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8 Best iPhone 13 MagSafe Cases in 2023 Reviewed

8 Best iPhone 13 MagSafe Cases in 2022 Reviewed
8 Best iPhone 13 MagSafe Cases in 2022 Reviewed

Apple outdid itself with the iPhone 13. This smartphone offers a longer battery life than previous versions, comes in several gorgeous colors, and we can't ignore the fantastic camera quality.

However, none of these perks will matter if you don't have a case to protect it from outdoor elements, bumps, and falls.

What better investment for your innovative device than a MagSafe case? These unique protectors have magnets integrated, allowing the iPhone 13 to snap into place securely. Then, you can pair it with other MagSafe accessories like wireless chargers or car mounts.

If you're looking for an iPhone 13 case to protect your investment, check out this list of the eight best MagSafe cases in 2023. We know you'll find one that sparks your interest!

8 Best iPhone 13 MagSafe Cases

Browse our collection of the best iPhone 13 MagSafe cases in 2023. Each varies in style, color, and features to guarantee you find the right one for you!

1. Opposites Attract | Day & Night Colorblock Case

The Opposites Attract | Day & Night Colorblock Case is among the top-sellers for a good reason. Not only is it highly durable, but this design is a Casely exclusive. You'll love the beautiful mountain range with a rising sun on one side and a moonlit night on the other. Subtle yet captivating, you'll feel a wave of serenity every time you pick up your phone.

Fabulous looks aside, this hot pick offers extreme protection at a medium weight. The built-in magnet allows external accessories like wireless chargers to snap effortlessly onto it. And, with any of Casely's MagSafe cases, you can expect shock-absorbing features, slip-resistant grips, and a 1-year product warranty.

At Casely, we offer several MagSafe cases designed by Maus Haus. She's an illustrator based out of Brisbane, Australia, passionate about creating beautiful landscapes. The Opposites Attract fits snugly on any iPhone 13, offering elegance, tranquility, and style.

2. Current MOOd | Cow Print Case

Elevate your mood to be bovinely happy with the Current MOOd | Cow Print Case. Stylish and functional, it will keep your iPhone 13 protected all year long. One of the best parts of this design is it complements any occasion nicely, from formal corporate events to a night out with friends.

This ultra-protective case is available for any iPhone 13 model, from the pro to the mini. It has a built-in MagSafe compatible magnet, offers 8' military-grade drop protection, and shock-absorbing air pockets.

The device's body will have robust protection from dents and scratches. Not to mention, the screen and camera receive extra care with the 1.5mm ultra-raised front lip protection.

Don't take our word for it, though. Browse through the 600+ positive reviews written by happy Casely customers!

3. And I Oop | Mixed Swatch Case

Can't decide on a pattern swatch? Get them all with the And I Oop | Mixed Swatch Case. There's nothing basic about this Casely pick, with the swatches of leopard print, lighting stripes, and other zany patterns.

And, it doesn't fall short on features either. You'll receive everything from military-grade drop protection that can withstand up to 8 footfalls. We engineered it with a slip-resistance side grip that'll comfortably sit in your hands. It also has a 3 mm ultra-raised front lip protection that keeps your camera and screen safe from scratches. If anything were to ever happen to this case, you have the assurance of a 1-year product warranty.

Additional noteworthy features you'll expect from the And I Oop MagSafe case include:

  • Built-in MagSafe compatible magnet
  • Shock-absorbing air pockets
  • Wireless charging compatible

A MagSafe case worth trying, give the And I Oop | Mixed Swatch option a try!

4. Viva La Vida Collage Case From the Frida Kahlo Collection

Celebrate your inner Frida with the Viva La Vida College Case. Every inch of this illustration exudes the legend herself. Casely created this collage to honor the beautiful paintings of a global icon, FK. You'll familiarize yourself with the flowers, birds, and hearts in the unique style that often decorated her paintings.

This top pick is currently available in the following iPhone 13 sizes:

It has powerful protective features like the 3 mm ultra-raised front lip, which keeps the screen and camera safe from harm. It also has a slip-resistant grip and 8' military-grade drop protection to keep your investment safe.

And to top it off, it's made using sustainable materials for all our eco-friendly conscious people out there!

Give your iPhone 13 some life with the Viva La Vida case, illustrated in homage to Frida Kahlo. Unlike Frida's everlasting legacy, this limited-edition Casely case won't be around forever. Get it today before it's gone!

5. Wild West Adventure | Desert Case

The Wild West Adventure | Desert Case provides complete coverage for your iPhone 13 while keeping your device sleek and stylish. The desert landscape design is exclusive to Casely, and we guarantee you won't find anything like this elsewhere. It fits snugly on your smartphone, offering a beautiful arrangement of all the things we love about the Wild West. John Wayne, anyone?

Beyond its unique print, expect a durable construction to keep your phone safe from bumps and falls. The 3mm ultra-raised front lip protection protects your camera and screen from occasional falls.

As if this wasn't enough, the slip-resistance side grip makes it almost impossible for this device to slip out of your hands. And, if it just so happens your device falls, like while you’re riding your horse through the Arizona desert, rest easy knowing it can withstand up to an 8-foot drop!

