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8 Best iPhone 13 Pro Magsafe Cases in 2023 Reviewed

8 Best iPhone 13 Pro Magsafe Cases in 2022 Reviewed
8 Best iPhone 13 Pro Magsafe Cases in 2022 Reviewed

After treating yourself to the iPhone 13 Pro, the next step is investing in a high-quality case. Throughout your search, you'll find many reliable options, including Magsafe options.

MagSafe cases feature a magnet integrated into the back, allowing the iPhone 13 Pro to snap onto it without plugging it into anything. It lets users utilize external Magsafe accessories like wireless chargers, wallets, or Power Pods.

This guide will go over the eight best iPhone 13 Pro Magsafe cases in 2023, followed by a detailed buyer's guide on choosing the right one for you. With all this information, you'll have no doubt you'll invest in a case that'll be functional, practical, and stylish!

8 Best iPhone 13 Pro Magsafe Cases

The innovative iPhone 13 Pro is Magsafe compatible. Take advantage of all the features available to you by considering any of these Magsafe cases. Each is unique in its way, featuring an artsy, creative design. Take a look at the top iPhone 13 Pro Magsafe cases here:

1. Flower Patch | Multi-Color Floral Case

Let's kick off with a vibrant floral design. The Flower Patch | Multi-Color Floral Case is perfect for any season. Whether you want to welcome spring with open arms or add some color to dreary winters, this Magsafe case will keep your device protected.

The garden of flowers isn't the only thing to love about this case; users will also enjoy several protective features. It has shock-absorbing air pockets that soften any accidental drops. This Magsafe case is also designed with 8' military grade drop protection, further protecting your investment. And, as if this wasn't enough, it comes with a slip-resistant side grip to prevent falls from being an issue in the first place.

If you're looking for an ultra-protective case with Magsafe capabilities, the Flower Patch is a wise investment. Make it yours today!

2. Wild West Adventure | Desert Case

Are you looking for something that's both subtle and bold? You'll love the simple design of the Wild West Adventure | Desert Case.

Beyond its subtleness, it showcases a fierce side designed for bold behaviors. The western-themed characters are outlined in navy blue and rest nicely on a bright, white background. It's safe to say it was designed for those that love action but want to look cute in the process!

There's no denying this Magsafe case looks great, but what about its protective features? We're so glad you asked as you won't be the least bit disappointed!

Users will also enjoy precise cutouts explicitly designed for the iPhone 13 Pro. These cutouts keep all grime away from your speakers, charging port, and buttons. It does this all without obstructing access or sound. And, thanks to the 1.5mm protection, you don't have to worry about your camera or screen getting scratched.

Don't take our word for it, though! Check out the hundreds of reviews written by our happy Casely customers!

3. Scribble Me That | Crayola Rainbow Pencil Case

The Scribble Me That | Crayola Rainbow Pencil Case takes you back to childhood. It showcases a playful design made with Crayola colored pencils. It makes the perfect iPhone 13 Pro accessory for those artsy iPhone users. This limited-edition case is popular, so if it catches your eye, get it before it's gone!

Casely has partnered with Crayola to create a fun collection of cases and accessories. Along with the one-of-a-kind design, you'll receive amazing protective features, including:

  • Built-in Magsafe features
  • Shock-absorbing air pockets
  • Ultra-raised front lip protection
  • Fashionable slim protection

Need to charge your device wirelessly? No problem. The Scribble Me That case is wireless charging compatible for those who like to live cable-free! It has all the charm of childhood whimsy, but with the sophisticated features and protection you need while adulting. Experience this fun Crayola Rainbow Pencil Case today.

4. All Smiles | Smiley Face Sticker Case

Are you looking for an iPhone 13 Pro case to brighten your day? You can count on the All Smiles | Smiley Face Sticker Case. You'll be greeted with smiles in different sizes and styles everywhere you look.

This case is available in two case types: the Classic+Magsafe and the Bold+Magsafe.

While the Classic+Magsafe design offers a 1mm raised front lip protection, the Bold+Magsafe provides a 3mm ultra-raised front lip protection. It also has other bold protection features like the 8' military grade drop protection, shock absorbing air pockets, and slip-resistant side grip.

Expect the All Smiles case to be durable, functional, and fashionable! It boasts 360° hard shell protection, which offers the ultimate protection for your phone. Rest assured, you can run down the halls of your high school or office without worrying about tripping and cracking your phone!

Super cute and fun, you can't go wrong with the Smiley Face Sticker Case! It’s that perfect mix-up of ‘90s vibes and notebook stickers with modern amenities. Make it yours today!

5. Viva La Vida | Frida Kahlo Collage Case

Frida Kahlo has touched millions of lives through her art and powerful character. The inspiration behind this iPhone 13 Pro case is a reflection of her life and work. She loved painting beautiful symbols and shapes like hearts, flowers, and birds. These are all showcased in this limited-edition case.

The color scheme is unique and encompasses almost every color, with vivid purple and blue hues. Viva La Vida is the message that Frida inscribed within your last painting, just a few days before her passing. It means “long live life.”

You won't just get a gorgeous design when you purchase this Casely case. You'll also get Magsafe features, protective qualities, and a 1-year product warranty. This masterpiece of an iPhone case won't be here for a long time. A limited-edition design, make it yours before it's gone!

