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8 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Protective Cases in 2023 Reviewed

8 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Protective Cases in 2022 Reviewed
8 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Protective Cases in 2022 Reviewed

With every iPhone upgrade, Apple offers new, innovative features and solutions that make life as an iPhone user simpler and more fun. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is no exception. Boasting a larger Super Retina XDR display in a variety of shimmery, eye-catching finishes and an even better camera, Apple one-ups itself once again with the 12 Pro Max.

But even though the 12 Pro Max is not the latest model of iPhone, it will still cost you a pretty penny. If you're investing hundreds of dollars in an iPhone 12 Pro Max, make sure you get the most out of your new device with a top-of-the-line protective case!

To simplify your search, here are 8 of the absolute best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases that'll give you peace of mind no matter where life takes you.

8 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Protective Cases

With so many funky, eye-catching cases to scream your personality loud and proud, it can be hard to pick just one! Lucky for you, Casely protective cases are so affordable that you can splurge without guilt—so snag a few! Here are eight of our favorite Casely gems for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Let the treasure hunt begin!

1. Color Splash | Abstract Retro Case

Who's the life of the party? You are! Bust out your dancing shoes and get your groove on with the Color Splash Abstract Retro case! The colorful, funky style will have you ready to disco all night long. Not to mention, you can dance your heart out without a care in the world, knowing your iPhone 12 Pro Max is safe and sound in this durable case.

You may be sliding across the floor all night, but thanks to the slip-resistant grips on the sides of the case, your phone definitely won't be. The military-grade, shock-absorbing technology and 3mm ultra-raised front lip protection mean you can shake your groove thing without a care in the world.

Show off your vintage style with the Color Splash Abstract Retro case—let's get this party started!

2. Field of Flowers | Pastel Floral Case

Stop and smell the flowers and snap a pic—or two—with your iPhone safely tucked into this Field of Flowers Pastel Floral case! The classy design harkens back to pop art of the 1950s, making this case the perfect blend of class and funk for the flower fanatic in all of us.

Don't let the flowers fool you, though. While the subtle pastel hues give this case a soft, gentle vibe, the protection you'll be getting is anything but delicate. With military-grade protection and shock absorption tech, this case is rugged enough to accompany you on your wildest adventures. Plus, powering your device couldn't be easier with wireless charging, courtesy of the case's genius MagSafe compatibility.

You can frolick through your favorite field of flowers totally carefree with the protection of this Field of Flowers Pastel Floral case.

3. Tie Dying Over You Purple Marble iPhone Case

Do you dream of decades past? Flowers in your hair, flowy skirts, and love in the air? This Tie Dying Over You Purple Marble Case is perfect for the modern-day hippie.

Tie-dye realness in luscious purples and pinks takes on a more refined vibe with the easy-breezy marbling of this beautiful Casely case for your iPhone Max. But don't let the soft colors and peaceful energy fool you. This phone case is tough. It boasts military-grade protection even the hippies can get on board with, giving you peace of mind.

Incredibly durable and built to take on any challenge you do, this Casely case will protect your iPhone whether on the frontline of a protest or grooving the night away with friends. Plus, thanks to its wireless charging capabilities, you never need to slow your roll to power up. Best of all, you can get matching accessories like a Tie Dying Over Your AirPods case!

Look the part and get into the groove with the style and protection of this Casely gem.

4. Bright Yellow Sunflowers Floral Case

Who doesn't love dancing to the beat of their own drum? With this Bright Yellow Sunflowers Floral Case from Casely, you can mix and match to your heart's content!

Beautifully vibrant sunflowers smatter this phone case with a transparent background. You get to show off the fabulous color of your iPhone, painting the perfect backdrop to the floral burst in the forefront. Make a bold statement with a bright pop of yellow against a black iPhone, or lean into summer sunset vibes by pairing this case with your pink iPhone. Whatever your style, this case can highlight it effortlessly.

Even though this case features clear plastic, it doesn't sacrifice durability. The 1.5mm raised lip around the camera means you never need to stress about scratches ruining your perfect shot. This case's deep cutouts around all the ports, mics, and speakers will protect your phone from dirt and grime, so you never have to compromise sound quality. Leave the dirt for the real flowers and have 24/7 sunshine with the Bright Yellow Sunflowers case.

5. Wild West Adventure | Desert Case

Howdy, partner! This Wild West Adventure Desert Case is not for the faint of heart. But it is for anyone craving an adventure into the unknown.

The characters, wildlife, and animals etched onto the case in simple navy ink harken back to a simpler time when the wide-open world was yours for the taking. Bring that spirit of adventure to your everyday life with this stylish case.

As tough as a cowboy riding into the night, this Casely case can hold up no matter where you journey. The tough-as-nails military-grade protection technology ensures you can take this case on the wildest rodeo.

Slip-resistant side grips prevent this case from crashing to the ground. Pair it with the Wild West Adventure Desert Phone Ring for ultimate no-drop protection. Go ahead and snap that selfie while on horseback! With Casely Bold protection, we don't judge.

