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9 Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases in 2023 Reviewed

9 Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases in 2022 Reviewed
9 Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases in 2022 Reviewed

The iPhone 12 Pro is an investment that doesn't come cheap. You're paying hundreds of dollars for one of the best smartphones on the market. It's reliable, has a gorgeous design, and snaps professional-grade photos.

However, none of the innovative features included in the iPhone 12 Pro's design will matter if you don't properly care for it. These phones are delicate and can shatter after one fall. Save yourself the trouble of getting a broken screen repaired and invest in a durable, stylish iPhone 12 Pro case.

Here are 9 of the best iPhone 12 Pro cases in 2023 reviewed.

9 Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases

What's most important to you when shopping for a phone case?

Reliability is probably first on your list, followed by aesthetics. We all want a case that expresses our individuality and style while protecting our beloved device. Finding the proper case will let you keep your iPhone 12 Pro protected for years to come.

Here are the top iPhone 12 Pro cases reviewed. We know you'll find one (or several) that speak to you!

1. Color Splash | Abstract Retro Case

The Color Splash Abstract Retro Case features vibrant splashes of pink, yellow, orange, and blue. It's an excellent pick for anyone obsessed with '60s vibes or who appreciates modern abstract art.

Not only is this a stylish retro accessory for your phone, but it's exceptionally protective at the same time. The shock absorption technology and raised front lip protection does a fantastic job caring for the body and screen of the iPhone 12 Pro.

With this retro pick, you'll keep your phone looking slim and feeling lightweight. It's available in two styles: Classic and Bold+MagSafe. Both are wireless charging compatible and made with exact cutouts that protect the speakers, buttons, and charging port.

So what’s the difference between the two designs? The Bold has a built-in magnet compatible with iPhone 12 MagSafe technology. It also offers a 3mm ultra-raised front lip protection. The Classic offers 1mm raised front lip protection, which is perfect for someone looking for a slimmer phone.

You'll receive a 1-year product warranty with either.

2. Opposites Attract | Day & Night Colorblock Case

The Opposites Attract Day & Night Colorblock Case displays a beautiful sunrise mirrored by a tranquil night sky. The muted shades complement each other perfectly, bringing forward a calming feel that's both subtle, elegant, and fun.

Artist Maus Haus created this beautiful landscape to showcase the abstract form of nature and its overall composition within its space. She did an amazing job pairing neutral colors to create a calming illustration.

The Opposites Attract case has made its way onto our best 9 iPhone 12 Pro cases because of its unique aesthetic and extremely protective features. A few of its praiseworthy features include:

  • Raised front lip protection
  • MagSafe® compatible
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • 8' military-grade drop protection
  • Shock-absorbing qualities
  • 1-year product warranty

This case is available in Classic, Bold+MagSafe, Bold (Ultra Protection), and Power 2.0 protection. Each varies slightly in protection and weight, but users can expect complete protection for their smartphone with any variation.

3. Viva La Vida | Frida Kahlo Collage Case

Celebrate Frida Kahlo's legacy with this limited-edition Viva La Vida Collage Case. It sits high on our list because of its colorful symbols representing this iconic artist's illustrious career. It features birds, flowers, and hearts, among other signature drawings we often see in Frida Kahlo's artwork.

Aside from a unique iPhone 12 Pro case, you'll also equip your smartphone with the protection it deserves. It's available in Classic and Bold+MagSafe.

The Bold+MagSafe case has a built-in magnet that is compatible with all MagSafe accessories, shock-absorbent air pockets, a slip-resistant side grip, and 3mm ultra-raised lip protection.

The Classic style only offers 1mm raised lip protection to give it a slimmer profile. It is wireless charging compatible. This limited edition case is incredibly popular, so be sure to get it before it's gone!

It's also worth mentioning (for all our environmentally conscious people) that Casely uses biodegradable and compostable packaging. We also manufacture our cases from 50% recycled TPU materials, use non-toxic, eco-friendly chemicals, and donate a portion of sales to environmental causes and organizations.

4. Here Comes the Sun | Colorblock Sunset Clear Case

Did you know sunlight is essential to our well-being? It gives our bodies vitamin D, which has many benefits like supporting bone health, preventing illnesses, and, our personal favorite—promoting good mental health.

The benefits are also why we love the cheery nature of the Here Comes the Sun Colorblock Case. While you won't get rays of vitamin D sprinkled over you, it's hard not to feel a little happier after gazing at the rays of sunshine glowing over the colorful hills.

This Colorblock Sunset Clear Case is currently available in 4 types: Classic, Bold+MagSafe, Bold (Ultra Protection), and Power 2.0. Depending on the style you go with, you'll receive protective features among them:

  • Fashionable slim protection
  • Raised front lip protection
  • Wireless charging compatibility
  • MagSafe® compatible
  • Slip-resistant side grip
  • Shock-absorbing air pockets
  • 1-year product warranty

Get your day started with the Here Comes the Sun case. It's selling quickly, so get this hot pick before it's gone.

5. Current MOOd | Cow Print Case

Cow print is in, and we can't deny this Current MOOd Cow Print Case is a show stopper. It's fashionable, protective, and affordable. With only two tones (black and white), you'll have no problem pairing it with any outfit. It's also a design that never goes out of style and perfectly fits any season.

The versatile look is only the beginning of why this case rates as one of the best iPhone 12 Pro Cases in 2023. It has protective features that will keep your investment in mint condition for years to come. The case itself is very durable and able to withstand accidental drops, bumps, and scratches.

