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8 Best iPhone Cases for Valentine’s Day 2023 Reviewed

8 Best iPhone Cases for Valentine’s Day 2023 Reviewed
8 Best iPhone Cases for Valentine’s Day 2023 Reviewed

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and there’s no better way to show it than by spoiling yourself or a loved one with a brand-new iPhone case.

With so many options on the market, finding the perfect one can be challenging.

An iPhone case is the perfect gift that combines thoughtfulness, style, and functionality. Whether you’re into classic designs, bold patterns, or vibrant colors, Casely has an iPhone case to reflect your personality and keep your phone safe from scratches and cracks.

Fortunately, we’ve picked out 8 of the best iPhone cases, reviewed and ready to add a touch of romance to your tech. From pastel floral hues to heart-shaped designs, our list will surely make a perfect match!

8 Best iPhone Cases for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re looking for sleek leather designs, soft cases, or playful artwork, there’s a case on this list to match your needs. Consider the following iPhone cases for Love Day:

Love Song | Lavender Heart Case

The Love Song Lavender Heart iPhone case from Casely is an attractive option for anyone looking to add a touch of Valentine’s Day spirit to their phone.

Let this iPhone case be a romantic reminder for you and your partner’s favorite love song. Designed with varying shades of chic lavender and white, Love Song is soft and warm - capturing the unique essence of Valentine’s Day.

Combined with a heart-shaped design, peaceful lavender can symbolize a deep and gentle form of love and appreciation.

Created from a durable TPU material, this charming and practical case easily absorbs impact from accidental drops. We’ve all been there!

Not to mention, its 1mm raised lip design helps to keep your prized possession crack and scratch-free. Ah, love!

Butterfly Effect | Sage Colorblock Case

Relive your romance with the Butterfly Effect Sage Colorblock case. Remember that fluttery butterfly sensation you felt in your stomach when falling in love with your partner? These poetic butterflies are a perfect surprise - a memory you and your partner can relive over and over. And if you’re still looking for your Romeo, what better way to attract someone than with mesmerizing butterflies?

Made with durable TPU material, this muted sage case features shock-absorbing air pocket technology designed for even the clumsiest of people. It can shield impact from up to 8 feet! The sides of the case offer slip-resistance textured grips for a secure hold.

Of course, no iPhone case is complete without MagSafe technology. The case has unique magnets on the back, allowing you to connect your device to a wireless charger - saving you the hassle of removing a phone case.

Heart Throb | Endless Hearts Clear Case

The Heart Throb is the perfect case for the hopeless romantic. If you have someone to express your love to, this case features endless heart designs to showcase your infinite love for your soulmate. And if you’re still looking for your forever, Heart Throb is a great way to attract a partner.

The neutral colors allow you to wear your heart on your sleeve - er, your phone! - without attracting unwanted attention. If you believe in symbolism, consider how the black-and-white contrasts represent the good and bad throughout any relationship. Like the yin to your yang, love is the only constant no matter what happens.

Heart Throb comes in a flexible one-piece design empowered by a semi-soft flexible material, which provides a comfortable grip. The 1.5mm raised lip protects your phone screen from surface drops to avoid disastrous cracks and scratches.

XOXO | Candy Hearts Case

Sure, we all expect chocolates and candy on Valentine’s Day, but the XOXO Candy Hearts Case is on another level. Think of the explosion of pink and cherry red hearts as the perfect gift for your Valentine’s crush. Shower them with affectionate and exuberant love! If they have a bubbly and energetic personality, this fun-loving phone case will only accentuate their radiant vibes out to the world.

But don’t be fooled by the candy heart designs; this is a durable phone that’s difficult to scratch. A bold, tough case with a 1.5mm raised lip to protect your phone and screen from damage - what a win for your heart and peace of mind. XOXO’s deep and precise cutouts protect your phone from unwanted grime without obstructing access to the charging ports, buttons, or speakers. How romantic!

I Heart Tie Dye iPhone Case & Cover - Casely

Hop on board the tie-dye bus with the I Heart Tie Dye iPhone case and cover!

The bright, bold rainbow colors with a large heart shape are surely unique! What better way to share your love for your partner’s free-spirited attitude and self-expression? Tie dye also symbolizes peace and love - two essential values for any relationship. If you or your loved one enjoys going to summertime festivals or wearing bohemian fashion, this I Heart Tie Dye iPhone case fits right in!

Regarding the specs, this case comes with a tough polycarbonate material, offering 360-degree coverage for your device. This impact-absorption material will reduce most - if not all - shock, ensuring your iPhone stays protected.

You even get a groovy one-year product warranty, giving you peace of mind and spirit when you purchase.

Field of Flowers | Pastel Floral Case

Brighten up a Valentine’s day with flowers! The Field of Flowers Pastel Floral Case is a beautifully designed case featuring gorgeous blue, peach, and orange flowers. Flowers are a staple for Valentine’s Day, so why not complement your gift with a vibrant floral phone case?

