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Celebrate Spooky Season with Our Halloween-Themed Cases

Celebrate Spooky Season with Our Halloween-Themed Cases
Celebrate Spooky Season with Our Halloween-Themed Cases
We've just about got into the swing of all September threw at us. Back to school, end of summer, the crisp feeling of fall in the air—we've hacked it, and we're ready for whatever comes next. October is looming, and with it comes Halloween, i.e. time to get spooky!
You've got to be prepared if you want to rock up to your Halloween plans in style. Whether you're getting your festivities on for one day or the whole month, we've got some chillingly cool phone cases to complete the ensemble.

It's Just a Phase // Marble Moon Case

Bring the full moon this October with our suave moon-phase case. Maybe you're feeling subtle and mischievous like the emerging new moon. Perhaps you're ready to bring out everyone's wild side like the radiant full moon.

This case is designed to minimize damage by absorbing shock – so you'll be the only one doing the shocking this Halloween. Designed to ensure you have the best grip on your phone, you'll avoid any scary smashes.

Let's get Lunar.

Solid Red Battery-Powered Charging Case

Frightened of the thought of losing battery this October? This Solid Red phone case acts as a portable charger as well as being deliciously devilish.

Don't want to get caught red-handed? Maybe you do... You'll want to be seen with this bold case. Try painting your nails the same blood-red color for an enviable look. This phone case isn't just about aesthetic either. It's raised edges will help protect your phone screen and camera.

Enjoy a ravishing red treat this Halloween with this candy apple red phone case.

Into the Wild // Leopard Print Case

Are you feeling feline this season? We all love a bit of leopard print, and if you needed any more excuse to get catty this October, then our Into the Wild case will tempt you. Who said you couldn't be fierce, fabulous, and frightening all at the same time?

This limited edition iPhone and Samsung case provides maximum protection for your phone. It will act as a super stylish counterpart for your Halloween costume and other outfits beyond!

Get ready to roar!

Black and Gold Metallic Waves Case

There was rarely a better duo than that of the sensuous black and gold. The metallic shimmer of the gold on this case will make you gleam in the dark. You'll be catching everyone's eye as you saunter in the shadows.

It's polycarbonate layers with robust TPU sides will shield your phone from anything your naughty night has to throw at it (or vice versa.... we know how it can be).

Add some gold to your ghoulish garms.

Out of this World Astronaut Case

If you want to go to infinity and beyond during Halloween season then look no further than our cosmic case. Team it with an eerie extra-terrestrial outfit, find your calling as a dystopian space traveler, or go matching as a mysterious astronaut.

The case's perfectly fitting quality means you'll be able to press each button with complete accuracy, so no spooky surprises here.

Are you ready for abduction?

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