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How To Deep Clean Your Phone – A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Deep Clean Your Phone – A Step-By-Step Guide
How To Deep Clean Your Phone – A Step-By-Step Guide

Our phones are never out of our hands. They go everywhere with us, are placed on different surfaces, and shoved in bags and pockets; it's no wonder they get dirty.

Many people take time to de-clutter and clear out unwanted Apps, but what about the physical device itself?

Think how often your hands touch the screen or the rest of the phone. You wash your hands regularly; so naturally it’s time to cleanse your phone. Let’s get into it. 

What You'll Need

  • Two soft microfiber cloths, one to wash and one to dry the device
  • A mild cleaning solution – you can make your own using a mild dish soap
  • A small handheld spray device like a plant spray bottle
  • Disinfectant spray or wipes, which should be bleach-free and fast-drying, are an alternative to a spray solution, or you can buy dedicated electronic wipes that lift dust, fingerprints, and oil. They're also scratch-free and clean without leaving streaks due to the static micro-fine tissue
  • A leather cleaning product if your phone case is leather

How To Deep Clean Your Phone

Check the Manufacturer's Instructions

Before you start, check for specific 'do's' or 'don'ts.' If you don't still have the box and little booklet, then it's easy enough to find online for your phone make and model.

Get Ready

Unplug and turn off your phone and remove the case. Yuk! You'll be amazed at what's lurking in there. Assemble your cleaning products, and get ready to start.

Clean the Device

Some people make a homemade cleaning solution with a mix of water with some alcohol in a 50:50 ratio. However, you should avoid using alcohol as a cleaning agent because it's too stringent.

Don't choose bleach-based products or vinegar either, as these can compromise the protective coating on the phone's screen. Try and opt for a mild antibacterial product that is safe to use, but always check the label first.

If you're using a liquid, spray the solution onto the cloth, not directly on the phone, and then use the cloth on the phone. Don't saturate the cloth; re-apply the solution as much as you need to so the cloth is damp, not soaking wet.

Clean down each side of the phone with your cloth or disinfectant wipe and work gently over the home button or keypad if you have one, pressing slightly as you do so.

Wipe the screen with care.

Apply gentle pressure as you clean. If the phone is really grimy, then work on it for longer. Never be tempted to scrub the device with a brush or something abrasive.

Clean Out the Ports

There are dedicated tools for this job with an anti-static design that doesn't leave behind lint or tiny pieces of material, unlike Q-tips.

Clean out charging ports and headphone jacks.

Leave the Phone to Air Dry

Leave the phone to dry by itself, and don't switch it back on until it's completely dry.

Never place it on a radiator or near a heater to dry more quickly, or use a device like a hairdryer, as you'll damage it.

Clean the Case

While you’re waiting for the phone to dry, move on to the case. Most phone cases are usually a horror story, picking up debris and dust particles and acting as a trash can for dirt and germs.

You can use ordinary soap and water to clean the case; warm or tepid water is fine for plastic cases. Another option is disinfectant spray or glass cleaner with a piece of paper towel or just deploy those handy antibacterial wipes.

Don't apply water or chemical-based products to leather phone cases; use a proprietary leather cleaner, and you can even use gentle soap.

Dry the Case

The case must be completely dry before you return the phone to it. Leather cases take longer to dry and must air dry naturally. If you apply artificial heat, the leather will dry out and crack.


Once the phone and case are completely dry, it’s time to reassemble your device. Now would be the time to apply a new screen protector as well. Simply maneuver the phone into position, align everything to the appropriate openings, and gently click everything into place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you deep clean your phone?

You should disinfect your phone daily, and at a minimum, deep clean your phone case once every three months. Phones and cases can accrue as many germs as a toilet seat, so frequent cleaning is critical to keep germs away from the eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Is water enough to clean the phone?

No, water alone is not enough to deep clean your phone. Your phone and case might look better, but there'll still be hidden germs and bacteria. If you don't have time for a deep clean, use a disinfectant wipe daily. This is quick and convenient, and the phone isn't out of use for more than a minute or two.

Can soap damage your phone?

Yes, some soaps may damage your phone. Unless you're 100% certain about what's in your soap, you could find it contains chemicals that will damage the screen on your device. While disinfecting is good, these products contain chemicals that diminish the oleophobic coating that manufacturers add to the phone to repel moisture and fingerprints and protect from scratches.

Can hand sanitizer ruin your phone?

Hand sanitizer can ruin your phone. Don’t use it to clean or disinfect your phone. A thick liquid, like hand sanitizer, can penetrate the device through tiny gaps and cracks and cause permanent damage and electrical problems. It also won’t thoroughly disinfect your device and may cause residue build-up.

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Keeping your phone clean should follow the same frequency as washing your hands; after all, your hands constantly touch your device. 

In the real world, most people only clean their phones occasionally, never mind weekly or even daily. 

If you're part of that group, you can reduce bacteria by thinking about where you use your phone (not in the bathroom!) and keeping your phone away in a drawer or bag when not in use to avoid airborne bacteria.

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