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6 Colors for Your 2023 Wardrobe & Cases to Match

6 Colors for Your 2023 Wardrobe & Cases to Match
6 Colors for Your 2023 Wardrobe & Cases to Match

After another slightly chaotic year, it’s no surprise that the colors of 2023 are seeking tranquility. But fear not, this doesn’t mean a boring wardrobe! These statement colors will enhance your style and shake the cobwebs off some classic oldies.

We've rounded up the most anticipated colors for 2023 for every season, including the seasonal transitions. Find them here to get ahead of the trends.


Into the Wild | Black Leopard Case

1. Black

Anyone who has watched the new ‘Wednesday’ series will know that black is back. This classic color gets a re-vamp with the resurgence of iconic gothic styles making its way into the heart of popular culture.

So get out that little black dress, get your Wednesday on, and match your newfound freedom with our Into The Wild case in sultry Black Leopard print.

Cue The Cramps’ ‘Goo Goo Muck.’


Perfect Paradise | Tropical Palm Tree Case

2. Coral Pink

On the other end of the color spectrum, we have coral pink. This gorgeous color is perfect for creating that hygge vibe and looks super cozy on a jumper. So fight the January dreariness and call in the spirit of spring with a spot of coral pink.

Continue the calming comfort with our Perfect Paradise case, replete with tropical palm trees, and you can dream of all the paradises you’ll visit come summer.


Pastel Gardens | Watercolor Elephant Case

3. Lavender

You don’t need to have seen the latest ‘Emily in Paris' to know what a stunner Lavender is. Spring in Paris is all about bright, whimsy, and fragrant vibes for days.

Keep the garden aesthetic going with the Pastel Gardens case with charming watercolor elephants dancing their way across your phone.


Confetti Cupcase | Magnolia Bakery Case

4. Cream

The classic cream will be a surefire asset as the summer days ramp up, and there's nowhere better to sprinkle some into your life than with our Confetti Cupcake case. Think soft buttercream, the perfect pairing to accent your wardrobe as you head into the sunshine.


Shine On | Retro Sunset Case

5. Blue-Gray

Blue has always been a popular color, but in summer 2023, the power of blue-gray will come into full force.

This calming but classic color will give your wardrobe a bright tone come summer and will be great with a pair of jeans. As the weather is at its best, stroll about town donning a blue-gray blouse or t-shirt, holding the promise of all future ocean-bound adventures.

Our Shine On case with a retro sunset is the perfect addition to any outfit, offering the revitalizing vibes you need to make the most of summer.


Golden Hour | Mountain Sunset Case

6. Burnt Orange

As you transition into autumn, look out for burnt orange, speaking to summer nights and adventures still to be told. Burnt orange will reflect all the golden sun-kissed road trips and happy times with friends during the summer months, which perfectly pairs with our Golden Hour case with its stunning mountain sunset.

Think Lily James in ‘Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again,’ running through an orange orchard and living her best life. That's the vibe you'll want going into autumn 2023.

Get To Shopping!

The time to prep your 2023 wardrobe is now. With these colors and cases to match, your destiny in 2023 is to become a fashion icon.

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