Don’t underestimate the slim case, either! It offers a slim form factor with superior protection. Accident prone? We’ve rigorously tested this case to withstand drops to ensure your iPhone is protected at every angle. With a snug fit, this case safeguards your phone from scratches and bumps while giving you access to all the essential buttons and ports. Not to mention, it’s also compatible with wireless charging. Time to go buy some flowers to go along with your case!

Flower Patch | Multi-Color Floral Case

Show your loved one how much you appreciate what they do with The Flower Patch Multi-Color Floral Case. This dainty, quaint case shows off a blue, yellow, and pink garden, providing a gentle reminder to stop and smell the roses. Flower Patch’s vibrant and floral design will make a bold statement, showing your significant other how much you care.

However, don’t discount its practicality. Accidents happen, which is why this case provides ultra-protection. Its military-grade air pocket technology absorbs shock, ensuring your phone stays safe from drops of up to 8 feet. (Or, you know, the kitchen counter!)

Enjoy easy access to all the buttons and ports of the phone with its precise cutout design. The case covers your phone entirely except in those accessible areas to prevent grime, dirt, or dust inside the case.

Secret Garden | Mixed Floral Case

Chic and whimsical, this Secret Garden Mixed Floral Case will bring flirtatious vibes on any date night. With its lush floral design yet elegant stark black background, it’s the perfect gift for your loved one this Valentine’s day. It’ll be an excellent accessory for your partner to wear on their girl’s night out or even on date night with a chic, floral outfit.

The floral aesthetics doesn’t inhibit its ability to protect your iPhone. It has a distinct round edge to give it the protection it needs without sacrificing style. This phone case comes in various case styles, including Classic, Bold (Ultra Protection), Bold and Magsafe, and Power 2.0.

In our opinion, the bold is the best option for protection as it comes with a TPU material to maximize shock absorption. However, if you want to extend your battery life, the Power 2.0 case has charging capabilities, so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice - on date night and beyond.

How To Choose The Best iPhone Case for Valentine’s Day

With so many styles, materials, and designs available, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right case. We’ll help you narrow down your selection by considering factors such as protection, aesthetics, and other features.


Are you a clumsy person? If you’re prone to accidental drops on concrete, you’ll need some serious protection.

If you’re less worried about protection, look for a sleeker design with basic protection. Remember, there’s usually a trade-off between the protection level and the weight and bulk of the case. Slimmer cases can protect against scratches and boost the phone’s odds of surviving a fall.


Looking for a durable iPhone case? We’ve got you!

Silicone cases are flexible and provide excellent grip, making them great for preventing drops. They also offer solid protection against everyday wear and tear. Plastic is another lightweight and affordable option, providing essential but basic protection against scratches and minor drops.

Still need more coverage? Look into thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) - it’s a thicker plastic that absorbs impact and maintains durability for even the clumsiest among us.

MagSafe Compatability

MagSafe is a technology introduced by Apple that lets you charge your iPhone wirelessly. iPhone 12 and above all have embedded MagSafe technology, meaning it’s imperative that iPhone cases have MagSafe compatibility to ensure fast and safe charging.

MagSafe-compatible cases, like the ones from Casely, have magnets attached to their back. This allows iPhone users to securely connect their devices to their wireless chargers.


An iPhone is an expensive investment, so it may be worth spending a little extra to get the protection and design you’re looking for. Besides, your phone is something you carry with you every day, so why not give it the care and protection it needs?


While daily functionality is important, style shouldn’t be compromised either. If you’re looking to buy a case for a loved one, consider Casely’s chic fashion cases that evoke a timeless elegance. Some cases exude a more vibrant design that incorporates more trendy styles.

Water-Resistance or Waterproof

A waterproof or water-resistant iPhone case is designed to protect your phone from water damage. This is typically achieved through the use of special materials and sealing technologies. Some common materials used in waterproof cases include silicone, polycarbonate, and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). These materials prevent water from seeping into the case and reaching the phone inside.

The case’s design is also critical in determining its waterproof or water-resistant capabilities. Cases with a waterproof rating, such as IP68, have been tested to withstand immersion in water for a certain length of time and at a certain depth. Other cases may be water-resistant but not fully waterproof, meaning they can protect your phone from splashes and spills but not from complete submersion in water.

The effectiveness of a waterproof or water-resistant case also depends on its sealing mechanism, such as flaps that cover ports or seams that are welded to prevent water from entering the case. Some cases also use a vacuum-sealed design to prevent water from entering the case.

Battery-Powered Versus Non-Powered

Finding a place to charge your phone on the go or carrying a separate battery can be inconvenient. Enter battery-powered charging cases. These cases store batteries to help charge your iPhone, but they can also charge separately using a lightning cable.

Choosing a battery-powered case is a great way to extend battery life, ensuring you never run out of power when you most need it. Of course, purchasing a non-powered battery case is more affordable if extended battery life isn't an issue. It all comes down to personal preference!

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift has never been easier! With our comprehensive list of iPhone cases, you can be confident that you’re giving a gift that truly shows your love and appreciation.

Make sure to consider your loved one’s personal style, phone model, and desired level of protection. If you’re buying a Love Day gift for yourself, even better!

So go ahead, make this Valentine’s Day one to remember with the gift of a brand-new iPhone case!

XOXO, Casely

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