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60s Hippie or 90s Grunge - Which Phone Case Matches Your Style Era?

60s Hippie or 90s Grunge - Which Phone Case Matches Your Style Era?
60s Hippie or 90s Grunge - Which Phone Case Matches Your Style Era?
Vintage is, and always will be, in style. The resurgence of love for all things 90s has had a big impact on fashion and makeup over the last few years. You might have started incorporating things like chokers, brown lipstick, and flannel shirts around your waist into your everyday fashion. Even “the Rachel”, a hairstyle popularized by Jennifer Aniston on the show Friends, has made a comeback!

To contrast the dark and grungy vibes of the 90s, the other side of the spectrum has been populated by inspiration from the 60s. Earthy tones, fringe, and flowy shawls, which were commonly worn by hippies, are more popular than ever. Modern hippie fashion has moved from making appearances just at Coachella to being seen in the mainstream.

We wanted to pair up the best of our iPhone cases with each era, because what vintage outfit is complete without a phone case to match? Look through our list to see which style era fits you more.
Are you a fan of grunge and combat boots, or does psychedelic rock and sandals feel more up your alley? Check out these different Casely iPhone cases and find out which era you belong in!
And now, to travel back in time…

The 90s

In a period where the Spice Girls, Dunkaroos, and the X-Files were still a thing, style was evolving. Sure, space buns and plastic backpacks were in, but the introduction to grunge is what truly defines the 1990s. Originating in Seattle, groups like Nirvana and Pearl Jam made you want to wear baggy clothes with tattered flannel shirts and chunky Doc Martens. These staples are more than present in today’s fashion

Luckily, unlike in the 90s, you can now express your style even more through how your phone looks. To get your iPhone looking like it’s ready to attend a Hole concert, here are just a few of our favorite cases. Choose a style from our Bold collection for extra protection when you’re jumping around at rock shows.

The 60s

The 60s were a time of dramatic changes in society, politics, and fashion. Music from this era transformed the way rock and other genres sounded and opened doors for artists like the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. Counterculture was on the rise, and a distinct group of people stood out amongst them all: the hippies.

Hippies were known to be politically active, love nature and peace, and enjoy some good rock ‘n’ roll. Their fashion can now be seen in outfits you wear on the daily.

Modern hippie fashion, also known as boho, is usually characterized by taking different staples from the 1960s and mixing them with more modern elements of your style. Some of the most popular are bell bottom jeans, floral patterns, natural colors, and lots of suede. If you love looking like you belong at Woodstock, then these cases are for you!

Looking at both eras, you might have a better idea which one your style falls into. Now that you have the fashion down, all you need to do is get an iPhone case to match!

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