6. Tie Dying Over You Purple Marble iPhone Case

Tie-dye will never go out of style, nor will the Tie-Dying Over You Purple Marble iPhone Case. You'll show off a groovy style all year long with a beautiful mix of purples and pinks.

Looks aside, this marble case offers several amazing features like built-in air pockets or raised front lip protection, which protects your smartphone from drops and falls. It also offers precise cutouts for the charging port, buttons, and speakers. This fitted design keeps dirt away from these delicate areas to keep your iPhone in top condition.

There's so much to love about this tie-dye case, from its protective features to stunning looks. And, if you don't absolutely love it (which we doubt), you can ship it back within 30 days for a complimentary exchange. Experience it for yourself today!

7. Spot On | Dotted Animal Print Case

If you're an animal print lover, you'll want to add the Spot On | Dotted Animal Print Cast to your collection. This captivating case boasts a golden leopard color with black dots. It's a great year-round accessory and a customer-favorite design around the fall season. Whether going out with friends, attending a work event, or vacationing on safari, this Magsafe case will perfectly complement your outfit.

The benefits don't stop with its great looks. You can also expect noteworthy features such as:

  • Wireless charging
  • Extreme camera protection
  • Precise cutouts for buttons and charging port
  • Slip-resistant side grip
  • Military-grade fall protection

What's not to love about the Spot On | Dotted Animal Print Case? Make it yours today!

8. Forever Grateful | Grateful Dead Skeleton Case

Last but not least is the Forever Grateful | Grateful Dead Skeleton Case. In another limited-edition case, you'll enjoy all the benefits of rugged protection and convenience, including wireless charging compatibility, fall protection, and ultra-raised front lip protection. There's no denying that this case will keep any iPhone device safe and sound.

What catches our eye about this case is its design. It's part of the Grateful Dead X Casely collection which features designs inspired by American rock legends. The Forever Grateful case is a fan favorite with hundreds of 5-star reviews to back it up. It features a skeleton wearing a crown of red roses. This look is reminiscent of rock bands and is popular among die-hard Deadhead fans.

Experience the Forever Grateful | Grateful Dead Skeleton Case for yourself and add it to your cart today!

How To Choose The Best iPhone 13 Pro MagSafe Case

We know there are so many options to choose from that your head might feel like it’s spinning. If only we could get them all! In an effort to help you narrow down the shopping decision to your top three, there are a few things to consider. Here's some advice on choosing the best iPhone 13 Pro Magsafe Case for your beloved smartphone.

Color Scheme & Design

You're going to look at this case each time you pick up your phone—you might as well go with a design you like. From floral to bold designs, there's something for you.

The nice thing about the top 8 designs featured above is that they're great for year-round use. They'll also never go out of style and will likely outlive your smart device.

MagSafe Wireless Charging

If you're going with a Magsafe design, you need to ensure it offers wireless charging. Why let the convenience of modern technology go to waste?

This feature is more complicated than you may realize because not all cases are MagSafe compatible. Always look for cases that specify that it's wireless charging compatible. Spoiler alert — the above 8 are!

Protective Features

What good is a beautiful iPhone case design if it fails to protect your phone? Always, always, always look at the material. The above picks use hard polycarbonate material, which provides 360° hard shell protection.

We also recommend reading about the protective features to determine if it will protect your iPhone from top to bottom. Also, read the reviews. These are great ways to see what previous buyers are saying and whether it's a case they'd recommend.

Some of the top protective features included in the cases above include:

  • Built-in Magsafe compatible magnet. The Magsafe features allow users to snap this case onto their iPhones easily. It also makes it simple to attach other Magsafe compatible accessories like a wallet, wireless charger, or Power Pod.
  • 8' military grade drop protection. This must-have feature protects against those accident drops, falls, or bumps.
  • Slip-resistant side grip. This protective feature prevents your iPhone from slipping from your hands.
  • Ultra-raised front lip protection. This feature protects the screen and camera. If you ever drop your phone, the raised front lip protects your screen and camera from harm.
  • 1-year product warranty. You can always expect a 1-year product warranty with any Casely case.

Warranties & Returns

There's nothing worse than purchasing a product only to find it's defective a few weeks later. Warranties offer peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you'll be able to exchange or receive a new product. Look for a minimum of a 1-year product warranty before purchasing.

Also, what happens if you don't like the case in person? It may have been what you thought you wanted when viewing it online, but then you realized that wasn't the case (pun intended). When this happens, you want to buy from a company that makes returns easy. Casely offers a free exchange within 30 days of purchase (shipping included).


The iPhone 13 Pro is an investment you need to protect. Therefore, don't skimp out on quality when it comes to an iPhone case.

Expect to pay anywhere from 20+ for a high-quality iPhone case. The above are around this range, and all come with an attractive, one-of-a-kind design.

Protect Your iPhone 13 Pro With a MagSafe Casely Case!

Protect your iPhone 13 Pro in style with any of the 8 Magsafe cases mentioned above. These are the top iPhone 13 Pro Magsafe picks in 2023 for a good reason. With top-notch protective features and timeless designs, we know you'll love them as much as we do. Don't take our word for it, though! Check out the hundreds of happy customer reviews.

Shop Casely today for the most fashionable, protective, and innovative cases!

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