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Best iPhone 7/7 Plus Cases for 2023

Best iPhone 7/7 Plus Cases for 2019
Best iPhone 7/7 Plus Cases for 2019

If you’re the owner of an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus you already know about its neat features, including their fast processors, amazing camera qualities, and water resistance designs. When it comes down to an easy to use, reliable phone with long lifespan, this is an ideal option.

You also know that these phones are not cheap, which is why it’s important to protect your investment with a durable case. In this guide, we’ve narrowed down the search selection for you. We are offering you stylish, affordable, functional cases to suit your likes and preferences.

Why Choose Casely Phone Cases for Your iPhone 7/7 Plus?

There are so many reasons why a Casely phone case is right for you. We have a wide variety of choices to choose from for your iPhone 7/7 Plus. All of our cases come with a 1-year warranty and hassle-free 30-day return option if you don’t absolutely love yours. Moreover, our products offer extreme protection, fashion, and usability.

Browse through our selection down below for more information!

Do iPhone 6 Cases Fit the iPhone 7?

Yes, our iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone SE (2020) are all the same case. So if you upgrade from a 6 to a 7 your case will be compatible.

New Bold Cases – What’s the Deal?

Our new collection offers ultra-protection for your iPhone device. They are engineered with 8’ military grade drop protection, shock absorbing air pockets, 3MM ultra raised front raised protection, among so much more. You’ll quickly find that our Bold Collection provides the protection your smartphone needs in a fun, fashionable, and affordable way!

iPhone 7

There are several benefits to having an iPhone 7 that you don’t receive with older models:

  • Its water resistance capabilities protect it from liquids and dust.

  • It's future proof, meaning it will always run on the latest technology.

  • Of course, you have the 4.7-inch screen with a broad color range, giving you the best quality from your pictures, videos, games, and more!

Here are some amazing picks to protect your iPhone 7 in a range of styles:

Marble Cases

Bold: Beautiful White and Pink Marble Case

The simplicity of this marble case is perfect for any setting. Complementing any outfit, the glossy finish and soft pink accents draw the eye in. If you’re looking for both fashion and durability, this is a great option from our Bold Collection.

Classic: Light Blue Skies Marble Clouds Case

Don’t let the lightweight feel of this sky-blue case trick you into thinking it doesn’t offer top-notch protection. You’ll enjoy a glossy, attractive finish with 12mm raised edges that offer added protection to both your iPhone and its camera. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the slim fit of this cute, protective option!

Floral Cases

Bold: Red Flower Power Floral Case

This bright red floral case will look great on your iPhone 7. It’s protective and cute – what more could you ask for? This model is designed with powerful shock absorption and flexible sides that minimize the damage done to your phone when dropped. The raised 12mm edges will also offer amazing screen and camera protection.

Aren’t too crazy about the red? We also have this same style in yellow, blue, and navy.

Classic: Blue and Gold Clear Floral Case

This beautiful blue and gold choice will look great on your iPhone 7. The beaming rose gold petals add a touch of elegance that fits well for any occasion. Users love the natural, summery feel this clear case brings. It’s one of our favorite when it comes to our Classic Collection.

Clear Cases

Classic: Avocado Rose Gold Clear Case

iPhone 7 cases don’t get any more fun than this avocado inspired clear model! A great way to express yourself, this has been a popular selection among our foodies! Enjoy the clever look of this one while taking advantage of its protective and functional design.

Glitter Cases

Bold: Midnight Marble Black & Navy Case

The mysterious look of this case fits perfectly within our Bold Collection. An exclusive design, you can count on the Midnight Marble Black & Navy case to secure your device while drawing eyes to its sophisticated marble look with glitter accents. As simplistic as it is charming, it doesn’t get better than this!

Classic: All That Glitter Charcoal Crystal Case

Feeling glamorous and want a case that adds to your glamour? The Glitter Charcoal Crystal case is for you. You’ll enjoy the sparkly, yet dark look of this model. While it’s glittery, it also gives off a mysterious vibe that will look great anywhere you go. With looks that rival functionality, this is an exclusive selection from our Classic Collection.

Prints + Patterns

Bold: Rainbow Stripes Color Block Case

Stripes are in and this Casely option is too! Enjoy the classic color block design of this model. It is simple, but we love the pop of color added to it. We see rainbow block designs everywhere, especially on apparel. It will take your outfit to the next level while giving your phone unbeatable protection!

Classic: Check Me Out | Checkerboard Case

You can’t go wrong with the Casely checkerboard case. Protective and light, it will give your iPhone 7 a slim fit you’ll love. If you’re looking for a pop of color, consider adding one of our phone rings. You can remove and re-attach at any given time depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Nonetheless, previous customers love the sophistication of this design. It suits any outfit, setting, and occasion!

