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8 Best iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Cases in 2023

8 Best iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Cases in 2022
8 Best iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Cases in 2022

Phone cases have come a long way over the years. Wireless charging and the release of the MagSafe cases are a testament to those much-needed innovations.

These uniquely magnetic cases are capable of wireless charging while simultaneously providing maximum protection. They also come in various stylish designs, so no matter how you like to express yourself, there will be something for you to fall in love with in this collection.

Choosing the right case for your wireless lifestyle and unique sensibilities can be difficult, though, especially with so much choice. Luckily, we're here to help!

Our experts have come together to recommend eight of our favorite cases to give you a head start in the world of MagSafe cases.

8 Best iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Cases

Each of our eight choices is wholly individual and unique, so there is something for everybody. We have taken care to point out their merits and why we think they are so special. Let's jump in!

1. Spot On - Dotted Animal Print Case

Take a walk on the wild side with our animal print case, featuring numerous dark spots across a muted golden background. It is bold enough to add some extra spice to your expression without becoming overpowering. The design is subtle enough that it can complement your animal-print fit without clashing.

In addition to providing some extra style to your phone, it is also highly capable of keeping your device protected, thanks to the high-quality materials. A 3mm raised lip protects the screen from scratches and damage, and slip-resistant side grips prevent accidental dropping while holding it.

Given its sleek design, you might be surprised by just how effective this case is at protecting your phone. But rest assured—you and your iPhone are in safe hands. It's both shock resistant and tough, so you are totally covered. Talk about grrreat coverage!

2. All Smiles - Smiley Face Sticker Case

If you are looking for something a little more colorful (or a lot more colorful!), this phone case is everything you have been seeking. It is bursting with character from every corner, with various shiny, glittery, and matte smiley faces in all colors, including some iridescent designs.

The smiley faces are of all shapes and sizes, and the multitude of colors means you never have to worry about it not matching your outfit. There's something for every occasion in this exciting collage!

But don't let the whimsical case design fool you into thinking it isn't practical. It is highly durable and certainly up to securing your device. Shock absorption air pockets make it highly resistant to fall damage, and a one-year product warranty helps ensure continued quality and protection. Now that’s something to bring out your beautiful smile!

3. Field of Flowers - Pastel Floral Case

A gentle scattering of pastel blues and oranges makes this case appealing to the eye from the moment you see it. It possesses the perfect blend of warm and cool tones, making it a highly versatile option that suits just about anybody's taste. The delicate flowers cascade down a subtle, pale pink background, creating the perfect contrast of soft pastels and bold florals.

While the aesthetic appeal of this case is one of the main selling points, its durability and functionality are also a huge plus. It has multiple design features to protect your phone, including a raised lip around the screen and military-grade drop protection for maximum security. A built-in MagSafe compatible magnet allows wire-free charging.

Not only will your phone get a brand-new look, but it will also be safer than ever. Who said something that looks so delicate couldn’t offer rugged protection?

4. Current MOOd - Cow Print Case

This classic print goes with any outfit, thanks to its black and white color scheme. Still, lovers of rural life, Tauruses, and the country chic aesthetic will be in a mood when they see this case. The design is both minimalist and stylish, and the fuzzy black patches against the striking white background are enough to win anyone's approval.

In addition to looking so good, this case is also highly practical. It provides your phone with significant coverage to protect it from falls, with a 3mm raised lip to give your screen extra protection and shock-absorbing air pockets built in to protect it from dangerous falls.

If you're in the MOOd for a new phone case, this product will have you jumping over the moon!

5. Bright Yellow Sunflowers Floral Case

Our Bright Yellow Sunflowers case is the perfect solution to brighten your mood. It's a super simple design yet remains artistic and appealing. A stark white background delicately covered with painted sunflowers, it's the perfect case for the warmer months—or to remind you of them when winter comes!

It is also highly durable and built from quality materials such as double-layered polycarbonate for military-grade drop protection. The TPU sides also make it highly resistant to falls due to their flexibility, so you can rest assured that your phone is always protected.

As a limited edition design unique to Casely, you won't find this design anywhere else, so don't wait around to make your purchase!

6. Opposites Attract - Day & Night Colorblock Case

Inspired by the old saying that opposites attract, this case perfectly illustrates balance in the natural world. A red, noon-time sun shines on a warm mountain range with gold and red hues, mirrored by a luminescent night scene and a moon casting a soft glow against the navy sky. The design is reminiscent of the American Southwest, like Colorado or Arizona. This case perfectly encapsulates how the sun and moon are polar opposites that complement each other.

