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Best iPhone X/XS, XS Max and XR Cases for 2023

Best iPhone X/XS, XS Max and XR Cases for 2019
Best iPhone X/XS, XS Max and XR Cases for 2019
The iPhone X line has dazzled smartphone fans since the release of the X in late 2017. While the X has been discontinued by Apple, the legacy continues with the XS, XS Max, and XR. These phones are among some of the largest ever released by the company. They offer more sophisticated and detailed displays and responsive screens.
While the newer iPhones boast improved durability, fans still choose to adorn their phones with protective cases. The cases made by Casely have continued to inspire awe and delight in smartphone owners thanks to their cute aesthetics and resilient construction!
Innovative smartphone technology needs innovative cases to match. Casely has created high-quality protective tech with exciting new art, patterns, and colors to pair with any iPhone X/XS, XS Max, or XR.

Why Choose Get Casely Phone Cases for Your iPhone X/XS, XS Max, or XR?

Casely is famous for providing attractive, trendy, and protective cases at an affordable price for iPhone users. Many smartphone case designers tend to choose form or function. However, Casely seamlessly melds the two to keep the iPhone X/XS, XS Max, and XR safe from tumbles, scratches, and shatters.

The vast selection of designs at Casely is made exclusively for the brand by a team of stylists, designers, and fashion icons. The company is constantly adding to its line-up of cute, swanky cases. Users get access to the regular introduction of new looks with the monthly Casely Subscription service. Plus, with the addition of a brand-new Bold Collection, there’s sure to be a style to suit any taste or fashion sense!

New Bold Cases - What’s the Deal?

This year, Casely has launched a new line of extra-durable cases: The Bold Collection. The collection features hardier construction and new styles. With a growing customer demand for a heavy-duty but trendy cases for the newer iPhone models, Casely has responded in style.

The Bold Collection retools fan favorite patterns and prints. In addition, there are new solid color matte options. The Bold Collection beefs up cases with new anti-slip textured side grips and shock-absorbing corner bumpers. A 1.5mm raised lip covers the edges of the phone to protect screens and cameras.

Owners of the iPhone X/XS, XS Max, and XR series of smartphones have rejoiced over the Bold Collection. It provides added protection to delicate screen displays without added bulkiness. With the Bold Collection, users manage to stay slim despite the cases having extra padding. These cases can protect phones from drops of up to 8’.

iPhone X/XS

Apple ceased production after a mere 10 months. However, the iPhone X ushered in a new era of smartphone design with its beautiful bezel-less edges, brand new OLED display, and 5.8” screen. The iPhone XS is the same size and quite literally a perfected version of the X. Both come in a sleek silver or space gray. A gorgeous Casely smartphone case complements these models and offers just the right amount of protection for the elegant X and XS.

Marble Cases

The Bold Collection – Classic Blue Marble Case

The slip-resistant side grips will keep your iPhone X/XS in your hands and not crashing to the floor. The Bold Collection version of this elegant case pairs with a variety of fashions. You can find anything from cool ocean aesthetics to modern glam. Smartphone users looking to stand out will delight in the Classic Blue Marble Case.

The Classic Collection – Sleek Black Marble Case

The Sleek Black Marble Case is both subtle and versatile. It pairs well with both casual and formal outfits. Its slim appearance doesn’t neglect protection, however. The 360-degree hard shell protection and single millimeter raised lip safeguard phones from accidents. The tiny details in the marble swirls and embossed side buttons are sure to entice any iPhone owner who appreciates the finer details in life.

Floral Cases

The Bold Collection – Daisy Daydream Black Floral Case

The Daisy Daydream Black Floral makes a bold and floral statement. The dark and durable side bumpers blend seamlessly into the black background of this case. This lets the dainty daisies stand out. The shock-absorbent air pockets of this case make it a smart choice for iPhone users. The simple-yet-pretty design makes it a stylish choice.

The Classic Collection – Yellow Flower Power Floral Case

The Yellow Flower Power Floral exudes warmth and elegance. Delicate cherry blossoms bloom on a cheerful, warm gold background. The case adds a dash of warmth to the muted iPhone X/XS colors. It boasts a slim profile and wireless charging compatibility. This case is excellent for bringing sunshine to everyday life without missing a beat.

