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8 Best iPhone 13 Mini Cases in 2023 Reviewed

8 Best iPhone 13 Mini Cases in 2022
8 Best iPhone 13 Mini Cases in 2022

If you just purchased an iPhone 13 Mini, you will likely enjoy its compact size and unique features. This smartphone offers a sleek design with class-leading performance. Its great cameras make for Insta-worthy photos, and the long battery life will get you through the entire day.

You'll need a quality iPhone 13 Mini case to protect your investment. However, choosing the best one for you isn't always so straightforward. You must consider several factors like style, weight, price, and protective features.

To help narrow down the selection, we've created this list of 8 customer-favorite cases for the iPhone 13 Mini. Each is unique, guaranteeing there's something for you. Let's dive in!

8 Best iPhone 13 Mini Cases

If you can't decide on an iPhone case for your 13 Mini, you're in the right place. We've compiled a list of customer favorites to narrow the buying decision and help find the perfect case for you.

1. Color Splash | Abstract Retro

There's nothing dull about the Abstract Retro case with its fun splashes of color. The groovy design of pink, blue, yellow, and red amoeba blobs adds a pop of fun to any outfit.

Looks aside, users will give their iPhone a high-quality case that will protect it from top to bottom. The 360° hard shell protection ensures the iPhone's body doesn't get scratched, and the 1mm raised front lip protection takes care of the camera and the screen. In the case of a drop, you can expect zero damage, thanks to the shock absorption material used to engineer this case.

The fashionable slim protection eliminates bulkiness. It keeps your iPhone 13 Mini feeling light and compact. Whether you're gifting the Color Splash case to a psychedelic lover or it's for your very own iPhone 13 Mini, this one-of-a-kind selection won't disappoint.

Don’t wait to add a splash of color to your life. Add it to your cart today!

2. Waves & Rays | Sunshine Case

Your entire day will shine bright when you get the Waves & Rays | Sunshine Case. Its simplistic design showcases a glowing sun over a beautiful blue ocean. We guarantee nothing but waves of warm feeling when you look at this case.

Its brilliant looks aren't the only thing to love about the Waves & Rays case. You'll also receive maximum protection from top to bottom. The raised lip protection will protect the screen from falls, and the 360° hard shell protection ensures your iPhone 13 Mini's body remains scratch-free.

You'll also be helping the environment with this case. Casely has several sustainability efforts in place, among them:

  • Biodegradable and compostable packaging
  • Products made from 50% recycled TPU materials
  • All cases printed with non-toxic chemicals
  • Part of your purchase goes to environmental causes & organizations

If you're a fan of the vibrant yet simple design, don't wait too long to add it to your cart since they are going fast.

Enjoy summer and beach vibes year-round with the Waves & Rays | Sunshine Case; make it yours today!

3. Hanging Around | Potted Plants Floral Case

Do you have a green thumb, or does every plant you touch mysteriously die? Whatever your situation, the Hanging Around | Potted Plants Floral Case won't do anything but flourish.

This accessory perfectly fits your iPhone 13 Mini with precise cutouts and 1mm raised lip protection. It offers robust protection for everything from your speakers, buttons, charging port, camera, and screen. The exact cutouts also ensure dirt and grime stay out without obstructing sound.

The white background gives the plants and vines a beautiful way to stand out. Experts say that indoor plants can improve your mood and lessen feelings of anxiety. Though they aren't real, one look at this design, and you're bound to smile.

Carry around a gorgeous garden in your pocket with the Hanging Around |Potted Plants Floral case. Place your order here!

4. Blue Marble Case

Marble will never go out of style—it’s classic; it’s cool, and it’s here at Casely. We can't gush enough about how stunning the Blue Marble Case is. A modern design, this Casely pick features several veins of blue stone with subtle bits of pink and white quartz.

If you’re all about bringing the right energy into your life with metaphysical touches, the Blue Marble case is the one. It exudes serenity and calm.

The marbled texture shows off a luxurious style while keeping your phone in top condition. With this hot pick, you'll receive all the praiseworthy features Casely is known for, from the 360° hard shell protection to the 1mm raised front lip protection. These features combined will keep your iPhone 13 Mini looking brand-new. In the case of a drop, you can count on the raised edges and durable materials to protect the body, screen, and camera.

Complement casual and elegant outfits with the Blue Marble Case. Add it to your cart today!

5. Full Bloom | Navy Floral

The Full Bloom case has springtime written all over it. The pink, orange, yellow, and white flowers sit beautifully on the rich navy background. This pretty pick is an excellent selection if you're looking for a case that will brighten your mood all year.

Aesthetic aside, it comes with several incredible features such as:

  • Fashionable slim protection
  • 1-year product warranty
  • 1mm raised front lip protection
  • Wireless charging compatibility
  • And more!

If you're not 100% satisfied with the case, you can ship it back within 30 days for an exchange, shipping included!

Give the Full Bloom Floral case and feel your inner flower child come to life.