6. All Smiles | Smiley Face Sticker Case

Brighten up your days with the All Smiles | Smiley Face Sticker Case. It looks exactly as it sounds with over a dozen bright and bubbly smiley faces. Along with its retro design, this MagSafe case comes packed with protective features. Customer favorites include:

  • Built-in MagSafe compatible magnet
  • Drop protection up to 8 feet
  • Shock-absorbing air pockets
  • Wireless charging compatible

For all our environmentally conscious people out there, it's worth mentioning that all MagSafe Casely cases use 50% recycled TPU materials and non-hazardous chemicals. After purchase, it will be sent to you in biodegradable packaging, with a portion of the sale given to an environmental cause or program.

Find this cheerful pick in any iPhone 13 size, whether that's the mini or the pro. We know you'll be cheering when the All Smiles Casely case arrives at your doorstep.

7. Here Comes the Sun | Colorblock Sunset Case

Have a gorgeous sunrise by your side 24/7 with the Here Comes the Sun | Colorblock Sunset Case. A rainbow of hills lights up with the rising sun, and this case will light up any dull day. It's a clear case, too, so you can show off the cool new iPhone 13 colors. Olive green, anyone?

This Casely case nails it in the looks department. You'll also be pleased to learn it uses sustainable materials and part of the sale goes to an environmental organization.

The eco-friendly features don’t take away from its durability, though. You can still expect a protective design featuring MagSafe compatibility that allows users to attach their favorite MagSafe accessories.

Further, this case offers a slip-resistant grip to minimize falls. But let's say you accidentally knock it off the countertop or a high hill while snapping photos of the sunrise. You can rest easy knowing it boasts 8-foot military-grade drop protection!

Built to last, users can expect their iPhone 13 device to stay protected year-round.

8. Field of Flowers | Pastel Floral Case

Let your inner fashionista shine through with the Field of Flowers | Pastel Floral Case. Subtle and cheery, you will enjoy a case that looks nice and packs all the features necessary to keep your iPhone 13 safe.

Compatible with MagSafe, users will easily be able to connect to MagSafe accessories like car mounts, wireless chargers, or wallets. It's also extremely durable, offering long-lasting use and drop protection.

Let us also add that this case is 50% recycled TPU as an effort to help our planet. It's designed using non-hazardous dyes and arrives in biodegradable packaging.

With environmental and phone protection built-in, you can't go wrong with the Field of Flowers | Pastel Floral case. Don't believe us? We invite you to browse through the 600+ reviews of happy customers!

How to Choose the Best iPhone13 MagSafe Case

Looks are only part of the shopping decision for an iPhone 13 protective case. You should also consider elements like protection, thickness, and weight.

Here's what you should know to make an informed buying decision.


The real reason you need an iPhone 13 case is for its protective features. The good looks are just a plus.

When shopping for a case, consider the case manufacturing. What materials does it feature? How durable are they? The options listed above have the following protective features:

  • 3mm ultra-raised front lip protection keeps the screen and camera protected.
  • Slip-resistant side grip offers a firm hold of the device.
  • 8' military drop protection ensures extreme protection for falls up to 8 feet high.

Always look for a case designed to protect your phone's body, camera, and screen. The best type of case should at least have shock-absorbing materials that will protect it against the occasional drops or falls.


Once you've confirmed the case has the protective features you need, consider the design you want. Luckily for you, there are hundreds of cases to choose from for your iPhone 13.

Whether you're into floral designs, muted colors, or transparent cases, there's something for you at Casely.


The grip is an oft-overlooked feature, but it’s a critical one! You need a case that fits snugly on your phone and offers a comfortable grip.

Ask yourself, “How does the case feel in your hands?” Does it feel like it's about to slip from your grasp? If so, this isn't a good case for your device.

You need a case that feels steady in your hands. Otherwise, you'll risk dropping it.


This one may seem obvious, but you need to be sure you find a case that fits your phone. There are four versions of the iPhone 13: Pro Max, Pro, Original, and Mini.

Each varies slightly in size, camera positioning, etc., so make sure you order the right one for your device.


This next factor is dependent on your preferences. Many people prefer thicker cases because they assume they will protect their phones better. While this may have been true in the past, you can find a slim phone case that doesn't compromise protection nowadays.

A thicker phone case is best for active individuals or those that won't feel comfortable using a slim case. Otherwise, a thinner case will do just fine in keeping your device safe from harm.


Keep in mind how bulky and heavy the case is since you'll have to carry it everywhere. You'd be surprised at how lightweight some cases can be without compromising protective features.

While this probably won't be the number decider, it's worth considering before buying.


How much are you willing to spend on a phone case? When setting a budget, remind yourself this is an investment for your iPhone 13.

You want it to be protected year-round, and a quality case can do just this. You can find a quality phone case anywhere from $20 to $100.

Who's the Lucky Winner?

Will your iPhone 13 be rocking the Wild West Adventure case or the Viva La Vida? With these top eight quality MagSafe cases, the most challenging part will be deciding which is your favorite!

Regardless of your pick, you can expect powerful protective features to keep your iPhone 13 in the best condition possible. Whether you're into cow print, earthly tones, or floral, you can't go wrong with these 8 MagSafe cases.

Shop Casely today and come out a winner with your new MagSafe case.

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