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8 Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Magsafe Cases in 2023 Reviewed

8 Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Magsafe Cases in 2022 Reviewed
8 Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Magsafe Cases in 2022 Reviewed

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is a sight to behold. Its massive display with beautiful wallpapers and long-lasting batteries lets you binge on your favorite apps for hours.

But with the hefty price tag that comes with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you’ll want to protect your investment with a robust protective case. Getting a MagSafe case is a perfect choice. It can safeguard your phone, allowing you to charge it wirelessly, and it’s compatible with other MagSafe accessories.

We’ve made your job easier by shortlisting the eight best iPhone 14 Pro Magsafe Cases in 2023.

1. Hanging Around - Potted Plants Floral Case

Let your earth goddess shine with this beautiful, wholesome Hanging Around - Potted Plants case. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can embrace the aesthetic with this case and its variety of cute indoor plants. You might feel tempted to run out and add another succulent or spider plant to your overflowing plant family!

Aside from its design, this case features military-grade protection that keeps your iPhone safe from impact. Its 1.5 mm raised camera lip and 3 mm raised front screen lip give an additional depth that protects your phone in case of accidental drops.

On the side, the case has slip-resistant textured grips so that your hands can firmly hold the device without unwanted slippage.

Like all of the other cases on our list, the Hanging Around case features a built-in MagSafe magnet, which is compatible with MagSage accessories like Apple wireless chargers.

2. Outside the Lines - Crayola Marker Case

Add a splash of color and creativity to your phone with the Outside the Lines Crayola Marker Case. This doodled flower design stands out, especially in neutral color backgrounds. Wherever you go, it’ll surely capture the attention of others and spark a conversation.

Don’t be fooled by its whimsical design. It’s tougher than it looks, thanks to the hard shell polycarbonate material that provides complete 360-degree coverage of your phone. The shell also has precise cutouts to let you access the charging port, buttons, and speakers.

The overall design is slim and lightweight, so it won’t take up much space in your pockets or bag. Due to the hardshell protective polycarbonate material, the design can be much slimmer since the material has greater shock absorption.

3. Viva La Vida - Frida Kahlo Collage Case

Viva la Vida is the last painting Frida Kahlo made. This vivid and vibrant artwork is a celebration of life and a reminder to live life to the fullest.

This iconic artwork has flying birds, scattered feathers, and hearts, symbolizing everything life offers, such as freedom and love. The case reminds you that life is too short and to give yourself permission to live your best life.

Pair the Viva La Vida case with a white outfit, which offers a beautiful contrast that surely will garner compliments throughout your day.

The case is highly protective with a raised front screen and camera lip, adding more cushion to absorb shock during impact. It features military-grade corner air pocket technology that can further soften the blow and absorb shock from drops up to eight feet.

4. Falling For You - Plum Floral Case

Floral designs never go out of style. With the Falling For you Plum Foral Case, you’ll stay looking fresh year around!

This intricate pattern has a black background creating a bold contrast with the plum, white, and yellow flowers covering the entire case. Its colors are toned down, providing a more mature appearance and making it highly practical for any situation. The floral design adds a sweet and feminine touch, matching your vibe no matter how you dress.

Whatever adventure life brings you, keep your iPhone 14 Pro Max protected with a durable and eco-friendly floral phone case. It has slip-resistant side grips to keep your device firmly in your hand. However, if you drop your case, the case is designed with a raised front and camera lip for added cushioning.

5. Vida Y Muerte - Frida Kahlo Dotted Skull Case

Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s artistic work of skulls and skeletons, this phone case takes a page from her paintings with a Mexican-style skull head with floral earrings and accessories. In Mexican culture, the skull represents death and rebirth, paying homage to the afterlife.

Add a piece of heritage to your everyday style with this chic-looking dotted skull phone case. Its neutral toned-down blue color blends in with any fit, yet the vibrant orange skull stands out immediately.

Like our other cases from the Bold collection, Vida Y Muerte is both practical and stylish. The Magsafe technology is compatible with all MagSafe products, so you can charge your device wirelessly.

This ultra-protective case offers dual-layer protection with a 3mm raised front lip for maximum shock absorption.

6. Here Comes the Sun - Colorblock Sunset Case

Do you wish that summer never ends? With the Here Comes the Sun Colorblock Sunset Case, summer can last all year round. It features wavy lines with simplistic sun and ocean wave designs, incorporating beautiful summery pastels.

The colors are subtle but vibrant, giving you a sense of washed-out beauty. The phone case is perfect for beachgoers who love spending their days in the sun or open waters. It also complements any neutral-colored outfit so that you can look incredibly chic, like you just walked off a California beach.

This phone uses protective and lightweight material that can absorb the shock from accidental slips. The casing hugs the corners of the phone, providing full coverage to protect the body and sides of your device.

Enjoy the built-in MagSafe technology, so you can wirelessly charge your phone without having to remove the case.

