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Get in the Mood for Love with the Casely Valentine's Gift Guide 2021!

Get in the Mood for Love with the Casely Valentine's Gift Guide 2021!
Get in the Mood for Love with the Casely Valentine's Gift Guide 2021!
Picture this: You have plans to go on a date (or friend date) on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re going to a fancy restaurant or catching the latest rom com in theaters. Whatever your plans are, you’re super excited for a fun day!
But, on the day before Valentine’s Day, you realize something. You don’t have a gift! 😱 You got so caught up in your plans that you completely forgot. Even though it’s last minute, you still want to get your S.O. or friend something nice.
You’re short on time, so you default to the basics. Chocolate. Flowers. Gift cards. 🍫💐
Valentines Day Flirting GIF by The Room
There’s nothing wrong with these gifts, but they’re expected. You want something that shows them how much you love and appreciate them; you just need some good last-minute ideas. ❤️❤️️
Luckily, Casely is here to help. Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide will help you plan ahead and ensure you give super meaningful gifts. Check it out below!

1. Something to Show Your Love

Want to be blunt about how much you love them? These heart cases are perfect for your S.O., BFF, or even a parent! Moms and dads, after all, make the best valentines.

Heart Throb | Endless Hearts Clear Case

This accessory is super cute and straight to the point. Underneath rows of sketched hearts is a clear background, letting them show off their phone’s true colors.

I Heart Tie Dye iPhone Case

If you think they’d like something more colorful, our I Heart Tie Dye iPhone Case is the way to go! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

2. Something Matchy

If you like mushy gifts, get matching accessories for you and them! It’s a fun, thoughtful way to show how much you appreciate your relationship.

Here are just a few ideas:

Plaid Pals

If you both bond over your affinity for plaid, our As If! Plaid cases will make the perfect gift. Take your pick from yellow, red, light blue, and light purple designs.

Flower Power

You and the whole squad can rock our Daisy Daydream cases. Available in black, baby blue, plum purple, red coral, and navy. 🌼

Animal Lovers

Show off your love for animals with our Spot On | Dotted Animal Print Case and Into the Wild | Zebra Print Case. Everyone will be in awe of how cute and in sync you two look! 🐆🦓

3. Something For Your Adventures

Give them something practical for your adventures together! Our wallet phone cases make it easy to carry stuff around.

Our phone rings make it easy to snap pics and capture memories. 🤳 And, our charging cases keep your fun days together moving along smoothly! Explore our collections to find a design that suits their interests and personality.

4. Something They Can Enjoy Year-Round

Want to give them something extra special? Considering getting them a Casely subscription. They’ll get a new case every month! Learn more here.

These Gifts Won’t Be Forgotten

With this Valentine’s Day guide, you are bound to kill your gift-giving game this holiday. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness and think of you every time they look at their new case.
We know you’ll pick wisely and make your date proud!

Valentines Day Flirting GIF

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