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Gemini Season Horoscopes for Every Sign

Gemini Season Horoscopes for Every Sign
Gemini Season Horoscopes for Every Sign
May 21st to June 2nd is the time of the twins! That’s right, Gemini season is right around the corner. Gemini sun signs are curious and ever-changing, so this season, pick them up a gift they’ll hold onto!
These Spring and Summer babies are best suited to bright colors and loud patterns. Every Gemini has dual sides — one inward-looking, and another outside-facing — to keep happy! We recommend these perfect vibrant gifts:

If you have a Gemini moon, then this season is going to be a wild ride, everyone will reach out to you, but don’t be afraid to initiate. People want to hear from you and take your advice.
But wherever you fall on the zodiac wheel, find out what Gemini season will bring for you.

Zodiac Horoscope GIF by Mashable

Aries ♈

March 21–April 19

Communication may be difficult, especially if you are feeling self-conscious. But take the time to listen to family and friends, and you may come across some unexpected wisdom.

Taurus ♉

April 20–May 20

Taurus and Gemini aren’t known as the most compatible signs, so focus on self-care. You won't find happiness through purchases and extravagance this season!

Gemini ♊

May 21–June 20

Being heard can be extremely difficult, but your dedication is about to pay off. Take the risk and ask for the promotion or initiate that first date — you won’t be sorry.

Cancer ♋

June 21–July 22

Take it easy this Gemini season. This is prime you-time. Reading a book alone will give you more energy than going out to the club.

Leo ♌

July 23–August 22

Your phone is about to blow up. This is going to be a social season for you, so lean into it! Go out, meet new people, and know your new connections will remain long-lasting.

Virgo ♍

August 23–September 22

Push yourself at work or your side project as big rewards loom ahead. Your public image and reputation increase this season, so take advantage of it!

Libra ♎

September 23–October 22

Like Gemini, you’re an air sign — so this is your opportunity to shine. Take up a new hobby, or dust off the yoga mat, because this season it will stick!

Scorpio ♏

October 23–November 22

This will be a time for inward reflection. In these conditions, a new romance could bloom, as knowing yourself increases your intimate connection with others!

Sagittarius ♐

November 23–December 21

As Gemini's opposite on the zodiac wheel, now is a perfect time to highlight your one-on-one relationships. Reach out to an old friend, and you may find they’ve been thinking about you too.

Capricorn ♑

December 22–January 19

Work is piling up and your social life is getting busy, but don’t put off taking care of yourself. Focus on wellness this season and your body will thank you.

Aquarius ♒

January 20–February 18

Your charm is off the charts this Gemini season, and everyone will want a piece of you. Learn to navigate this attention, focus on your real friends, and let go of people bringing negative energy.

Pisces ♓

February 19–March 20

This season you’ll feel active and motivated — even if you're staying in. Get your home organized, and you’ll find your mind follows.

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