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How to Clean a Clear Phone Case that Turned Yellow

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case that Turned Yellow
How to Clean a Clear Phone Case that Turned Yellow

You spent hours choosing the perfect case. But now, the pristine clear case is just a memory as you’ve watched that beautiful phone case slowly turning a dirty yellow. It can be incredibly disheartening.

The discoloration is something that no doubt has happened to most of our cases at some time or other. Fear not—there are several ways to clean up your phone and restore that beautiful design and brand-new gleam.

Why Do Phone Cases Go Yellow?

The science behind the dreaded yellow tide is usually a result of the material itself. Most clear phone cases are silicone, a polymer that can is affordable to produce and provides excellent flexibility.

Unfortunately, the downside of silicone is that it naturally turns yellow with age. Excessive exposure to certain chemicals, light, and heat can speed up discoloration.

The yellow color you see isn't a stain but rather the natural degradation of the silicone. It means you often can't simply clean it with conventional methods.

How to Clean a Phone Case That Has Turned Yellow

If your phone case has gone over to the yellow side, it can be tempting to go out and buy something new. But before you do, it's worth trying our three methods below.

Method 1: Clean It with Dish Soap

First up is the good old-fashioned dish soap. Mix one cup of hot water with a few drops of soap.

Next, use an old toothbrush to clean the phone case all over. Try to get all those nooks and crannies, especially inside the case and around the buttons.

Once you've cleaned it well, rinse off the phone case and use a cloth to dry it thoroughly. Try to leave it out to air for at least an hour before putting it back on, and repeat the whole process weekly or bi-weekly if necessary.

Method 2: Use Baking Soda

If traditional soap isn't doing the trick, you might need to step things up with some baking soda. First, sprinkle the soda over the case, then use a wet toothbrush to clean it thoroughly.

Once it's clean, rinse off the remaining baking soda and dry the case well before leaving it to air for at least an hour.

Method 3: Rub With Rubbing Alcohol

Our final recommendation is to use rubbing alcohol to try and restore that brand-new look. Rubbing alcohol is a common disinfectant, but it's also a powerful cleaning agent.

You can either spray rubbing alcohol directly onto the phone case or use a cloth soaked in it. Once the phone is coated, clean and dry it well. Hopefully, you'll look at a very different phone case.


Unfortunately, in some cases, no amount of cleaning will restore that new look you so desire. As mentioned earlier, the yellow that you see is the natural degradation of the silicone, and every phone will come to a point where no amount of cleaning can save it.

When it gets to this stage, there is, alas, only one option if you want a sparkling new phone once again - it's time to go shopping for a new clear case.

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