Clear Cases

The Classic Collection – Knot Over U Clear Ribbon Case

The simple design and classy ribbon of Knot Over U puts the cool beauty of the iPhone X/XS on display. Some may worry about durability because of the clear plastic. However, the Knot Over U Clear Ribbon features the same double-layered polycarbonate construction that makes other cases in the Casely collection so durable.

Glitter Cases

The Bold Collection – Midnight Marble Black & Navy Glitter Case

This demure case is perfect for achieving protection without sacrificing the clean, smooth lines of the iPhone X/XS. The light dusting of glitter on this case adds a subtle shimmer that’s best seen in low light. The deep blue veins of the marble pattern are exquisite in any situation. Furthermore, this case’s robust construction makes it safe from unsightly scratches and dents.

The Classic Collection – All That Glitter Purple Chrome Crystal Case

Do you unabashedly love to pronounce your love of all things glittery at any given moment? If so, the All That Glitter Purple Chrome Crystal is for you. This bombastic and flashy item is excellent for parties, parades, and festivals. It adds color to the world on a rainy day. The safety-focused engineering means it’s okay for smartphone users to get a little crazy – a tumble won’t hurt this sparkling treasure.

Prints + Patterns

The Bold Collection – As If! Red Plaid Case

This is a fiery, passionate take on the much-loved yellow plaid style. The As If! Red Plaid Case is great for lumberjacks, wearers of kilts, and anyone who appreciates a stately plaid pattern. The Bold Collection iteration of this case adds extra durability. It does so without transforming the already-beefy iPhone X/XS into a brick in your back pocket.

The Classic Collection – Into the Wild Leopard Print Case

Some find animal prints difficult to pull off, but the key is to wear them proudly. Fans of this ferocious print can strut proudly with the Into the Wild Leopard Print Case. It provides flair and protection to any smartphone and promotes confidence in every step.

Holo Cases

The Bold Collection – Holographic Metallic Stained Glass Marble Case

The hugely popular holo case is back! The hardy Bold Collection version of this vibrant case means the stained glass will never shatter. Static online images don’t do justice to the futuristic style of this case. The Holographic Metallic Stained Glass Marble has strong lines of gold framing each cool-colored shape. Light lavender accents add a sleek, tech vibe to the shock-absorbing edges.

The Classic Collection – Blue Marble Holo Case

The sea of blues and marbled patterns on this number are electrifying! This popular Casely design is as innovative and eye-catching as the iPhone X/XS it adorns. Smartphone owners looking to make a splash with their accessories will prize the Blue Marble Holo Case. Its symphony of colors promises to stand out on any occasion.

Rose Gold Cases

The Bold Collection – Cracked Rose Gold Black Marble Case

Don’t worry about the cracked appearance. The Bold Collection version of this case will keep your iPhone screen fully intact with its slip-resistant grip and military-grade dual-layer protection. It’s safe against drops up to 8’. Elegant? Made to last? The Cracked Rose Gold Black Marble has it all.

The Classic Collection – Lavender Gray & Rose Gold Marble Case

The glossy rose gold accents of the Lavender Gray & Rose Gold Marble Case gleam in the sunlight. It is ideal for iPhone X/XS users who want to dazzle onlookers. The cases has reinforced sides with flexible TPU material and precision measurements. This case will fit delicate smartphones snugly and securely.

Pretty & Cute Cases

The Bold Collection – Light Pink on Pink Case

Bold indeed! The carefully selected pink hue of this soft matte case makes a clear statement – with gentle simplicity. The Light Pink on Pink Case highlights its superior protection. The rosy-tinged raised front lip and side grips are both practical and pretty. A brand-new design from Casely, this is ideal for any new iPhone X/XS.

The Classic Collection – I Heart Tie Dye Case

Are you a lover, a hippie, a free-spirited bohème or a summer camp enthusiast? For any of the above, the I Heart Tie Dye Case harkens us all back to our sun-drenched days swirling t-shirts in buckets of dye. Its effortless grooviness is sure to put a smile on the face of all who sees it. iPhone X/XS owners will certainly smile when their OLED displays remain unscathed thanks to Casely’s protective construction.

Wallet Cases

The Classic Collection – Gold Leather Wallet Case

Practicality doesn’t have to be boring. This Gold Leather Wallet Case is for ever-on-the-go smartphone users who want their cards and cash eternally close by. It has a secure button snap, year-long warranty, and wristlet accessory. This Gold Leather Wallet is a smart investment in both convenience and style for iPhone X/XS lovers.

