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9 Best Cases for iPhone 13 in 2023 Reviewed

9 Best Cases for iPhone 13 in 2022 Reviewed
9 Best Cases for iPhone 13 in 2022 Reviewed

Phone cases used to be somewhat of an afterthought. At best, they were an opportunity to own something silly: a conversation piece with strangers ("Woah, your phone case looks like a burger? Mine has Minnie Mouse on the back…"). But nowadays? Phone cases have become a necessary and strategic accessory piece.

Phone cases debut in nearly every post: mirror selfies, TikTok vids, reels, etc. Cases are more than just protection for your phone—they're a chance to showcase your style whenever you post content. We have bags and shoes for every outfit; why do we only get to have one phone case?

With Casely, you have infinite options for any style and outfit. Here are the best iPhone 13 cases for 2023.

9 Best Cases for iPhone 13

1. Full Bloom | Navy Floral Case

Do you love soft floral prints? Are you a parent of a small rainforest in your apartment and love carrying a bit of nature around wherever you go? If you love an eco-urban aesthetic, this phone case is for you. With an intricate array of flowery detail, the Full Bloom in Navy Floral pairs beautifully with delicate vintage dresses, neutral tones, and sunshine auras.

This Bold case is MagSafe compatible with a shock-absorbing 2-layer polycarbonate backing, sides made of TPU, and 3mm raised edges to protect against face-first falls, scratches, and camera damage. Who says you can't be dainty and tough? Show off your phone case in every selfie and let everyone know you're a flower child.

2. Opposites Attract | Day & Night Colorblock Mountains Case

Phone cases don't have to be bland and colorless. They can be a bold and artistic expression of something that moves or inspires you. This Opposites Attract | Day & Night case does just that. It juxtaposes sun and moon, daylight and nighttime, and sunlit mountains with moonlight ridges, all with a gorgeous neutral-colored pallet and a calming natural scene. This case is definitely the kind you'd want to show your friends every time you whip your phone out ("Oh, this? It's just my artist-rendered mountain scene, personally drawn by painter Maus Haus herself… no big).

This Bold case offers Magsafe compatibility for wireless charging. A 3mm raised edge to protect the screen and camera offers military-grade protection for even the most mountainous adventures. Breathe a calming sigh every time you look at your phone with this beautiful case.

3. Outside the Lines | Crayola Marker Case

How whimsical are you? If you love bright colors and have a shining, boisterous personality, you can't possibly be caught dead with anything less than three secondary colors on your phone case at any given time. The Crayola Marker case has you covered.

This playful Crayola collection brings us back to simpler times when having the 64-count crayon box made you the richest, coolest kid on the block. With the hand-drawn swirly flowers and leaves, this case tells everyone that you've tapped into your childlike sense of wonder, and you're not afraid to show it. And, why not: go ahead and color the empty flowers too.

This Bold case features military-grade fall protection, a 3mm raised lip for screen and camera protection, and Magsafe compatibility for easy wireless charging. Add a bit of whimsy to your everyday life with this fun-loving case.

4. Endless Peaks | Colorblock Mountain Case

Those of us who love nature often have a hard time carving out enough time in our busy days to climb a trail and sit outside by a tree. On those indoor days, it's nice to be able to see pictures of nature to remind yourself that you're not just a mindless Digi-bot. The Endless Peaks Colorblock Mountain case drawn by artist Maus Haus provides the scenic relief you need.

Endless Peaks shows you a beautiful abstract painting of a colorful mountainside. This artist specifically curated this combination of colors and shapes just for you, so you can enjoy a little piece of nature wherever you go.

This Bold case features military-grade fall protection, anti-slip side grips, and 3mm raised edges to protect against screen and camera scratches. Oh, and did we mention it’s Magsafe compatible for wireless charging? Take a mountainside sunrise with you wherever you are.

5. Current MOOd | Cow Print Case

Whether strictly vegan or shamelessly carnivorous, we can all agree that cows are adorable and deserve a little celebration. Show your patronage to the bovine family by sporting this black-and-white cow-pattern case.

With a color combination that goes with anything and a pattern that suggests you have more than a bit of whimsy, it’s the perfect case to brandish whenever you're in the “MOOd” (see what we did there?).

This Bold case offers high-level military-grade fall protection, 3mm raised edges to protect against camera and screen scratches, and slip-resistant side grips for easy handling. Plus, it is Magsafe compatible for wireless charging. Get in the “MOOd” whenever you like with this cow-friendly case (we did it again).

6. Viva La Vida | Frida Kahlo Collage Case

Having lived a short and dramatic life, Frida Kahlo was best known for her beautiful self-portraits depicting love, life, sorrow, and death. The last known painting she created before she died was ironically named “Viva La Vida,” which means “Long Live Life.”

What better way to celebrate life than with bright, captivating colors? Take inspiration from the legacy of Frida Kahlo with this striking and richly colored case. This case shows everyone you're not afraid to be seen and relish the attention.

