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Neon Phone Cases

Neon Phone Cases

About Neon Phone Cases

Neon is hot right now, a nod to the beloved trend of the ’80s and ’90s. Styles always come back in fashion, and neon is making a splash. 

Neon first became popular in the 80s as a rebellion against rigid social constructs, and it’s held onto this reputation of coolness ever since. Now, it’s everywhere – on clothes, accessories, and, of course, we had to bring it to your favorite phone cases.

Whether you’re a vintage lover at heart or just want a piece of this blast-from-the-past trend, you can incorporate the neon look in a variety of ways. Our phone cases are the perfect way to inject a bit of boldness into any look and turn heads. Whether you pair it with other neon accessories or use it as your “pop of color” for a more understated look, your neon Casely phone case puts the finishing touch any funky outfit needs.

But these phone cases do a lot more than just look cute! All Casely cases, including options for iPhone and Android, feature ultra-protective construction that keeps your phone safe from drops, dings, and other accidents. 

Plus, if you need more than just protection from your phone case, our MagSafe, Power, and Power 2.0 collections can help you stay charged all day long with built-in battery backup.