What’s Your Ideal Casely Case… Based on Your Go-To Cocktail?

What’s Your Ideal Casely Case… Based on Your Go-To Cocktail?

Your favorite things say a lot about your personality and who you are, and your favorite cocktail is no different! Your accessories should compliment your personality. What does your go-to cocktail say about you and your personal style?
Are you fun and flirty like cranberry vodka? Maybe you’re smooth and sensual like a martini? Next time you are out on a #girlsnight or at your favorite brunch spot, a Casely phone case can compliment your style and your drink!
We have matched some of our best Casely phone cases to your favorite cocktails so next time you go out, you and your phone can cheers the night away in style!

1. Piña Colada

Piña coladas are all about fun, and so is this shiny gold pineapple clear case! If your favorite cocktail is a piña colada, you are the life of the party. Whether you are getting caught in the rain or making love at midnight, you are always shining bright and full of ease! This phone case is the perfect compliment to your personality. Plus, pineapples are in piña coladas, duh!

  • 2. Vodka Soda

  • A vodka soda lover is someone who should never be underestimated. They are experienced, strategic, and know how to have a good time without all the calories and sugar. Casely’s mirror and wallet flip case combo is the perfect match to a vodka soda. The vodka soda radiates efficiency, and so does this phone case that doubles as an on the go mirror and a wallet! You can keep everything you need in one convenient spot, and look good while doing it!

  • 3. Margarita


    Margarita lovers are here for a good time, not a long time. If you love margaritas, you are always ready for a party or social event! Margaritas are refreshing and are our favorite summer drink! Check out this glittery crystal case for the perfect match to your fun personality! It’s bold, beautiful, and the rose gold option will match your strawberry margarita next time you go out!



    4. Vodka Cranberry

    Vodka cranberries are a bubbly and fun drink, which sounds just like you! You are super sweet and everyone loves your positive personality. This holographic donut case looks just as sweet as you do, but unfortunately it won’t taste as good as the vodka cranberry you are sipping.




    Martini girls are #bosses. Plain and simple. The martini is a sexy, strong drink just like the women who drink it. The Bold Collection by Casely is perfect for the bold martini drinker. It features a wide range of solid color cases with accent colors. These cases are sleek, protective, and cool. Our favorite is the black on black bold case!

    6. Mojito



    Mojitos are a fresh and minty cocktail that we absolutely adore! If you’re a mojito lover, you love to do things your way and glow while doing it. This blue teal and rose gold marble patterned case reminds us of the way a perfect mojito tastes!

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    J. R. Ellingson

    Mar 04, 2020

    How about some awesome “masculine” designs?

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