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Memorial Day Fashion – 5 Outfit Ideas for BBQs and Pool Parties This Weekend

Memorial Day Fashion – 5 Outfit Ideas for BBQs and Pool Parties This Weekend
Memorial Day Fashion – 5 Outfit Ideas for BBQs and Pool Parties This Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us, which means one thing: BBQs and pool parties are on the horizon! Okay, that’s two things. But more importantly, this holiday gives us time to reflect on those that gave their lives in the line of duty and spend quality time with loved ones while celebrating the start of summer.

With that in mind, we'll take you through some outfit inspiration (and some of our favorite cases to match!) so you can look and feel your best over the holiday. Remember, our Memorial Day Weekend sale is coming soon, too, so don't miss out on some great savings. Let's get into it!

Bring Out the Color

BBQs and pool parties are the best reason to celebrate that beautiful summer weather. One of the best ways to bring out summer vibes is by maximizing the bright colors in your wardrobe.

If winter is all about muted and neutral tones, then summer has to swing the other way. Go patriotic in red, white, and blue, or give your aesthetic a fun twist and dive head-first into summer’s brightest, boldest colors!

Pair your fit with our Calm Waters | The Met Series phone case for the ultimate tribute to the warmer months ahead.

A Maxi Dress is a Staple

Staying cool is all-important in summer, and a flowy maxi dress is a perfect solution for that. A maxi dress somehow strikes a balance between being super comfortable and giving the illusion that you put a lot more effort into your outfit than you actually did. What's not to love? Simple and chic all at the same time, all hail the maxi dress.

Floral, Floral, Floral

The flowers are back in bloom, and your outfits should be too. Anything you own that has a floral pattern needs to see a re-emergence at your BBQs and pool parties. Dresses, tops, skirts—whatever it is, if it's got flowers, we're obsessed.

We have tons of floral cases to match this fit too, but if we had to pick just one, it's the Flower Patch | Multi-Color Floral Case. Those colors mixed with that pattern? A summer dream.

Summer Time is Pastel Time

Pastels are a contentious issue in the world of fashion, and they'll undoubtedly divide a room, but one thing's for sure; they slay in summer. Remember how we started this article by stating that you must wear bright colors? If that isn't your vibe, pastel might be a nice compromise. They're colorful tones just muted enough to fit into any wardrobe. Get creative!

Mini Skirt and Denim Combo

Finally, we'll leave you with a classic combination: the mini skirt/dress and denim jacket. Easy to throw together and super comfortable, this outfit has remained a classic with good reason. The perfect case to match? The Waves & Rays | Sunshine Case, no contest. The blue waves perfectly match your denim, so you'll look perfectly put together!

Dress in What You Love

The most crucial factor in fashion is feeling happy and comfortable with what you're wearing. For BBQs and pool parties, comfort is a must. You'll be in the sun for a while, so make sure that whatever you're basking in is comfortable enough to last the course this Memorial Day weekend! And be sure to check out Casely’s Memorial Day Weekend sale to find cute phone cases to pair with your MDW fashion.

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