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How to Paint Clay Pots & 5 Casely Cases to Use for Inspo

How to Paint Clay Pots & 5 Casely Cases to Use for Inspo
How to Paint Clay Pots & 5 Casely Cases to Use for Inspo

If you're looking for a fun and easy project, why not try painting clay pots? It's a great activity and can lead to a beautiful collection of greenery. Plus, you can use a variety of techniques to create beautiful results.

This article will show you how to paint clay pots and provide some inspiration from Casely phone cases.

Here are five Casely phone cases to get your imagination going and inspire ideas:

1. This Vibrant Frida Kahlo-Inspired Design

This vibrant design inspired by Frida Kahlo's last painting would be beautiful to paint on a clay pot.

2. Elegant Van Gogh-Inspired Blossoms

Perhaps you're more of a Van Gogh fan yourself. If that's the case, take a note from his book and emulate these delicate but gorgeous blossoms on your pot.

3. An Earthy, Calming Landscape 🏔

For a mellow mood that matches the earthy vibe of whatever you're planting, use this case featuring warm neutrals and a stunning mountain landscape.

4. Bright Sunshine Vibes 🌞

Keep the sunshine going with this fun and simple case design featuring golden yellow and a serene turquoise that embodies the joy of summer.

5. Simple Rainbow Stripes 🌈

Not the best artist? You don't need any crazy skills to make a beautiful planter. Start with a base color and add a few rainbow strips horizontally to add style with minimal effort.

How to Paint Clay Pots

Once you've chosen a phone case to get inspired by, it's time to start painting your pot! First, you'll need your materials, and then you can follow these simple steps.


The materials you'll need to paint clay pots include:

  • Clay Pots
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Tape
  • Newspaper Or Towels
  • Water Dish
  • Stickers (Optional)
  • Stencils (Optional)

You might not need or want everything on this list, but use it as a foundation to generate ideas about what you need to gather to create the design you have in mind.


Once you have your materials, follow these simple steps to paint your clay pot:

  1. Clean the pot and remove any residue on it.
  2. Cover the surface you're working on with newspaper or towels to avoid accidents.
  3. Pour a small amount of paint into a water dish.
  4. Dip your brush into the paint and start painting! Use the water dish to clean the brushes and switch colors as needed.
  5. If you're using stencils or stickers, apply them now and paint over them.
  6. Let the paint dry completely before adding a second coat, if necessary.
  7. Once the paint is completely dry, you can apply a sealant if desired.
  8. Add your plant, some fresh soil, and some water to give your plant a great start in its beautiful new home.

Ideas to Use Your Painted Clay Pots 🪴

Once you've painted your clay pot, it's time to put it to use! Here are a few ideas of plants and arrangements that would look great in a painted pot.

  • A mini herb garden
  • A vibrant succulent garden
  • A pretty bouquet
  • A cactus or two
  • A tropical plant

Final Thoughts

Painted clay pots are a great way to add personality and style to your home. Follow the steps and ideas in this article to get started, and be sure to check out our phone cases for more inspiration!

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