Holo Cases

Bold: In Formation | Metallic Blue Camo Case

This camo case won’t blend in with your surroundings! It will offer you quite the opposite actually. The exclusive design of this case is made to stand out and turn heads. The designers have even added metallic silver accents to add some pop. More than a pretty case, users will benefit from the supreme protection and coverage it gives their iPhone 7.

Classic: Stylish Holo Chrome Croc Case

We are confident you won’t find a case like this. The crocodile inspired look takes holographic and elegance to a whole other level! You’ll love how it beams in the sunlight, and the shine it brings to enclosed settings. Aside from the neat animal print design, it will give your device high-quality protection all the way from the screen to the camera.

Rose Gold Cases

Bold: Pink and Gold Metallic Waves Case

The snug fit of this case will protect your phone from tumbles and falls while the rose gold accents and pink backdrop of this case will turn heads. We love the unique design of this case including the slip-resistant side grip feature and camera protection for crystal clear pictures every time.

Classic: Cute Rose Gold Floral Mandala Clear Case

This is one of our more popular Rose Gold sellers from our Classic Collection. This Floral Mandala Clear case is one of a kind offering an exclusive signature look that fits any outfit and occasion. Besides its fashionista appearance, it does an amazing job protecting your iPhone 7 with its self-absorption features for those occasional falls.

Pretty & Cute Cases

Bold: Out and About | Light Pink Floral Case

Welcome the Spring season with this feminine, blooming, Casely case that encourages nothing but calm, peaceful feelings. The floral accents are classy and cute, making it an ideal selection for any occasion.

Aside from its soft looks, you’ll also receive a 1-year warranty, shock absorbing features for those occasional drops, slip-resistant side grip, among so much more! Make the Out and About Floral case yours today.

Classic: Geo Rose Gold Marble Case

This will forever be one of our favorite picks – and our customers too! The unique layout of colors and geometric design work well with one another. If you’re into pastel color palettes, this is an elegant and cute option for you.

This classic fit will hold your iPhone snuggly and give it a slim look. Confident in our Casely cases, it does come with a 1-year warranty if you don’t absolutely love it!

Wallet Cases

Classic: Gold Leather Wallet Case

You can’t go wrong with the classic look of this leather case. If you aren’t too crazy about the gold color, there are 4 other hues to choose from. Aside from it’s pretty looks you will get a protective case for your phone, money, and cards. It is very roomy and convenient for work, a night out with friends, and just about any occasion!

Wallet phone cases offer advantages you don’t get with normal iPhone cases. They give you security, convenience, and a fashionable way to carry everyday essentials. Not to mention the longevity and added protection they’ll give you mobile device.

Charging Cases

White Marble Battery-Powered Charging Case

If you’re a fan of our marble collection, you’ll love this charging case even more! Its charming design is great for any setting, outfit, or occasion. Not to mention, you’ll always have on the go battery. What more could you ask for?

Solid White Battery-Powered Charging Case

Not only does this ensure your iPhone 7 stays charged at all times, but it’s also fashionable and chic! While we love the sleek look of the white, this model is available in 4 other colors to suit your likes and preferences. Order today for fast shipping and a fully charged, protected phone.

The iPhone 7 charges very quickly. It is one of those phones whose battery life is at full charge within minutes (an amazing upgrade to older models). Even then, if you’re someone who is constantly on the go and needs your iPhone everywhere you travel, a charging case will come in handy for keeping up with a schedule and emergency situations.

iPhone 7 Plus

The main difference between the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 includes the dual camera system, which can zoom further and offers additional effects. While they’re both amazing phones, with the Plus you’ll enjoy a larger screen and an even better battery life.

Just the same, protect your phone by considering these top-quality options:

Marble Cases

Bold: Classic Blue Marble Case

If you’re looking for a functional but eye-catching iPhone 7 Plus marble phone case, this is the one for you! We love the uniqueness of this model because it offers elegance, beauty, and everything in between. You won’t be disappointed with the blueish gray hues and light pink accents throughout this Casely case. It’s completely classic and worth every penny. Make this Casely case yours today!

Classic: Pastel Marble Moon Case

The celestial pattern of this moon case is one of a kind. Not only will your iPhone 7 Plus have the perfect blend of cosmic, pastel colors, but it will also give your device the protection it needs daily. This is an exclusive design within our Classic Collection so be sure to get it while it lasts!

Floral Cases

Bold: Layered Patchwork iPhone Case

There is so much going on in this Layered Patchwork iPhone 7 Plus case and you’ll love every bit! A Bold Ultra Protection Casely case, your phone will receive extreme coverage for those occasional tumbles. This is a colorful, fun model made from two layers of polycarbonate backing to maximize efficiency and usability. Make it yours today before it’s gone!

Classic: Blooming Red Rose Case

When it comes down to our floral options, this Blooming Red Rose Case has to be among our favorites. It’s so elegant with just the right touch of femininity. Roses are in and so is fashionable slim protection! You will receive quick shipping with this purchase along with a 1-year warranty in case you don’t absolutely love it.