This Bold case provides military-grade drop protection and Magsafe wireless charging capabilities. The 3mm raised edges protect the glass on the camera and screen, while slip-resistant side grips keep it in your hand as firmly as Frida held her paintbrush. Celebrate life by showing this case off with every outfit!

7. And I Oop | Mixed Swatch Case

What's your style? Do you find yourself alternating between bright non-matching color coordination days, then flipping to all-black days? Do you have a wardrobe exploding with animal prints, glitter, and rainbow patterns? If any of this rings true for you, then this is the case for you!

Why pick one style for your phone case when you can include all of them? This case lets everyone know you're not committed to any color scheme and aren’t afraid to show it. No one said you have to stick to only one style combination. Color commitment issues are a non-issue with this all-encompassing combo color case.

This Bold case features Magsafe wireless compatibility for easy charging, non-slip grip edges for perfect selfies, military-grade fall protection, and raised 3mm edges to protect your precious camera and screen. Defy cultural style norms with this eye-catching conglomeration of color!

8. Van Gogh Almond Blossom Floral Phone Case

Timeless, delicate, classy, and feminine: that's the only way to describe this case with its bookworm, academia-core style vibes. This gentle sky-blue is bright enough to boost your mood every time you glance at it. Breathe a breath of springtime air every time you pull out your Almond Blossom Floral case. It pairs best with: calm vibes, library aesthetic, nature walks, iced lattes, and sunrises.

This Bold case is just as sturdy as it is dainty. With military-grade drop protection, 3mm raised edges for scratch protection, anti-slip side grips, and Magsafe wireless charging compatibility, the only thing delicate about this case is the design.

9. Heart Throb | Endless Hearts Case

Hopeless romantics and forlorn lovers alike can commune over this love-filled case. Or maybe you're not hopeless at all but so full of love that you just have to spread it! Whichever way you sway, you can satisfy your love obsession with this Heart Throb case. It's not a complicated design because love shouldn't be complicated: we all want it, and we all want to share it.

This Bold case offers Magsafe wireless charging and military-grade drop protection, thanks to the 3mm raised edges for screen and camera protection and anti-slip side grips for easy handling. Spread the love with this Endless Hearts lovable case!

How to Choose the Best Case for iPhone 13

Choosing a phone case should be pretty straightforward, right? Actually, there are more options now than ever: What size do you need? What model is your phone? Do you want a ring holder or a kickstand? Do you want extra power? How about the color?

When you get down to the details, it's a pretty intricate decision. Let's break down some choices you have to make when choosing a phone case.

What's Your Favorite Color?

Some people don't care whether their accessories match their clothes. This article isn't for them. When trying to find a case style that fits most of your clothing styles, you have to consider what colors and patterns you wear most often and try to complement that.

You naturally don't have to match your case to your clothing colors exactly, but if you want something that will match everything, try to stick to a shade within the color pallet you usually wear. Neutral tones are always a safe bet as they typically compliment most colors.

If you have a bright style pallet, choose something bright that will always look like it fits right in! If you don't wear a lot of patterns, your phone case can be your statement piece with a bold pattern. If you usually wear bold patterns, consider keeping your case a solid color.

In the end, style is very personal, and whatever you want will go best!

Consider the Size

Phone cases range from slim to bulky and everything in between. Obviously, bulkier cases will offer more protection as they have more material between the case and the ground if your phone falls. The case density will distribute the shock evenly throughout the case, protecting the phone. But, the sacrifice is that they're usually not stylish or trendy and stick out like a sore thumb. They do their job, which is protecting the phone.

You can also go for an ultra-slim case that just protects against scratches. If you're not very clumsy and take good care of your stuff, this may be an OK choice for you. But, beware: one drop and your phone may go kaput. Is it worth the risk for the luxurious feeling of a naked phone? That's up to you.

Luckily at Casely, you don’t have to decide between protection and fashion. The Bold cases featured here offer robust military-grade protection in cases designed with slim profiles. What’s not to love?

Do You Want to Be Wireless or Wired-in?

The new iPhone 13 offers wireless charging thanks to MagSafe technology. If you’re tired of getting tangled up in wires, it’s time to ditch them and look for MagSafe-compatible cases.

All the cases offered here are MagSafe compatible, meaning small magnets allow you to attach your Power Pod without worrying about finding your charging cable.

Does It Fit Your Phone?

Unfortunately, not all cute patterns will fit all phone types! There are so many phones available, and some brands simply don't stock all of them. Even more confusing, every iteration of the iPhone has a different camera, so if you upgrade your phone, you'll have to get a new phone case too.

Don't get too excited about a case before you check whether or not it comes in your phone type. You can find information about what phone you have in your phone settings.


Finding a phone case that goes with most of the things you wear may be a decision that takes more time. But, it's worth searching for a quality item you can enjoy looking at every time you pull your phone out. And, let's be honest, we are pulling our phones out hundreds of times a day. You want to make sure it's something you like to look at, and with the Casely iPhone 13 cases reviewed here, you can. In 2023, fashion and protection go hand in hand.

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