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Best iPhone 12, Mini, Pro & Pro Max Cases For 2023

Best iPhone 12, Mini, Pro & Pro Max Cases For 2021
Best iPhone 12, Mini, Pro & Pro Max Cases For 2021

Tech-lovers rejoice: a new iPhone has arrived! The iPhone 12 marks a major update to the classic Apple product.

In addition to a resizing, which includes a return to the square edges of the iPhone 5 and 5S, the iPhone 12 comes in four different models: the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the standard iPhone 12. While all four models come in at different price points and have different dimensions, the software package is uniform throughout.

There's no use investing in this shiny new gadget without getting a beautiful, durable case in which to protect it - here's our guide to Casely's 10 best phone cases for all four models of iPhone 12!

The 10 Best iPhone 12 Cases

1. Here Comes the Sun | Colorblock Sunset Clear Case

Rise and shine with the Here Comes the Sun color-blocked model! This half transparent, half muted color-block case will offer screen protection while instantly soothing you with its beachy aesthetic.

2. Check Me Out | Checkerboard Case

It's time for plaid to make a comeback. Evoking images of relaxing summer picnics with friends and Cher Horowitz's iconic wardrobe in Clueless, this checkerboard case is a chic phone accessory with vintage vibes.

3. Classic Blue Marble Case

This iPhone 12 phone case is startlingly vivid in its rendering of marble. Peer into the intricate, deep black cracks, large pools of blue, and clear white plains. For those seeking peace and calm yet wanting durability, check out the material on this model.

4. Field of Flowers | Pastel Floral Case

Rich, earthy orange, muted neutral periwinkle, and mint flowers dazzle over a lovely pink in this design. This iPhone 12 case offers incredible drop protection while making space for top-grade photography with both Apple cameras.

5. Solid Black Battery-Powered Charging Case

This iPhone 12 case is so popular it's hard to keep in stock! Not only does it offer ultimate drop protection, it does Apple's MagSafe compatible upgrades one better by having an in-built battery that charges your phone without being plugged in.

6. Wild West Adventure | Desert Case

Grab your cowboy hat, throw on your spurs, and head out into the sunset with this blue-patterned line drawing iPhone 12 case.

7. Leaf Me Alone | Green Floral Print Clear Case

With a clear material and design like this green floral print iPhone 12 protector, you can easily double it as a wallet. Never forget where your cards and cash are, but also keep them discreetly hidden behind the beautiful design.

8. Paint The Town | Colorblock Stripes

Deep gold, faint gray-blue, faded princess pink, and creeping ivy green — these colors make up one of the most matchable cases in this collection. Virtually any outfit will pop with this iPhone 12 case!

9. It's Just a Phase | Marble Moon Case

Become one of the sisters of the moon with this sleek lunar phase case. Add extra screen protection with a clear adhesive screen protector and always stay in communion with the moon.

10. We're All Human | Minimal Face Art

Some of our artistic phone case designs could be blown up and hung in a gallery - and the We're All Human model is one great example. It comes in Classic, Bold (for Ultra Protection) and Bold + Magsafe Compatible.

The 10 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases

1. Into the Wild | Leopard Print Case

Release the jungle within with this fierce and fabulous leopard print protector for the Apple iPhone 12! This limited edition case features two layers of polycarbonate backing for extra drop protection.

2. Tie Dying Over You | Purple Marble iPhone Case

Get lost in space with this dreamy, celestial Apple iPhone 12 case. Pinks, purples, and blues swirl into each other, and all the while your phone is in a state of perfect protection!

3. Light Blue Battery-Powered Charging Case

This handsome powder blue phone case is made from a soft, flexible material that wirelessly charges your iPhone 12 Mini (plus other models) as you do anything and everything: run errands, work, work out, drive, shop…

4. Current MOOd | Cow Print Case

Who knew cow print could look so chic? The Current MOOd Cow Print Case is the perfect accessory for the big city girl with a small-town vibe.

5. Free Spirit | Rainbow Butterfly Clear Case

Spread your wings and fly away with this clear case with a butterfly pattern overlay. For the truly free spirit, this clear model is sleek and thin, so your iPhone 12 will slip right in your pocket while enjoying maximal protective benefits! As it's clear, storing your cards inside like a wallet ensures you can always keep an eye on them.

6. Hanging Around | Potted Plants Case

Have a friend or family member with a mean green thumb? Get them the clear potted plants case, designed in collaboration with Frankie Penwill. The cute hanging plants will breathe fresh air into your life!

7. Spot On | Dotted Animal Print

Your iPhone 12 Mini might be smaller than the Apple Pro and Pro Max, but its roar can be louder with the dotted animal print case. This bestseller combines a minimal design with loud aesthetics to perfect effect.

8. Opposites Attract | Day & Night Colorblock Case

Watch the sun rise and the moon set at the same time with this beautiful colorblocked iPhone 12 mini case. With added shockproof drop protection built into the material, live out your desert daze fantasy in safety and style!

9. Wild & Free Classic Rainbow Tie Dye

Show them all what a peace-loving free spirit you are with the classic rainbow tie-dye iPhone case. Throw it back to the days of summer sun, poolside tanning, and backyard tie-dye.

10. Ride the Wave | Pastel Rainbow Lined Case

This Rainbow Lined Case has a hand-drawn style that's both whimsical and timeless. Never tire of turning your phone over with these tasteful, muted colors.

