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Which Casely Phone Case Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Casely Phone Case Matches Your Zodiac Sign?
Which Casely Phone Case Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Everything we say, do, and wear is an outward expression of our personalities. And if you’re a believer in Astrology like me, you’ll agree that our personalities are HEAVILY influenced by the position of stars and planets at the moment we were born (which, I’ll be honest, as a Virgo is hard for me to swallow – it makes little logical sense yet is just so relatable…).

So, I’ve gone ahead and matched the 12 Zodiac signs to their perfect Casely phone cases, with a little explainer as to how and why. Let us know if you love your match!


⭐ Aries ♈

Mar 21-Apr 19

Aries’ are known for being dynamic and bold with a competitive streak – which is why they’ll love a vibrant, in-your-face phone case. Try the Holo Chrome Croc Case, or our I Heart Tie Dye Case, which was new out in August (never wanting to be beaten, competitive Aries should grab it now before else gets there first!)




✨ Taurus ♉

Apr 20-May 20

Taurus’ have a unique ability to be both serene and relaxed yet strong and stubborn. In this case (excuse the pun), going for a design that’s both pretty and durable will suit your needs perfectly. How about the Pink Marble Charging Case or the Rose and Gold Clear Case for keeping your phone looking cute AND fully protected from hard knocks and scrapes?


🌟 Gemini ♊

May 21-Jun 20

Gemini, don’t listen to those bad reputation rumors. Everyone who loves a Gemini knows them to be kind, expressive and really funny. This sign is also rooted in versatility and duality – opposing ideas that Geminis magically manage to be at once. Represent your multitudes with the Half White Clear Marble Case, strikingly representing two sides, or the two-tone Iridescent Mermaid Holo Case.


💫 Cancer ♋

Jun 21-Jul 22

Cancer is a typical water sign in that they’re very in touch with their emotions – highly intuitive, sentimental and compassionate. In line with this, they love nature, caring for things, and making lasting friendships. We think the oriental-floral Navy Flower Power Case would suit them to a T, along with the Mint Mirror + Wallet Flip Case which is perfect for storing a little picture of loved ones in the card slot. Aw!


⭐ Leo ♌

July 23-Aug 22

Without a doubt, a Leo’s dominant traits are that they’re totally outgoing and LOVE being center-stage. Leos adore compliments, and they’re sure to get them with these two phone cases – the Cool Black Marble Holo Case and our Bright Yellow Sunflower Case.



✨ Virgo ♍

Aug 23-Sep 22

Any Virgo will happily tell you that they’re a self-confessed control-freak and love nothing more than to flex their analytical and organization skills. But, they’re also total magpies, and anything shiny and pretty is an instant must-have. Virgos – fangirl over this lovely (and multi-functional!) Rose Gold Mirror + Wallet Case, or channel your inner goth (who needs her battery to remember her schedule) with the Black Marble Charging Case.



🌠 Libra ♎

Sep 23-Oct 22

Libras are social butterflies and creative geniuses, with the ability to be diplomatic and fair in any situation. As their Zodiac symbol shows, they’re all about balance and see both sides in everything. Display your best traits with the Sleek Black Marble Clear Case – symmetrical and eye-catching – or the Rainbow Stripes Color Block Case Case which should catch your keen eye for design.



💫 Scorpio ♏

Oct 23-Nov 21

Passionate Scorpios might come across slightly brash at first, but underneath their tough exterior they feel every emotion deeply and are brilliant at thinking outside the box. They’re not afraid to make waves with their honest opinions, so the Black and Gold Waves Case is a great choice; as is the cute Cactus Patterned Case… to represent their cute nature and prickly façade!



🌟 Sagittarius ♐

Nov 22-Dec 21

The #1 trait of the Sagittarius sign is adventure. Straying off the beaten path is their speciality; and with this comes creativity and originality. For you, we recommend the Rainbow Swirl Case to represent your colorful personality, and the White Marble Charging Case so that you never lose battery when you’re out exploring!



⭐ Capricorn ♑

Dec 22-Jan 19

Smart, detail-oriented and in-control, Capricorns also possess amazing abilities to be focused and stubborn about completing their goals. The Black Mirror + Wallet Flip Case will keep their life a little more organized and on-track, while the pretty and intricate Floral Mandala Case will appeal to their love of fine detail.




Jan 20-Feb 18

One-of-a-kind Aquarius’ are imaginative and think deeply, and can sometimes be caught with their heads in the clouds. The Cute Light Blue Skies Case reflects this perfectly, while the watercolor palm frond pattern on the Tropical Blue Palm Case will have them dreaming of relaxing on a faraway beach.



🌠 Pisces ♓

Feb 19-Mar 20

While all three water signs are known for their emotional personalities, Pisces may just take the biscuit. They’re affectionate friends and have a strong sense of empathy, which makes them great at channeling all those feelings into art. Our Blue and Gold Clear Floral Case will appeal to their love of beautiful things while the interesting Geo Marble Case is sure to give them creative inspiration for a new project.


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