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What are Tempered Glass Screen Protectors?

What are Tempered Glass Screen Protectors?
What are Tempered Glass Screen Protectors?

We're all familiar with phone cases, but what are tempered glass screen protectors? In short, the tempered glass screen cover gives your phone more durability and will prevent it from cracking or scratching. We'll get into the details of how they work below, but these covers are an absolute must if you're the type to drop your phone often.

Here's everything you need to know about tempered glass screen protectors.

What is a Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

Glass Screen Protectors

So, what makes these covers so strong? Tempered glass screen protectors go through thermal treatment using hydrofluoric acid that makes them up to five times stronger than the standard iPhone glass. You apply the cover directly onto your device, and you have all the protection you need without sacrificing any functionality or resolution.

As a result, your device is more scratch-resistant and shatter-proof. While some people have a resistance towards tempered glass screen protectors, we'll explain why they're the best option below.

Why Are Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Better?

They Are Extremely Durable

There's nothing worse than dropping your smartphone only to find the display shattered into pieces. You won't have to worry about that if you use a tempered glass screen protector. Not only does it protect your device from falls, but it also prevents keys and coins from scratching your display.

If you do drop your phone whilst using one, the film may shatter. However, your phone's display will still remain functional until you replace the protector. A plastic screen cover may provide some protection, but it isn't as durable as tempered glass screen protectors.

They Feel Smoother

Some covers compromise the display interface, which can quickly become frustrating. Overall, tempered glass screen protectors feel a lot better to touch than a plastic screen cover. If you have oily fingers, you can remove fingerprint stains easily and continue to use your device normally.

Furthermore, tempered glass screen protectors are far easier to clean than a plastic screen or a conventional scratch guard.

They Don't Reduce Clarity

When you cover your smartphone with a tempered glass screen protector, it doesn't affect your display, colors, or image quality like other protectors.
In most cases, a plastic screen will block light and make your display appear fuzzy. Since most of us use our phones to watch videos and look at pictures, tempered glass screen protectors are always the better choice.

They Don't Produce Bubbles

One reason people avoid putting covers on their phones is due to those atrocious bubbles they produce. Fortunately, tempered glass screen protectors don't create bubbles. Since they are thick, the cover fits nicely on your smartphone.

A plastic screen cover is thinner and will most likely create small air bubbles when applied. The same goes for conventional scratch guards.

They're Affordable

When you consider the cost of replacing a new smartphone, the idea of investing in a tempered glass screen protector is worth every penny. Although a plastic screen cover is usually cheaper, you can typically get a cover for less than $15.

Furthermore, tempered glass covers are 100% reusable. You can take them off and reapply them whenever you need them.

How To Apply Tempered Glass Screen Protector Properly

Now that you understand the features of tempered glass screen protectors, here's a quick guide on how to apply one to your smartphone.

  1. Find a clean area to work in with no dust. Dust can be your worst enemy when applying a cover, so be sure to find a dust-free surface. You can use a room with calm air, but it may even help to run your shower and create some steam to reduce floating dust.
  2. Wash your hands. Cleaning your hands prior will ensure that no particles make their way between your phone's display and the protective film. Once your hands are clean, make sure to dry them thoroughly.
  3. Wipe your display down. Before applying your tempered glass coating, use a cloth to wipe your device. Eyeglasses rags tend to work the best as they're designed for glass. Make sure all dust and lint are off your phone before adding your cover.
  4. Line up the cover. This part is extremely important, so be sure to take your time. Remove the glass coating from its box and position it correctly on your phone. Make sure the sides line up with the margin and the camera hole is in the right position.
  5. Remove the bubbles (if any). While tempered glass screen protectors don't typically produce as many bubbles as a plastic screen cover, some small ones may appear when you stick them to your device. If there are bubbles, use a credit card or something firm to rub them out.

Where To Buy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Thanks to the internet, getting your hands on tempered glass screen protectors is easier than ever. Casely features some of the best tempered glass covers on the market. We use an extremely strong adhesive material to ensure your coating never falls loose.

They're incredibly easy to apply, scratch resistant, and feature the same responsive touch you would have without a cover. The material offers resistance to fingerprints, smudges, or anything else that may jeopardize your smartphone's surface.

What's more, our covers ensure your display maintains HD clarity. So, you can enjoy all the Instagram images and TikTok videos you like without having to worry about fuzziness!

Final Thoughts

No doubt, having a reliable cover allows you to enjoy your device's features without worrying about scratches or cracks.

Sometimes, a plastic screen cover isn't enough. Tempered glass is an exceptionally durable material that's both affordable and easy to put on.

Given that phones are expensive and we rely on them daily, it's worth it to keep your investment safe!

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