Charging Cases

The Classic Collection – Solid Black Battery-Powered Charging Case

The beauty of the Solid Black Battery-Powered Charging Case lies in its functional design. This no-nonsense, unique two-piece case makes recharging easy. It’s optimal for an enterprising young iPhone X/XS owner who doesn’t want to stay tethered to a charging cord. A silky satin finish adds a touch of beauty to this efficient piece of tech.

iPhone XS Max

Standing tall with a striking 6.5” OLED display and weighing in at 7.34 ounces, the iPhone XS Max is one of the biggest iPhones to date. It comes in silver, space gray, and pale gold. This powerful device needs a tough case to protect it from even the most butterfingered tech geek. Thankfully, the new Bold Collection at Casely has stepped up to the plate to provide the protection the iPhone XS Max needs.

Marble Cases

The Bold Collection – It’s Just a Phase Marble Moon Case

The giant iPhone XS Max is perfect for showcasing the brilliant moon design featured on this case. The detailed lunar magic on the It’s Just a Phase Marble Moon has been enhanced as part of the Bold Collection. This durable little number is perfect for taking to the moon and back.

The Classic Collection – Rainbow Marble Swirl Case

Melted rainbow sherbert? Slabs of sedimentary rock from a far-off heavenly planet? The glossy shine of the Rainbow Marble Swirl Case is a visual treat for the iPhone XS Max users who love to lose themselves in whirlpools of color. With a hard dual-layer polycarbonate plastic to protect your device, this case is as strong as it is beautiful.

Floral Cases

The Bold Collection – Blooming Red Rose Case

Blooming, bursting roses dot this elegant shell. Snug, shock-absorbing edges mean there’s no fear of the large iPhone XS Max bursting free after an unlucky drop. The sublime floral pattern makes it great for date nights in particular. The sleek design isn’t affected by the extra protection that comes with being part of Casely’s Bold Collection.

The Classic Collection – Bright Retro Floral Case

This piece is a true classic in so many ways. It brings nostalgic, vintage flowers to the classic Casely double-layer construction. The much-loved Bright Retro Floral Case is loud and proud on the iPhone XS Max. Style connoisseurs everywhere favor the warm flowers for the autumn season.

Clear Cases

The Classic Collection – Tropical Blue Palm Leaves Case

The Tropical Blue Palm Leaves Case is as light as a breeze in your pocket. Even the polycarbonate construction and the raised edges that keep it protected won’t add excess weight. Fans of this style enjoy how the color of their iPhone XS Max shows through. The cool leaves stand out clearly against the dark space gray.

Glitter Cases

The Classic Collection – Rose and Gold Flaked Clear Case

Casely fans are very familiar with the Rose and Gold Flaked Clear Case. It shines as the star of both fancy parties and casual get-togethers. On the tall iPhone XS Max, the gold sparkles even brighter. It looks particularly stunning when the lights are dimmed. The much-praised durability of the solid polycarbonate means no flakes will flutter out in the event of a drop – and your screen will stay in one piece, too.

Prints + Patterns

The Bold Collection – Teal Rainbow Stripes Color Block Case

This is a new design gracing the Casely library. The Teal Rainbow Stripes Color Block Case is the definition of loud and fun. As one of the latest selections from the Casely subscription plan, these bold and brash stripes might be familiar to subscription members. It was released as part of the March 2019 box soon after the launch of the Bold Collection, making it a timeless classic.

The Classic Collection – Snake Along Red Snake Skin Case

The Casely brand is all about shedding the old and embracing the new. Fans everywhere are lining up to make the switch to the Snake Along Red Snake Skin Case. On the full-sized iPhone XS Max, users will be able to see all the intricate details that make up this serpentine design, with its hypnotic reds and pinks. With slender and tough construction, this is sure to protect smartphones from harm.

Holo Cases

The Bold Collection – In Formation Metallic Blue Camo Case

A computer screen can’t quite render the full beauty of the silver shimmer in the In Formation Metallic Blue Camo Case. This fun print reaches its full potential as part of the Bold Collection. Its shock absorption and raised edges give it an 8’ military-grade drop protection to keep any iPhone safe and sound.