Beyond its visual appeal, this case also possesses some serious grit. The 3mm raised lip design and slip-resistant side grips make it highly durable in the face of shock and fall damage. Protection like this keeps your device protected no matter what.

Like the other cases in the Casely MagSafe collection, it features MagSafe compatible technology. Get this case today to bring maximum fall protection and some natural balance into your life.

7. And I Oop - Mixed Swatch Case

An homage to the famous meme originated by drag icon Jasmine Masters, the And I Oop case embodies everything she does—ferocity, boldness, and an eclectic taste with chicly clashing patterns. This case has everything from lightning bolts to stars and even a splash of leopard print. It's loud; it's bright; it's beautiful!

In terms of protection, this case also puts your phone in safe hands. Its slip-resistant sides reduce devastating drops, and air absorption pockets provide military-grade protection if you get butter-fingers. The 3mm lip around the screen also reduces the risk of cracks and scratches.

The MagSafe magnet fitted in the back makes it compatible with wire-free charging. Plus, you don't need to worry about how long it will last, as Casely off a full 1-year product warranty.

You're good to go with this eye-catching case, and if you oops! And drop your phone, it’ll keep you protected.

8. Heart Throb - Endless Hearts Case

Everyone could use a little more love in their life, and our Endless Hearts case is throbbing with love. The cute sketched hearts flutter across a crisp white background, making it eye-catching without ever feeling like too much. If you want to feel the love, but commit to a monochrome aesthetic, then we are pretty sure this case has your name on it.

This case will keep your phone protected no matter what. It's shock and fall resistant, but it isn't likely that you'll drop it, thanks to the slip-resistant edges all around the screen. You can enjoy wireless MagSafe charging thanks to the magnet fitted to the back, all wrapped up in a sleek, thin design.

This case shows a sleek, thin profile despite remaining highly durable and shock resistant. It also comes with a one-year product warranty that guarantees quality. What's not to love?

How to Choose the Best iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Case

MagSafe technologies allow wireless charging, but that’s not the only feature you need to consider when shopping to outfit your iPhone 12 Pro. Here’s how to choose the best case:

Consider the Materials of the Case

The primary function of any phone case is to protect the device it contains. If it doesn’t have quality materials, it won't give your phone any kind of protection from falls or shocks. Sure, it might look cute, but if it breaks after one drop, it wasn't worth the investment.

Make sure to read the specifications of a case before investing in it. Shock absorption is an important feature that can make all the difference between a ruined phone and a simple accident.

Also, look at the case design. Subtle touches like a raised lip protect your screen from scratches without adding bulk to the case.

Make Sure It Fits!

With Apple rolling out new phones every year, it’s crucial to make sure the case fits your phone before purchase! There are many varieties of cases and smartphones now that it isn't difficult to make a mistake.

Double-check the drop-down menu that tells you which device the case will accommodate before going to check out. You will save yourself a lot of stress later.

Thankfully, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro phones are the same sizes, so at least that's one less thing to worry about for a case. But if you have the iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’ll need to size up.

Besides sizing, phone fit is also about compatibility. The eight cases reviewed here all feature MagSafe compatibility so that you can ditch the wires. But not all MagSafe cases will fit the iPhone 12 Pro.

Make sure whatever you choose, the case fits the phone!

Match to Your Style and Expression

Practicalities aside for just one moment, remember that you need to like the case you purchase. If you buy s high-quality case, it should be with you for a long time, potentially even years. A design you don’t love could end up wasting your money since you’re more likely to replace it in a few months.

When looking through phone cases, consider your expression as a whole. A phone case isn't just a protective barrier—it is a fashion accessory! Think about how it will match what you like to wear and what you want the world to know about you. Or, just buy whatever you like the look of and forget the rest. The point is: only buy something you genuinely like. It's your case, after all.

Think of Your Budget

Expensive doesn't always mean better, but at the same time, cheap doesn't always mean a great bargain. You have to be discerning with how you spend your money, as case prices can vary widely. Sure, it might have the most beautiful design in the world, but does it meet your practical needs?

Phone cases should look good, of course! But they also need to live up to their primary purpose of protecting your device. Think about the protection grade, the cute style, and the MagSafe compatibility so you can get something that makes sense.


And that brings us to the end of our guide to the top eight MagSafe phone cases for your iPhone 12 Pro! We're sure you will have found something you love, but if you want to explore more, look through our entire MagSafe collection. We have designs of all kinds, from the minimalist to the vibrant and bold. There's something for everyone, and that includes you!

Don't take risks with your device. Keep it protected and fashionable by investing in the best phone case today. At Casely, we are committed to quality, so you can feel confident that anything you purchase from our store will live up to (or even exceed!) your expectations.

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