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Best iPhone 8/8 Plus Cases for 2023

Best iPhone 8/8 Plus Cases for 2019
Best iPhone 8/8 Plus Cases for 2019

Your iPhone was expensive – it’s likely you had to beg your parents to get your first one. And they’ve only gotten more expensive since! That’s why, here at Casely, we’ve set up a one-stop shop where you can pick up the cutest iPhone cases at great prices that protect your pride and joy. Your whole life is held in your phone, so your case needs to be stylish AND pragmatic to keep it safe from those inevitable drops.

At Casely, you’ll find a stunning range of the season’s latest trends, like plaid and holographic, at low prices. And, our new Bold collection adds extra protection for those who are particularly accident-prone. We got you, girl!


Why Choose Casely Phone Cases for Your iPhone 8/8 Plus?

With so many cute phone cases out there… why choose Casely? Our great selection aside, we also provide phone cases for practically all models of newer iPhone.

The on-trend aesthetic of our collections isn’t the only thing going for them either – some of the awesome benefits of our phone cases include:

Drop Protection

The iPhone 8 is a stylish slab of glass, plastic, and metal – not the sturdiest of things. Smart phones are very compact, light, and portable. While these features are incredibly convenient, they can also render the phone extremely susceptible to damage. They’re fragile devices that cost a whole paycheck to replace.

Even an accidental fall or slip could scratch or completely smash your phone screen. A stylish Casely protective case prevents any permanent dents or scratches on the body of your device, which will give you the peace of mind you need to go about your day. Even if you stumble, your phone won’t suffer the consequences.

Camera Protection

The occasional scratch, cracked body or smashed screen doesn’t concern you too much, but there is always something else to worry about. iPhones have notably good quality cameras on the front and back, which are at risk of damage when not protected. Our cases with raised rims ensure that your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus retains its camera quality for as long as you have it.

Cosmetic Variety

Whether you’re looking for a trendy holographic clear option or a vintage, retro style pattern or design, we are sure to have it! Our website is designed to be easy to navigate. We make it simple to filter results and search by category so you can immediately find the type of device you’re looking for in our Bold or Classic collection.

Resell Value Protection

If you ever want the option to resell your phone, you need to make sure it is good and protected throughout its time with you. While you may overlook any small scratches or nicks, others won’t; and your return rate will be lower.

If you like to upgrade your phone regularly, then investing in a strong phone case will boost your trade-in value. Fortunately, our Bold collection has got your back!

Do iPhone 7 Cases Fit the iPhone 8?

Yes, our iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone SE (2020) are all the exact same case. So if you upgrade from a 7 to an 8 your case will be compatible.

New Bold Cases – What’s the Deal?

Our new Bold collection has just hit the store! So what makes these different from our Classic Collection?

For starters, every case in the Bold Collection offers serious drop protection – these cases are thick and strong. This means that your phone will be better cushioned from a slip or fall, and the shell can withstand more drops than a Classic model.

These cases are designed for bold behavior. Hitting the dancefloor? No worries about dropping your phone. Going on a run, and worried about your phone slipping out of your pocket? The Bold Collection ensures your phone stays safe.


iPhone 8

As one of the newer and most popular smartphones on the market, we have a TON of cases fit for the iPhone 8. And, our cases are cheap enough to switch up regularly, so you can keep your phone’s style as up-to-date as your outfits.

Marble Cases

Bold - White and Pink Marble Case

This gorgeous light-colored design features a shiny white base intercut with pretty pink marbled streaks. Marble has been a hot trend for seasons now and isn’t letting up – this case perfectly matches the look with a feminine flair.



Classic - The Classic Blue Marble Case

This design is perfect for those who love marble detail. The intricate blue marble design is incredibly realistic (and aesthetically pleasing) with a timeless look that you’ll never tire of.


Floral Cases

Bold - Yellow Flower Power Floral Case

The Yellow Flower-Power is one of our faves. Who doesn’t love a good floral? This case is perfect for both spring and summer, with its pretty petal design and bright yellow hue.



Classic - Bright Yellow Sunflowers Case

Another cheery yellow flower design, this chic sunflower-adorned case has a painterly look that’s perfect for the creatives out there. It is sure to catch the eye and be your new perfect accessory.

Clear Cases

Classic - Cute Rose Gold Mandala Clear Case

This beautiful Mandala case rocks an intricate rose gold design that’s perfect for summer. Between the metallic style and the artistic floral pattern, this is a staple iPhone 8 case for all fashionistas.


Glitter Cases

Bold – Midnight Marble Black & Navy Case

Our Midnight Marble Black Bold case offers a pretty, sparkly sheen along with premium protection for your phone. Subtle hints of blue glitter make this case as mysterious as you are.