The Classic Collection – Holographic Donut Clear Case

A triple threat of delicious, holographic, and clear. This item overlays a tasty design with sparkly sprinkles overtop the color of your phone! The slim construction means that this Holographic Donut Clear Case won’t add extra weight to the already-bulky iPhone XS Max. But it does provide more protection than its doughy exterior would lead you to believe.

Rose Gold Cases

The Bold Collection – Black and Gold Metallic Waves Case

Mesmerizing curves of rose gold wash over the glossy black of this Bold Collection case. It is secretly bolstered by anti-slip side grips that blend in with the overall construction. The Black and Gold Metallic Waves Case is graceful and luxurious, just like the iPhone XS Max.

The Classic Collection – Cute Rose Gold Floral Mandala Clear Case

Against the dark shades of the iPhone XS Max, the Cute Rose Gold Floral Mandala Clear Case is striking. It embodies a loving homage to the meditative spirit and patterns of mandalas. Fans of this case also find that the more its gazed at, the more soothing this woven flower illustration is. The 1-year warranty and wireless charging compatibilities of this lovely case make it even more soothing.

Pretty & Cute Cases

The Bold Collection – Teal Color Block on Aqua Mint Case

Fans of light-colored cases may worry about grime accumulating in the ridges of the no-slip grips but never fear – Casely construction ensures the ridges are deep and wide enough to prevent dirt from gathering. That means fans of the Teal Color Block on Aqua Mint Case are free to flaunt their colors without fear.

The Classic Collection – Avocado Rose Gold Clear Case

The Avocado Rose Gold Clear Case is quirky and fun. It features tasty avocado halves embossed with glittering chips of gold and green. The clear background artfully frames the Apple logo in the exterior, making users of this case one step closer to having a full fruit salad.

Wallet Cases

The Classic Collection – Mint Mirror + Wallet Flip Case

The Mint Mirror + Wallet Flip Case is ever reliable and ever stylish. It comes with a large mirror and 6-card slot, perfect for quick makeup touch-ups. The hardy construction means your iPhone and your cards will be fully safe within this nifty little case. A 1-year warranty backs up this reliable pocket-friend.

Charging Cases

The Classic Collection – White Marble Battery-Powered Charging Case

A necessity for anyone who finds themselves away from an outlet for most of the day. This slim White Marble Battery-Powered Charging Case doesn’t come with the bulky size of other charging cases. However, it can still retain up to a 100% full charge for an iPhone without breaking a sweat.

iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is instantly recognizable thanks to its dazzling array of color options, including cute coral, bright blue, sunny yellow, the iconic Product Red, classic white, and sleek black. Standing with a bold 6.1” display and a liquid retina HD display, the iPhone XR is a stylish and bold choice, deserving of equally stylish and bold phone cases.

Marble Cases

The Bold Collection – Light Blue Skies Marble Clouds Case

The cotton candy swirls on this Light Blue Skies Marble Clouds Case will have you raising your arms to the sky with delight! The military-grade shock absorption and impact minimization add extra protection. If you accidentally drop this case while snapping pics of the clouds, your phone screen and camera are fully protected.

The Classic Collection – Cute Rainbow Marble Case

The Cute Rainbow Marble Case has a classic marble pattern with an innovative watercolor rainbow twist. It’s evocative of how the iPhone XR brings its classic Apple heritage to the table with tons of fun new twists, too. The splash of color fully wraps around the edges of this case, immersing you in a true rainbow dream.

Floral Cases

The Bold Collection – Blue Flower Power Floral Case

This vivid blue case is excellent for those who want a sturdy, highly protective case and also want to maintain the bubbly blue of their iPhone XR. This shade is a little deeper than Apple’s. It’s all the better to contrast with the radiant white flowers of the Blue Flower Power Floral Case.

The Classic Collection – Bright Yellow Sunflowers Case

The simple gold hand-drawn flowers and clear background make the Bright Yellow Sunflowers Case perfectly suited for the range of iPhone XR colors. The primary yellow will match with any phone color without letting its brilliance get overwhelmed. Highly recommended for those who embrace cheerfulness and pep at every opportunity.

Clear Cases

The Classic Collection – Sleek Black Marble V Clear Case

The sharp angle on this Sleek Black Marble V Clear Case is quite striking (almost literally!). It comes with a clear background to accentuate the color of your iPhone XR. The marble pattern calls attention back to the case as if to remind us all who’s boss. The raised 1-mm lip extends around the entire case, ensuring screen protection even when the color of the case disappears.

