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Cozy Fashion Must-Haves and 3 Wintery Cases to Complement

Cozy Fashion Must-Haves and 3 Wintery Cases to Complement
Cozy Fashion Must-Haves and 3 Wintery Cases to Complement

We're officially into winter, and although you might be unhappy about the colder weather, one way to lift your spirits could be to reinvent your style.

The start of a new year always brings about a bunch of new ways to mix up your wardrobe, but it can be tricky to know what to buy and what to pair it with so that you can serve on-trend looks.

Well, we're here to help! We have listed three key pieces to add to your wardrobe this winter and the best phone case to go along with it. Use this short guide as a springboard to spark your creativity and start the new year in style!

The Fashion: The Classic Cardigan

How could we write a post about cozy fashion and not include a classic staple piece? The cardigan is versatile, comfortable, and timeless. You can pair it with almost any outfit. Whether your vibe is neutral or patterned, you're sure to find something on the market you'll love.

The Case: Confetti Cupcase | Magnolia Bakery Case

The Confetti Cupcase is the perfect piece to pair with your cozy cardigan. It has that sweet girl-next-door look and totally goes with a favorite winter activity: baking cupcakes! The vanilla-frosting white background makes it perfect for pairing neutrals or muted tones, with the multicolored confetti dots giving enough accent to make it into an effortless statement piece.

The Fashion: Statement Outerwear

Next up, let's get bold. Outerwear doesn't have to be boring, and we'd argue that it shouldn't be! Winter can be exceptionally dull, especially once the holidays are over. Spice up the colder season with bold and bright tones on your patterned coats and jackets.

The Case: Make Your Mark | Crayola Paint Case

Did someone mention bold and bright? Our Make Your Mark case has that written all over, quite literally. Born from our partnership with Crayola, this case is the perfect way to make a statement and brighten up those dark winter mornings.

The Fashion: Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtleneck sweaters feel like a hug and are perfect for staying warm while remaining chic. They are also easy to incorporate into a look, thanks to how easily you can layer them with other items. Look for these season’s hues in beiges, browns, and creams, or stick with the artsy hipster black when shopping for your new winter favorite.

The Case: Into the Wild | Black Leopard Case

We're focusing on the chic here, and nothing says chic quite like monochrome leopard print. Our Into The Wild case is the perfect companion for your sleek new winter fit. It has character, but it isn't loud about it, which is on brand for a turtleneck. Sometimes style is subtle, but that doesn't mean it isn't exciting.

Stay Warm and Stylish!

Being cozy and slaying in your outfit are not mutually exclusive. We have listed three key pieces and complementary phone cases to inspire you, but the possibilities don't stop there! Get creative with your self-expression and beat the winter blues, all while looking fabulous.

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