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How to Get Scratches Off a Phone Case

How to Get Scratches Off a Phone Case
How to Get Scratches Off a Phone Case

Noticing scratches on your phone case is an irritating discovery. They can ruin the entire vibe you're going for, especially if you've opted for a slick, metallic design. The more noticeable these marks are, the more desperate you're going to want to get rid of them for good. We understand, which is why we have put together this step-by-step guide.

Bear in mind that these tips are most effective on plastic phone cases. Scratches found on rubber cases are often permanent, so in that case, it might be time for a total replacement. If you're looking for a solution for plastic, however, then you're in the right place!

Step One: Make Sure the Phone Case Is Clean

Before you do anything, you need to cleanse the case itself. A deep clean will help reduce the appearance of scratches. It is also just a good habit to get into in general, especially given how often we use our phones and the potential for bacteria build-up.

You can do this by simply placing the case (just the case) in warm soapy water. Make sure it isn't too hot, as this may warp the plastic. You only need to soak it for a few minutes.

Step Two: Grab the Toothpaste!

Once the case has been sufficiently soaked, you should reach for the toothpaste. No, really, grab a tube of white toothpaste. Use it to ‘fill’ the scratches.

You mustn't use a gel paste here. Regular, ordinary white toothpaste is the key. Let the toothpaste sit for several minutes before moving on to the next step.

Step Three: Take a Microfiber Cloth and Buff It Out

Once the toothpaste has had time to ‘set,’ begin to buff it out in circular motions using a microfiber cloth. The movement will work the paste into the scratch to be less obvious and even entirely undetectable.

Microfiber cloths work well for this as they can reach areas that standard fabrics can't, helping to blur even the most shallow scratches. The paste will also disappear, so you don't need to worry about unseemly marks.

If you aren't satisfied with the result, complete the process a second time. Doing this repeatedly may help to blur the scratch out further.

Tips to Prevent Future Scratches

As the old saying goes, prevention is cheaper than cure. Granted, some toothpaste and a microfiber cloth aren't going to break the bank, but that doesn't mean you want to have to go through the process again and again!

Some of our essential tips for protecting your case include:

  • Invest in a phone ring or grip, so you're less likely to drop it.
  • Don't keep your phone where your keys are.
  • Keep your case clean, not only for hygiene purposes but also to prevent abrasion.

Scratches are annoying, but they aren't inevitable, and simply employing the steps above can make a significant difference.

Take a Look at Our Range!

If your phone case is scratched beyond repair, don't worry, that just means it's time for an exciting replacement. Take a look through our extensive range and find the perfect new phone case for you. We're sure you'll find something to love!

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Ebby Lanctot

I just literally just got this iPhone case I need help getting the scratches removed


Does this work with all color cases? I have a blush pink one with black scratches, I was wondering if I needed to do something special.