Glitter Cases

The Classic Collection – All That Glitter Charcoal Crystal Case

The embedded jewels in this case provide more than just a visual delight – they also have the texture of glitter. Rest assured all pop-sockets, phone rings, and wireless chargers will work with the All That Glitter Charcoal Crystal Case. Practical, yet the crystals still say, “Notice me!”

Prints + Patterns

The Bold Collection – Paper Crane Origami Case

Casely’s team of designers and fashion experts design each of the company’s unique offerings. That is abundantly clear when it comes to the Paper Crane Origami Case. This is a cute and creative pattern that’s rare to see on fashion accessories. But don’t let this pretty pattern fool you. Its Bold version is highly shock resistant and withstands drops from up to 8’. Pretty good for a paper crane.

The Classic Collection – Good Vibes Only Festival Print Case

The Good Vibes Only Festival Print Case accompanies festival goers and party revelers alike. At the same time, this fun and flashy print is great for day-to-day life. Shades of royal red and diamond patterns bring out any user’s queenly vibes. As a lightweight, durable option, it’s a perfect festival companion, especially thanks to its polycarbonate twin layers and raised edges.

Holo Cases

The Classic Collection – Cactus Patterned Clear Case

These holographic cacti match beautifully the blazing sky blue or sunny sandy yellow background of the iPhone XR. In fact, these green guys match with any XR color! Before heading out into the desert, though, be sure to charge up. The precisely cut-out spaces for speakers, buttons, and the charging port mean you’ll never have to worry about being able to fit in your Lightning cable.

Rose Gold Cases

The Classic Collection – Shiny Gold Pineapple Clear Case

Simple. Understated. Tasteful. This Shiny Gold Pineapple Clear Case is a staple for owners of the iPhone XR who also love all things pineapple-y (but aren’t in-your-face about it). While this case may look fragile and delicate, it’s actually quite tough. Like other Casely selections, this one is crafted from the finest layers of polycarbonate plastic with TPU corners for an extra snug fit.

Pretty & Cute Cases

The Bold Collection – Plum Purple on Light Purple Case

The Plump Purple on Light Purple is a dramatic newcomer in the Casely lineup. It turns heads and matches with outfits of any style. The soft matte finish and textured bumpers on the sides ensure iPhone XR users will be able to keep a firm grip on this stunner.

The Classic Collection – #GRLPWR Triple Threat Case

Poppy yellow and confident pink lettering embolden this progressive, in-the-now case. It is the perfect fit for activists and feminists who aren’t afraid to speak out. Don’t worry about taking the #GRLPWR Triple Threat Case out wherever you please – its wireless charging compatibility, 360-degree hard shell protection, and lightweight polycarbonate construction make it a true triple threat to withstand any tumble or drop.

Wallet Cases

The Classic Collection – Red Leather Wallet Case

Embrace your artisanal aesthetic with the Casely Red Leather Wallet Case. It’s protective without weighing down your purse or pocket. It will hold up to 6 cards and even has a clear slot for holding your ID. With the wrist strap, button snaps, and heavy-duty design, this case will replace your going-out clutch in a way that’s both stylish and useful. iPhone XR users will never want to leave home without it.

Charging Cases

The Classic Collection – Solid Red Battery-Powered Charging Case

Get ready to sizzle! This bright red case is a new addition to Casely’s high-tech line of accessories. The Solid Red Battery-Powered Charging Case will catch eyes, turn heads, and draw attention with its firebomb color. The attention is rightly deserved, as it can carry up to a full extra charge for your iPhone XR. Fans will look confident and feel confident, knowing this fiery fellow has their back.

Join the Casely Subscription Service!

The Casely Subscription Box is a unique way of ensuring that more and more people have access to the latest trends and fashions. Once a month, members receive a shipment of one of two exclusive case designs crafted by the brand’s creative team. The picks each month are always made of the same lightweight, high-quality materials that make each Casely case durable and scratch-resistant.

Picking up a subscription is easy and can be canceled at any time. Club members have the option to skip months as they so choose and can even select a 3-month option instead. Shipping is free and fast, arriving within 2-4 days and in a neatly packaged box. Each Casely Subscription arrival is a true delight each time!

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