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Magnetic Phone Case Wallet

Magnetic Phone Case Wallet

About Magnetic Phone Case Wallet

“Phone, keys, wallet.” We all pat our pockets and triple-check our purses to ensure this classic trifecta is perfectly in place before we head out for the day. You’ve got enough to keep track of in life without worrying about forgetting something at home. Why overcomplicate things? 

With the MagWallet+, you can put that worry to bed for good!

Crafted with Vegan Leather, this eco-conscious tool magnetically snaps onto the back of your phone and can securely carry up to 3 credit cards. The built-in MagSafe® magnets make it easy as pie to remove and adjust as needed. 

A multifunctional powerhouse, the MagWallet+ also serves as a handy phone stand! With different angles and positions, including a new Float Mode feature, you can view content exactly how you like. 

The MagWallet+ puts power and convenience in your pocket. If you want to simplify your routine and upgrade your smartphone experience, this product is for you.