Classic - Rose and Gold Flaked Clear Case

If you like a little more sparkle, our Gold Flaked Case is sure to satisfy! A uniquely shining pattern, it’s sure to catch your eye, and the light in any setting.

Prints + Patterns

Bold – Red & Blue Leopard Case

Prints and patterns are always fun to get crazy with, and we don’t hold back with our Into the Wild Leopard Print Case. This print is both bold in design in with its bright Cheetah spots, and in its drop-proof 1mm raised front lip protection. Get yours in striking red or classic beige and brown.


Classic - Check Me Out Checkerboard Case

Feeling confident, and don’t need a Bold case? Let the pattern be bold for you, with our Check Me Out Checkerboard Case! Monochrome plaid makes for an always-on-trend piece to protect your phone.

Holo Cases

Bold – Cracked Rose Gold Black Marble Case

With just a hint of holographic, metallic sheen, this case offers subtle shine with Bold protection. Keep your phone safe and stylish with this black and rose gold number, perfect for rock chicks.


Classic - Holographic Metallic Stained Glass Marble Case

This low-key shiny case with a stunning print will be sure to get you tons of compliments. Mixing pastel blue, pink and purple with shimmery silver, it’s perfect for girly-girls who like something a little different.

Rose Gold Cases

Bold - Geo Rose Gold Marble Case

Our geo-inspired rose gold marble case combines all of our faves: metallic hue of the moment rose gold, marble design and eye-catching pattern. If you love color-blocking trends, you’ll love this look.


Classic - All That Glitter Rose Gold Crystal Case

Rose gold is has become a classic shade that will never go out of style. This case captures the metallic shine along with a trendy spin, in the form of a high-sparkle crystalline pattern.

Pretty and Cute Cases

Bold - Out and About Light Pink Floral Case

This gorgeous case is the perfect mix between bold and cute! The flirty pink floral design has all the added protection that our Bold Collection has to offer, making it sweet but strong. Just like you!


Classic - Knot Over U Clear Ribbon Case

Looking for something cute and pretty without a loud pattern? Go with our clear-backed ribbon case. It’s one of our most unique patterns without being too distracting. With a small ribbon loop over the back, it’s perfect as a cute accent to whatever color iPhone 8 you have.

Wallet Cases

    Classic - The Gold Leather Wallet Case

    This style comes with a handy wrist strap for added safety and convenience. It makes running out of the house and only needing to grab your phone and keys possible: it securely stores up to 6 cards, so now you have a real excuse to finally throw out your shabby old wallet!

      Charging Cases

        Solid Red Battery Powered Charging Case

        While there isn’t a specific charging case in our Casely Bold Collection, this case certainly boasts Bold Collection protection and signature Casely style. It even charges your phone! These cases have everything you need to keep your phone juiced up, looking great, and protected from whatever comes their way!


        White Marble Battery Powered Charging Case

        If you are a big multitasker, our selection of charging cases should appeal to you. Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of facing a dead battery before the day is over? Fortunately, our cute marble-design charging cases are a sleek way to top up your battery.

        iPhone 8 Plus

        Apple’s big brother to the iPhone 8 is the iPhone 8 Plus. The biggest difference between the two is in the phone size and camera quality specifications - the 8 Plus is significantly larger in device size and screen size, allowing you to have more interactivity space and ease of vision with your apps and videos.

        The 8 Plus is not Apple’s first plus-sized smart phone, but it did make some significant strides compared to past versions. Here are our favorite iPhone 8 Plus cases from our Bold and Classic collections:

          Marble Cases

            Bold – Sleek Black Marble Case

            If you have an iPhone 8 Plus, you probably paid top dollar for it – so it only makes sense to protect your investment with a strong case. A stylish way to do that is with our Sleek Black Marble Case, a subtle style that boasts a 3mm raised front lip protection and wireless charging compatibility.


            Classic - It’s Just a Phase Marble Moon Case

            If you are a fan of astrology, then this model will have a special place in your heart. Some of us feel a special connection to the moon’s lunar cycle, and this case sleekly represents that with a unique marbled moon phase cycle design. Plus, it’s still got 1mm raised lip protection while looking cute to boot.

              Floral Cases

                Bold - Navy Flower Power Floral Case

                There’s no reason why a cute floral case can’t offer high-quality protection as well! The Navy Flower Power Floral Case offers strong protection in the form of a pretty, stylish case.


                Classic - Bright Retro Floral Case

                Our Bright Retro Floral Case is perfect for those who like to rock vintage accents into their outfits. Even though its orange and red floral pattern screams 70’s, its wireless charging compatibility is completely contemporary.