Clear Cases

Classic: Shiny Gold Pineapple Clear Case For Girls

Show off your iPhone 7 Plus color with this clear pineapple case for the ladies. The hard, clear frame will give your phone the protection it needs, and the simple pineapple design is perfect for any occasion – especially if you’re feeling tropical! All our classic cases are made with two polycarbonate layers and flexible TPU on the sides for top-notch protection.

Glitter Cases

Classic: All That Glitter Purple Chrome Crystal Case

Need a break from neutral colored cases? Consider this glittery purple selection! Not only will it turn heads, but it’s a fun way amp up your style and express yourself. We’re so sure you’ll love this case that we’re including a 1-year warranty along with it. With this chrome crystal case, you’ll have all the looks, personality, and protection your iPhone 7 Plus needs.

Prints + Patterns

Bold: #GRLPWR Triple Threat iPhone Case

Nothing yells girl power more than this Triple Threat iPhone 7 Plus case! It is bright, feminine, and trendy. This Bold Collection case offers extreme protection with a medium weight feel. It does have an 8’ military grade drop protection that you’ll appreciate when those tumbles and falls come along. Worth every penny, we can’t see a reason why you wouldn’t want to make this fierce case yours today!

Classic: As If! Red Plaid Case

Lightweight, functional, and elegant, this is a great option for your iPhone 7 Plus if you’re looking for a unique accessory to complement you. The red, white, and black mesh design is both classy and fun. If you don’t absolutely love this red color, it’s also available in light purple, light blue, and yellow!

Holo Cases

Bold: Holographic Metallic Stained Glass Marble Case

A top seller in our Bold Collection, this stained-glass marble case is truly one of a kind. Unique and breathtaking, customers love the blue and purple colors that blend in beautifully with the silver holographic shapes. With this exclusive design by Casely, you’ll receive ultra-protection that will protect your phone from top to bottom!

Classic: Cool Black Marble Holo Case

Glamorous and fun, this one is great for a night out on the town! The chrome cracks, glossy finish, and black marble background offer a blend of boldness and sophistication. Not to mention its construction – this case is engineered with two layers of hard polycarbonate and flexible TPU sides that minimize impact when dropped!

Rose Gold Cases

Bold: Cracked Rose Gold Black Marble Case

Are you going for looks or protection? Well, with the Cracked Rose Gold Black Marble Case you can have the both of best worlds! This unique rose gold selection is one of our exclusive designs in the Bold Collection because of its unique print and glossy finish. It offers extreme absorb shock capabilities for those occasional falls. It’s limited edition so if you want it, get it before it’s gone!

Classic: Rose and Gold Flaked Clear Case

Show off the color of your iPhone 7 Plus but add some spark to it with this clear Rose Gold case. A limited-edition selection, you’ll love everything from its simple and fun look to protective elements. Don’t absolutely love it? Ship it back to us within 30 days for a full refund!

Pretty & Cute Cases

Bold: Into the Wild | Leopard Print Case

Show off your fierceness with this wild and cute leopard print case. Into the Wild is one of our top sellers in this category because of its 8’ military grade drop protection, shock absorbing features, and slip-resistant side grip. The design draws the eye in and if you don’t love the original brown and tan case, consider our blue and red one!

Classic: Fine Lines Mustard Yellow Pinstripe Case

Cute, elegant, and functional – what more does your iPhone 7 Plus need? The Mustard Yellow Pinstripe case is light, protective, and offers just the right amount of sophistication and fun! Perfect for any occasion, you won’t find anything like this one.

Wallet Cases

Classic: Black Mirror + Wallet Flip Case

Looking for a convenient, secure, and stylish way to carry your phone, driver’s license, and credit cards? A wallet case may be the solution for you, giving you a compact place to store away all your essentials for the day! This Black Wallet Flip case gives you room for all your essentials and even includes a mirror. Stylish and cute, it’s worth every penny!

Charging Cases

Black Marble Battery-Powered Charging Case

Sophistication at its finest, this black marble case is everything you’re looking for and more! Not only will you receive a beautifully designed case, but you’ll never have to worry about your iPhone running out of battery. It’s also available in colors white and pink.

Even with the iPhone 7 Plus amazing battery life, you’ll occasionally run into those emergency situations where your phone is minutes away from running out of battery life. If you’re someone who relies on your phone for mostly everything, a charging choice is for you.

Join the Casely Subscription Service!

At Casely, we are proud to offer a wide range of cases to choose from. All our cases are engineered with top of the line, hard protective material and are made to be unique. Your phone will always be dressed in an exclusive style, no matter which choice you buy.

Can’t decide which one you want? Join our subscription club and receive our newest case every month at the lowest price! Our Casely Club customers say it’s like receiving a birthday present 12 times a year. What could be better than that?

If you’re not feeling a new case every month, you can skip or cancel at any time – no fees or contracts. Sign up today!

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