6. Heart Throb | Endless Hearts Clear Case

Love is always in the air with the Heart Throb | Endless Hearts Clear Case. The iPhone 13 Mini comes in several beautiful colors, among them Starlight and Midnight. This case pairs beautifully with any iPhone finish, thanks to its transparent background accented by simple heart sketches. This pick is a great way to show off your color selection. We love the romantic touch it gives iPhones with a red or pink finish.

This Casely selection also features several protective qualities and features. The fashionable slim protection makes it extremely lightweight without compromising protection. Engineered with 360° hard shell protection, hard polycarbonate material, and 1mm raised lip protection, your phone screen will stay protected from sudden drops.

If you're looking for a protective case that looks and works great, you've found it. Add the Heart Throb | Endless Hearts Clear Case to your cart today!

7. The Fun Guy | Enchanted Forest Mushroom Floral Case

Are you looking for something more on the funky side? Perhaps The Fun Guy | Enchanted Forest Mushroom Floral Case is what you've been missing. The design is a whimsical pattern featuring light blue, white, and peach fungi. We know you'll receive a wave of calmness whenever you look at the flora and fauna illustrations.

Aesthetically pleasing and practical, this iPhone 13 Mini case has so much to love. You'll receive a durable product with shock-absorbing materials to keep your phone safe from occasional drops and falls. The rubber grips on the sides protect your volume and power buttons, all while offering a firm, comfortable grip. And, don't even get us started on the 1mm raised lip protection that keeps your camera and screen safe.

Subtle, cute, and fun—that's what you'll receive with The Fun Guy | Enchanted Forest Mushroom Floral Case. Make it yours today!

8. Always Vibing | Glow In The Dark Retro Case

Bring a good vibe with you everywhere you go with the Always Vibing | Glow In The Dark Retro Case. The design gives off major 90s vibes with the neon squigglies. But even more fun for the 90s kids is the glow-in-the-dark feature. If you're looking for a show-stopper case that will turn heads, this case is always vibing.

But what good is an iPhone case if it doesn't do its job of protecting your iPhone? It isn’t even a problem with this Casely selection. Packed with protective features, you won't have to worry about your iPhone 13 Mini getting damaged with it around.

Here are some of the benefits users will get when investing in the Always Vibing | Glow In The Dark Retro Case:

  • Fashionable slim protection
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • 1mm raised front lip protection
  • 360° hard shell protection
  • 1-year product warranty

Give your iPhone the protection it deserves with this neon-colored, glow-in-the-dark case! Buy it here.

How to Choose The Best iPhone 13 Mini Case

Don't just go with the first iPhone 13 Mini case you come across. There are so many quality choices. You need to understand what to consider to find one you'll be happy with long-term.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind.


Not all iPhone cases use the same materials. The best ones will have shock-absorbing materials like hard polycarbonate. This material is tougher and more impact resistant than most plastics or aluminum materials.

The top 8 picks above are all engineered with 360° hard shell protection, which means you'll have peace of mind if you drop your phone. It'll remain damage free.


The first things we see in a phone case are color, style, and design. Going with a design you won't mind looking at every day is essential. After all, if you're not absolutely in love with the style of your case, you're more likely to replace it a few months down the road (hence, spend more money).

At Casely, we have several iPhone 13 Mini cases in different patterns, colors, and styles. You'll have no trouble finding a design you're happy with today and several months down the road.

Protective Features

Even more important than the design of your iPhone 13 Mini Case are its protective features. You need to ensure it protects your phone from occasional bumps and falls.

At Casely, all of our cases are engineered with 360° hard shell protection to keep your smart device safe. The 1mm raised front lip protection is a signature quality that keeps the camera and screen safe.

The best part is that these protective features come packed in a fashionably slim case to keep your iPhone light without compromising protection.


If you're looking for an iPhone 13 Mini case, make sure you purchase the right size! You don't want to anxiously wait for your case to arrive only to find it doesn't fit your phone. Then, you'll have to exchange it for the correct size, starting the waiting process all over again.

The best way to avoid this is to double-check the size before placing your order. Since the iPhone 13 Mini is a smaller device, be sure you select the “Mini” and not the Pro or regular iPhone 13 case.


It's a common misconception that expensive cases are always better. And, prices vary greatly when it comes to smartphone cases and accessories.

The price needs to be a reflection of the design and protective features. Research the case materials and features like lip protection or shock absorption. The sum of the parts will help you decide if the case is worth the price.


Warranties are a good sign that a brand is confident in its product. Take a look at the warranty offered (if any). What does it cover? The eight cases above all come with a limited 1-year warranty. You'll be entitled to a repair or replacement if you receive a defective case, whether it's a manufacturing or material defect.

In any case, if you're unhappy with the Casely product received, you'll be able to return or exchange it within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.

Purchase Your iPhone 13 Mini Case From Casely!

Which of these top 8 picks is your favorite? Perhaps it's the modern appeal of the Blue Marble Case or the protective features of the Always Vibing | Glow in the Dark Retro Case.

All the options mentioned are quality picks and will ensure you can carry your iPhone 13 Mini in style with the assurance of robust protection. Choose your favorite Casely case and add it to your cart today!

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