Get it in either Classic, Bold, Bold+MagSafe®, or Power 2.0 protection. The Classic style comes with 1mm front lip protection, while the Bold has 3mm front lip protection. You can also purchase this case in the Power 2.0 style, which offers 1.5mm front lip protection and an on-the-go battery.

With protection and fashion combined in this case, your current mood will be supremely, even bovinely happy.

6. All Smiles | Smiley Face Sticker Case

The All Smiles Smiley Face Sticker Case bursts with smiley face stickers, each in a different color and design. This case is for you if you're looking for something fun and playful that goes well with casual or party settings. We can see your smart device wearing it at school or a music festival.

This diverse case is available in 3 styles (Classic, Bold+MagSafe, Power 2.0), and each one comes with extreme durability. The Classic is lightweight and offers a slim feel, while the Power 2.0 is robust and will keep your phone charged. Browse through the features of each to find the right one for your iPhone 12.

Is sustainability important to you? If so, you'll be happy to find out that the All Smiles Smiley Face Sticker Case comes with biodegradable packaging, and the case itself features 50% recycled TPU. It uses non-hazardous and has eco-friendly dyes, plus a part of each purchase goes to an environmental organization.

With environmental and phone protection built-in, you’ll be smiling for days.

7. Almond Blossoms by Van Gogh Phone Case

Here is another limited-edition case that you'll want to add to the collection. Van Gogh's Almond Blossom Phone Case features an iconic painting by the Dutch master himself. Art connoisseurs will appreciate being able to take a small part of his oeuvre everywhere with this iPhone 12 accessory.

The lovely almond blossoms symbolize bravery, hope, and love. This case is a reminder of life’s beauty, and we can't deny it has a beautiful, one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

The Almond Blossom Case doesn't just look lovely, though. It also features a protective design that will keep your smartphone in tip-top condition. It's available in Classic and Bold+MagSafe protection engineered with a hard polycarbonate material that provides all-around coverage for your phone.

This limited-edition case is going quickly. If you're interested, get it before it's gone. You'll love how this stunning artwork adds life to your iPhone 12 Pro while protecting it from top to bottom.

8. And I Oop | Mixed Swatch Case

The And I Oop Mixed Swatch Case is a mixed swatch case showcasing several colors and styles. You'll notice some leopard prints, polka dots, stars, lightning bolts, and colored stripes. You'll love this playful accessory if you're a fan of vibrant pattern swatches or arts and crafts.

Its boldness is only part of what landed this iPhone 12 Pro case on this list. As stylish as it is, it's also very functional. It will wrap nicely around the edges of your smartphone and offers raised front lip protection, which helps prevent screen cracks.

The case has precise cutouts for the phone speakers, buttons, and charging port. Its design keeps dirt out, lengthening the smartphone's lifespan.

This case is available in Classic, Bold+MagSafe, or Power 2.0 protection, depending on your preferences. It made our best iPhone 12 Pro cases list because of its one-of-a-kind style paired with extremely protective abilities.

9. Endless Peaks | Colorblock Mountain Case

The Endless Peaks Colorblock Mountain Case is another stunning piece featuring the art of Maus Haus. As an illustrator, Haus gains inspiration from beautiful landscapes and nature. This case screams nature and nothing but good vibes. It's a reminder that it's okay to unplug from everything from time to time and spend time outdoors.

We love the earthy tones of this case and the mountainous landscape. Everything blends so serenely while calling you into the wild for adventure. But, the perks of this case don't stop here.

Endless Peaks is available in Classic and Bold protection. Falls, bumps, or scratches don't stand a chance against the hard polycarbonate material that offers 360° hard-shell protection.

You'll also appreciate the exact cutouts of this case, which offer protection for your buttons, speakers, and charging port. Precise cutouts like this keep out dirt without affecting the sound or obstructing access to the buttons.


Still have questions?

Make a well-informed shopping decision by reading the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Is a Case Necessary for iPhone 12 Pro?

Yes. Unless you want an iPhone 12 Pro with chips and cracks, a case is necessary. Not only are iPhone 12 Pro cases practical, but they offer protection and a fun way to customize your iPhone to suit your style.

The same applies to a screen protector. Apple designed the iPhone 12 models with a Ceramic Shield screen, which offers four times better protection than previous models. Even then, they're not 100% safe from the occasional fall.

It's better to be safe than sorry and protect your investment with a quality iPhone 12 Pro case and screen protector.

Are MagSafe Cases Necessary?

While MagSafe cases aren't entirely necessary, they are convenient.

These cases have magnets integrated into their design, allowing the iPhone 12 Pro to snap into place securely. Plus, they are compatible with external Magsafe accessories like silicone wallets and wireless chargers.

A traditional case may hinder your ability to connect easily with Magsafe accessories, so go with a Magsafe compatible case. Fortunately, they're available in many styles, colors, and designs.

Have a Favorite? Make It Yours Today!

With an iPhone 12 Pro case, you can protect your investment while flaunting your unique style.

After all, who said that a phone case couldn’t be a fashion statement, work of art, and personal expression, all in one?

Can't decide on a favorite? Don't limit yourself to just one. Switch out your iPhone 12 Pro to go with your outfit, the seasons, or your current mood. Whether you want something with history like the Viva La Vida Frida Kahlo Case or are in the MOOd for some cow print, there is a Casely case on this list for you.

Shop Casely today for stylish cases that let you stand out from the crowd.

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