                  Clear Cases

                    Classic - Blue and Gold Clear Floral Case

                    This beautiful case is dainty and airy, and even at a quick glance at it is sure to brighten your day! If you’re a fan of botanical designs and shiny gold-leaf accents, this case is perfect for you.

                      Glitter Cases

                        Bold - Midnight Marble Black & Navy Case

                        Our Midnight Marble Black & Navy Case offers a subtle sparkle, which works well for sophisticated looks. Its premium drop protection ensures your phone stays as pristine as the day you got it!


                        Classic - All That Glitter Charcoal Crystal Case

                        This vampy case is perfect for dancing queens who love to hit the club. This model has a full-blown glittery texture that’s as fun as you are and is sure to turn heads.

                          Prints and Patterns

                            Bold - As if! Light Purple Plaid Case

                            This case will bring out the inner Clueless in you! A fun spin on Cher’s love of plaid, this purple-hued case updates the pattern to one of the most on-trend colors of the year, lilac.


                            Classic - Rainbow Stripes Color Block Case

                            Our Rainbow Stripes Color Block Case is reminiscent of classic Polaroid cameras - which are still quite popular, so it is both trendy and timeless. This case can also be found in our Bold collection if you want to step up the protection!

                              Holo Cases

                                Bold – Holographic Metallic Stained Glass Marble Case

                                This geometric, head-turning design is as bold as the material it’s made of! A funky way to protect your prized possession, this beautiful blue and purple case is bold by name, nature and pattern!


                                Classic - Holographic Donut Clear Case

                                Got a sweet tooth? This donut-printed case is a lot of fun – the deliciously pink donut is topped off with holographic sprinkles that catch the light in all the best ways. It’s as protective as it is sweet with 1mm raised lip protection!

                                  Rose Gold Cases

                                    Bold – Cracked Rose Gold Black Marble Case

                                    This case may have a cracked design, but your iPhone is sure to stay snugly protected in this Bold Collection case. Subtle rose gold accents cover the model making it a standout from conventional marble patterns.


                                    Classic - Avocado Rose Gold Clear Case

                                    If you loved the Holographic Donut Clear Case as much as we did, you should check this out! The avocado design is cute, playful, and a lot of fun. If the donut case satisfies your breakfast cravings, the avocado case will get you ready for lunch!

                                      Pretty and Cute Cases

                                        Bold – Hot Pink Marble Case

                                        This is one of the cutest cases we carry, and yet it’s still ultra-protective. This flamingo-pink shade is good enough to eat, and is a unique take on the ever-popular marble trend. This one’s for the girls who love to stand out!


                                        Classic – Daisy Daydream Black Floral Case

                                        There’s nothing more adorable than a cute floral pattern, and this daisy-print case is no exception. Perfect for an all-year-round look, this is sure to become your new favorite phone case.

                                          Wallet Cases

                                            Classic - The Black Mirror + Wallet Flip Case

                                            The Black Mirror + Wallet Flip Case is just what you need if you love an all-in-one. Keep your phone, cards, and mirror all in one place, so you can treat yourself with some new buys and touch up your makeup without carrying a bulky purse!

                                              Charging Cases

                                                Rose Gold Battery-Powered Charging Case

                                                Again, while we don’t have charging cases as part of our Bold collection, our new generation of battery-powered cases definitely fit the bill. Even though the iPhone 8 Plus has significantly improved battery life compared to its predecessors, every iPhone user has had to slowly watch their battery drain away. With a charging case, that will no longer be an issue! It boasts 100% extra battery life than an average phone can hold on its own. It’s a dream come true for the chronic texter, party planner, or any busy person out there!


                                                Pink Marble Battery-Powered Charging Case

                                                This pretty pink number is part of our classic charging case collection. If you work long days, spend all your time in the college library, or just love to party – you’re going to need some extra juice for your phone! Save yourself from carrying around a bulky portable charger and get a phone case that does the trick! It’s a no-brainer for busy women out there.


                                                Join the Casely Subscription Service!

                                                Still can’t decide which you like best? Is your cart packed with at least a couple cases, and you just can’t get to the next page? Joining the Casely Club might just be for you!

                                                This is the perfect way to make sure that your phone case game is staying on top of trends at all times. You’ll always have the newest case on the market.

                                                With our subscription service, you will have new products delivered directly to you every month for some of the cheapest prices out there. What’s more is that you can skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason. Other services may require you to sign some form of contract committing your payments to a full year of the subscription service, but not Casely.

                                                Join Casely’s Subscription Service today to find out for yourself what all of the hype is about!

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