, and spreads.

You probably don't need a recipe to make finger sandwiches, but here are some suggestions for inspiration:

  • Caprese sandwich 🍅🌿
  • Egg salad sandwich 🥚🥗
  • Turkey, bacon, and avocado club 🥓🥑
  • Cuban sandwich 🐖🍞🥒

Be sure you slice your sandwiches into easy-to-eat portions, hence the ‘finger’ sandwiches.

2. Mexican Street Corn Salad 🌽🌮🥗

You'll fall in love with this salad if you like Mexican street corn. It's the perfect pairing to your finger sandwiches and a fun alternative to a basic salad.

The main ingredients include corn, mayo, crumbled Cotija cheese, and chili powder. Make it as creamy as you like with as much spice as your heart desires.

And, since the taste gets better as it sits, you can make it ahead of time!

3. Chips and Salsa 🌵🏜️🪅

The possibilities are endless when it comes to chips and salsa. It makes for a great picnic appetizer or something light to snack on while basking in the glorious sun. Instead of picking up a jar of salsa at your local grocery store, make it fresh!

Here are some ideas when deciding on the right salsa to prepare:

  • Pico de Gallo
  • Tomatillo Salsa
  • Mango Salsa
  • Pineapple Salsa

Pair this with some tortilla chips, and you're set.

4. Handheld Apple Pies 🥧🍎

Don't skimp out on dessert! Treat yourself to something sweet after all the work you did to create a beautiful and delicious picnic basket.

One of our favorite picnic desserts is apple pie. But don't think about baking an entire pie. Instead, make handheld pies. These are easy (and fun) to eat. Plus, you'll be able to pack them into your basket neatly.

If you're not a fan of apple pie or want something more convenient, swing by your local grocery store and pick up some chips, cookies, or candy. Just don't forget the dessert!

5. Classic Sweet Tea (With Lemon) 🍹🍋

There's always room in your picnic basket for a mason jar filled with sweet tea. Take some lemon wedges in a zip-lock bag to spice it up even more.

Not a fan of sweet tea? Go with another classic picnic drink like lemonade. Or, if you're feeling up to it, mix the sweet tea and lemonade for a classic Arnold Palmer.

Putting Your Picnic Basket Together

Preparing your picnic treats and putting them into your picnic basket shouldn't take more than an hour. We suggest preparing what you can ahead of time, like your salad and sweet tea. It will make your picnic experience more enjoyable instead of juggling everything at once.

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