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Empower Your Tech: Stay Charged and Fashionable with Portable Power Pods for Festival Season

It's almost that time of year again. Temperatures are rising, and the days are stretching longer - festival season is just around the corner. Music festivals have become an indispensable part of the summer season: days of live music, nights of partying, and memories you'll cherish forever. 

Yet one part of the festival experience we don't miss is the desperation as our phone battery gradually fades, begins to blink, and then dies altogether. This used to mean hours spent in a charging line, but not anymore. 

With Casely's portable power pods, you can keep your phone charged continuously. Get ready for pictures and videos, messages home to say you're OK, and late-night ‘Where are you?’ texts when you can't find your friends. Here are some of our favorites.   

1. Black Power Pod

One of our most popular designs keeps things simple, elegant, and classy. This all-black power pod doesn't need to mess around with fancy designs. With a 5000mAh battery capacity and a wireless output of up to 15W, you can keep your phone charged all night long.

Compatible with iPhone 12 or later, it comes in at a tiny size of just 3" x 2" x 1/4" and a weight of only 3.2 oz - making it the perfect on-the-go power pod.  

2. Flower Patch | Multi-Color Floral Power Pod

From stylish black to flower power, our Flower Patch multi-colored floral power pod is a riot of color perfect for summer vibes. Channel your inner Woodstock this summer to truly stand out from the crowd. This wireless battery pack allows you to dance all day and night without worrying about your phone battery. 

Its 5000mAhUp battery capacity means up to 19 hours of extra battery life, and at 3" x 2" x 1/4 and just 3.2oz, it's the size of a credit card and weighs about the same as a deck of playing cards—party on people.  

3. Van Gogh | Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette Power Pod


Looking for something a bit darker and edgier, but with a touch of fine art? Look no further than our Head of Skelton with a Burning Cigarette by Vincent Van Gogh. Painted in 1886 while he was still at art school before the world revered his work, this power pod will definitely help you stand out. 

It has a 5000mAh capacity and a wireless output of 15W Max, meaning a super fast charge on the go. Small, convenient, and uber cool - but do you Van Gogh? 

4. Opposites Attract | Day & Night Colorblock Mountains Power Pod

Opposites really do attract. We humans love symmetry, and our Day and Night Colorblock Mountains Power Pod is guaranteed to catch the eye with its beautiful contrast between the daytime and nightfall landscapes. 

As with all of our power pods, it's small and convenient but still packs a healthy power punch that keeps phones charged for an extra 19 hours. Stay cool and charged this summer throughout your festival escapades.

Stay Festival-Ready With Casely’s Cases & Power Pods — Shop Today!

Are you ready for summer? Get festival-ready with Casely cases and power pods to keep your attention on the music, not that blinking battery icon. And what's more, we've got a summer sale throughout the whole month and into July. So take advantage, get everything you need, and hit the festival circuit fully prepared.  

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