The 10 Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases

1. Off Tropic | Exotic Orange Flower

The beautiful rich orange of the tropical flowers is set off brilliantly against the dark forest and jade green background of this phone case. Catch anyone's eye with this lightweight yet durable accessory.

2. Veneta Tapestry | Grateful Dead Tie Dye

Whether you're shopping for your Baby Boomer Dead-head grandpa, or your Gen Z cousin who's into the Grateful Dead in an ironic way, the Veneta Tapestry case for iPhone 12 Pro will have you tripping on good vibes.

3. Caramel Delight | Marble Swirl Case

This stunning iPhone 12 Pro case is somewhere between a slab of marble, a caramel sundae, and a Saharan sand dune. But it's 100% certified chic, especially matched with gold jewelry!

4. Navy Cherry Blossom Floral

One of our most popular iPhone covers on this list, the cherry blossom design also comes in yellow, blue, and red. But no color quite emphasizes the way an iPhone can be used as an accessory or wallet as this sleek, chic navy case.

5. You're Dope | Retro Colorblock Case

The ‘70s are back and cooler than ever with this bright and summery design. This design will have you hitching up your bell-bottoms and grabbing your longboard — and don’t forget the iPhone 12 Pro, of course.

6. You're Dino-mite | Green Dinosaur Case

Perfect for a son, grandson, or nephew, this iPhone 12 cover is made from a material that ensures maximum protective power. The playful, fun, and zany dino pattern will keep them enthused for months.

7. Solid White Battery-Powered Charger

Forget your electronics anxieties — not only does this number from Casely charge itself, but its soothing white color scheme is the closest thing to therapy your phone can get you.

8. Layered Patchwork iPhone Case

Boho Chic is just in reach with this glossy piece of protection. The asymmetrical pattern is fun and expressive, and made special to keep your gadget safe.

9. The Bold Collection – Purple Taupe on Nude

If you're all in on nudes, neutrals, and earth tones, this is the one for you. This is a minimal design for a refined palette and gives us big Yeezy vibes.

10. I'm with the Band – Red Bandana Print

For the festival-lover, tie up your hair, throw on your jean shorts, and grab this bandana print iPhone 12 case for a guaranteed good old time.

The 10 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

1. The Fun Guy | Enchanted Forest Mushrooms

Throw it back to school days when you'd doodle all through class in your notebook with this whimsical, fantastical design for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Combining grids, long arcing lines, and of course magical mushrooms, mix the surreal with the subdued with this minimalist color palette.

2. Rainbow Stripes Color Block Case

If you're a fan of Kodak or Panavision's original packaging, or just a fan of '70s art aesthetics in general, this color block design is just right for your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

3. I'd Pick You | Red Strawberry Case

Brighten up all your summer days with this red and pink strawberry pattern! Combine the protective with the visually pleasing with this young and fresh illustrated design.

4. Stuck on U Festival Sticker Clear Case

Tap into your inner jet setter or channel your festival-hopper instincts with this design from the Bold collection. The different sticker designs look truly pasted on, giving your iPhone the cool, casual, and carefree look you've been waiting for.

5. Solid Red Battery-Powered Charger

The boldest look in the whole line of chargers, this solid red design has a beveled back that keeps the portable battery snug and protected. Simply power the charger on with the button at the back and never worry about overnight charging again.

6. Desert Daze | Peachy Cactus

This design astounds the eye by capturing so much dynamic detail and contrast - while only being illustrated in one color! The very cute and very cool peachy cactus evokes peace, calm, and relaxation.

7. As If! Yellow Plaid iPhone Case

Now we've moved from implicit Clueless vibes to explicit Clueless references. Taking the pattern of Alicia Silverstone's iconic skirt/jacket combo, this design is fresh and retro all at once.

8. Knot Over U Clear Ribbon

Go cute and minimal with this extremely sleek design. A sweet and simple design of a black, tied bow over the Apple logo reveals all the contents within if you use your iPhone as a wallet.

9. Paper Crane Origami

The beige-pink hue of this design is perfect for a white or gold iPhone, but complements any color. The folded paper origami pattern will have you wanting to spread your wings and fly.

10. Snake Along - Red Snake Skin

Harness your inner serpent and sink your teeth into this truly stunning accessory for iPhone 12. You can almost feel the grooves of scales under your fingers as you get your hand around this sturdy, protective case that also has a sleek and smooth feel.

Will An iPhone 11 Case Fit an iPhone 12?

Unfortunately, the trade-off for Apple's fantastic upgrade from the iPhone 11 to the 12 is that cases for the former no longer fit the latter.

That being said, the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro are the same size and all the items on those lists can be used interchangeably between them. The slight size increase was to make this generation of devices MagSafe-compatible for wireless charging.

Your phone will be able to charge without being plugged in at most wireless charging stations. Plus, you can buy a portable charging station of your own to keep your phone at 100% 24/7.

Express Yourself with Phone Case Design

There's no doubt that our cellphones are now the most important accessory that we carry around… if you can even call them just an accessory. We use them as a wallet, pay our bills, do our jobs, connect with our friends, and watch our favorite TV shows and movies on our iPhones.

These devices are integral to our lives, so let's treat them well. Getting the perfect case for your iPhone 12 isn't just about making it pretty to look at. It's about investing in the phone by wrapping it in protective material and ensuring it has other functions, like charging or wallet capabilities.

Keep it cute, and keep it safe!

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