Head west and never look back with the lasting durability of this Wild West Adventure Desert Case at your side.

6. Sneaky Monkeys | Frida Kahlo Jungle Case

Did you know that Frida Kahlo loved monkeys? You could make a game of finding them peeking out from her art.

You don't need to be a Friday fan to appreciate this Sneaky Monkeys Frida Kahlo Jungle Case. Art fanatic or not, you'll be the buzz of conversation in any circle with this cute case in your pocket. The bright green jungle leaves accented by pops of orange blossoms make a gorgeous backdrop, and the adorable, curious eyes of monkeys peering out are sure to charm any observer.

But this Casely Bold case is more than a conversation piece. With this case, you can monkey around without fear of damaging your iPhone 12 Pro Max. The built-in air pockets provide ultimate drop protection for your precious device. Plus, with MagSafe compatibility, it offers the ultimate convenience. You can easily pair this case with your favorite accessories.

Best of all, this is a carbon-neutral product, meaning you can help the jungle while integrating it into your style. No monkey business—this Sneaky Monkeys Frida Kahlo Jungle Case is the real deal.

7. The Fun Guy | Enchanted Forest Mushroom Case

Mushroom fan? Nature lover? This Fun Guy Enchanted Forest Mushroom Case will have you ready for any journey.
The trippy, funky fungi spin and swirl in all directions in subtle blues and peach. From foragers to fauna fans and everyone in between, this case is the perfect addition to add some funk to your fashion.

Aesthetically appealing, this case also offers excellent protection to keep your phone safe no matter where a trip may take you. An internal layer of shock-absorption protection gives you peace of mind, while the slip-resistant side grips minimize the chance of a drop ever happening in the first place.

But you don't have to sacrifice ease of use for safety! The Fun Guy Enchanted Forest Mushroom Case features user-friendly rubber covers on your volume and power buttons, providing the perfect balance between functionality and protection.

Let your funk flag fly with this Fun Guy case!

8. Hanging Around | Potted Plants Floral Case

Who says technology and nature can't mix? The best of literally all the worlds, the Hanging Around Potted Plants Floral case is the perfect accessory for the overzealous plant mom in us all. Whether you've got a natural green thumb or everything you touch mysteriously dies, this phone case is durable enough to survive anything—no sunlight or watering required.

This case features the game-changing MagSafe technology and military-grade air pocket ingenuity. It will meld effortlessly with your iPhone 12 Pro Max to keep it snug, safe, and looking extra cute! The case even features a raised lip, so your camera won't ever get scratched or damaged. Keep on snapping those plant pics and showing off your green babies!

You'll be right on brand with the Hanging Around Potted Plants Floral case.

How to Choose the Best iPhone 12 MagSafe Case

Can't make up your mind? We get it. With so many incredible cases available, it can be hard to choose! Here are a few key features to remember while hunting for the perfect MagSafe Case for your iPhone 12 Pro Max.


Some MagSafe compatible cases and accessories are bulky and awkward to fit into your pocket, making the feature not worth the daily headache. Consider the size and shape when choosing your iPhone 12 MagSafe case. Look at the measurements and compare those to other styles of cases when making your choice.

Keep your style in mind as well! What statement do you want to make with your phone case? Since so many people will see it day-to-day, you might as well choose something that will represent your personality!

Check out Casely's many MagSafe cases that showcase unique and colorful art to match any mood.

Protective Features

MagSafe compatibility is great, but it'll only do you good if your iPhone is in good working condition. As such, you need to consider what protective features the case offers in addition to MagSafe tech.

Does it offer drop protection or boast a design that can shield your phone's camera and screen? Does the manufacturer offer a warranty?

Casely MagSafe cases don't cut any corners when it comes to protecting your precious device. You can get the best of both worlds by picking up cases engineered with military-grade shock absorption technology.


Some MagSafe cases offer an on-the-go battery built straight into the case. The powering feature is fantastic for people who need a lot of juice in their day-to-day life or for anyone going on a long journey! But they can also add bulkiness and weight to your device.

Choosing if you need a built-in power supply is personal and depends on your lifestyle and priorities. If you opt for on-the-go charging capabilities, Casely has incredible products that don't sacrifice MagSafe friendliness or style for battery life.

Price Point

You invest a lot of money in your iPhone. To protect that investment, you need to be willing to spend money on a good-quality phone case. That said, you don't need to break the bank! There are many phone cases with reasonable price points that offer top-of-the-line protection.

Take Casely, for instance! Our beautiful cases with drop-protection technology offer MagSafe compatibility for a great price. If something seems too good to be true, read reviews from previous buyers to get the inside scoop on the quality of the case when making your decision.


With the popularity of smartphones, devices are practically an extension of self at this point. If you carry your phone around with you everywhere you go, it might as well make a statement!

Shout your personality loud and proud with one of these stylish, unique phone cases. Not only are they cute as heck, but they offer incredible protection with innovative technology.

For whatever life throws your way, you need unbeatable protection. Get ready for your iPhone 12 Pro Max and get Casely.

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