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MagSafe Charging Case

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MagSafe Charging Case

About MagSafe Charging Case

Are you a content creator who needs an endless phone battery supply? What about a camping enthusiast who doesn't want to be completely off the grid? If you require a way to stay connected and energized, it's time to try Casely's Power Pod MagSafe Collection. These little devices offer an easy way to keep your phone from running low on juice. Simply connect the pod to your device and get your charge on! 

Our Power Pods are made with MagSafe technology. However, this doesn't mean your phone needs to be MagSafe compatible. If it's not, rest assured you'll receive an adhesive magnetic ring along with your purchase. That means your device will stay energized on the go as long as your phone is wireless charging compatible. iPhone 8 and later models typically have this feature, along with Android phones. 

The hardest part will be picking the best Power Pod for you. With all our fun patterns and designs to choose from, you may end up taking two home!