7. And I Oop - Mixed Swatch Case

Take a ride on the wild side with the And I Oop Mixed Swatch Case. Its funky patterns and pastel colors show off your carefree and goofy attitude. With the stars, cheetah patterns, and lightning bolt designs, embody the spirit of the case and shine in your everyday life.

If you’ve always wanted to make a statement or have a phone case that suits your crazy party fits, you can’t go wrong with the And I Oop case. It’s the perfect sidekick to help you strike up conversations and draw attention from others so that you can be the center of attention.

Partying can be chaotic. That’s why this case has a highly protective hard shell that covers all sides and angles of the device. It’ll withstand ground impact, water damage, scratches, and other accidents that can happen.

The case is incredibly slim and lightweight, ideal for carrying it in your back pocket or purse. You won’t have to worry about carrying a bulky case.

8. Field of Flowers - Pastel Floral Case

Are you obsessed with floral design? Floral prints are beautiful and feminine, adding grace to the phone case. The Field of Flowers Pastel Floral Case features a blossoming flower collection with pastel colors like washed blue, pink, and orange. It’s a timeless design that delivers vibrant colors and practically complements any outfit you wear.

The phone case has exact cutout sections for its buttons, charging ports, and speakers, making it fit like a glove for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Additionally, the outer shell protection gives you peace of mind knowing that your phone is in good hands in case of any unforeseen accident.

How to Choose The Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

Choosing the best iPhone 14 Pro Max case isn’t as easy as you think. A reliable case that can protect your prized possession from damage can save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs or even having to replace your phone entirely.

The case can also have functional purposes, such as allowing wireless charging. Of course, there’s a style component as well. An eye-catching design can be a great conversation starter. Here are the factors to consider when choosing your iPhone case.


iPhone cases come in many styles. We don’t just mean the design or the artwork on the back. Here are a few common case styles:

  • Slim case: Typically made from silicone, TPU, or rubber to keep the phone as slim and non-bulky as possible. However, it still provides shock protection while having the most design options for textures, colors, and graphic prints.
  • Bumper case: A bumper lines the edge of the case frame, typically made from rubber or silicone. It protects the corners and edges from impact.
  • Rugged case: These heavy-duty cases provide the best protection possible. That’s because it’s water and dust-resistant and absorbs a lot of shock during drops. However, they are bulky and an eyesore.


You can use many materials for an iPhone 14 Max case. Some are made from a softer, more flexible material, while others are glass or hard-cased.

Silicone rubber is a common material used, and it’s known for its flexibility and soft texture. The advantage is that these cases are lightweight and available in various designs and colors.

This material provides a firm grip on the slippery surface of your smartphone. Additionally, they’re typically an affordable option. Make sure to look for anti-static coating silicone rubber cases to prevent their case from attracting dust and lint.

Polycarbonate is another material that provides reliable impact resistance. This strong, durable, and weatherable material has a lot of flexibility. You can also customize it into many colors.

However, the downside is that polycarbonate cases can be prone to scratches. Overall, polycarbonate is a practical option due to its customization and flexible shock-absorbent inner layer.

Metals like aluminum and titanium are common choices. They provide outstanding rigidity to protect the phone when it’s dropped. These materials are highly scratch and dent resistance. However, metal cases tend to cost more and have fewer design options.


MagSafe is Apple’s proprietary magnetic technology built into the back of iPhone 12 models and beyond.

Not all cases are MagSafe compatible, even when they fit the dimensions of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. As a result, it’s essential to look for MagSafe iPhone cases that also have magnets built into them. A magnetic grip holds your iPhone 14 Max in place with a MagSafe case, letting you attach the case securely to the phone and the wireless charger. In short, MagSafe iPhone cases let you charge your iPhone 14 Pro Max wirelessly without worrying about losing the magnetic connection.

Also, MagSafe cases are functional since they can be attached or mounted onto your vehicle. The built-in magnets on the phone case allow you to attach your iPhone 14 Max to surfaces such as car and bike mounts.

Additional Features

Some iPhone users may prefer fancy features such as charging or magnetic cases.

A charging case features a built-in battery that can instantly charge your iPhone 14 Max. It’s perfect for busy people who are always on the go and need to recharge their iPhones constantly.

Additionally, these charging cases add an extra layer of protection through the battery. However, the charging case is typically a preference since having a layer of battery in your case will only add extra weight to your pocket.

Wallet cases hold credit cards, cash, and other items. These cases are usually silicone or leather. However, the downside is that these cases are thicker, so they have space for your cards.


There’s no shortage of great MagSafe cases for your iPhone 14 Pro Max. It comes down to your needs, preferences, and your budget.

Some might prioritize protection at the expense of aesthetics, while others might prefer something that looks cool.

Fortunately, the cases from Casely offer a balance of eye-catching designs and reliable protection and functionality, making it the go-to brand for iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.

If you’ve just bought the iPhone 14 Pro Max, consider the options above or browse our website for more cases!

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