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Best iPhone 11, Pro & Pro Max Cases For 2023

Got Your Hands on the Latest iPhone? Here's Our Top Case Picks for the iPhone 11 Pro Max
Got Your Hands on the Latest iPhone? Here's Our Top Case Picks for the iPhone 11 Pro Max

There's no denying we use our phones a lot. And with use comes wear!

Whether we're using it for communication or entertainment, we want to make sure our devices are protected. On average, people drop their phones four times per week in the United States.

Prevent scratches, smashes, and dents with our favorite cases for the iPhone 11 collection!

The 10 Best iPhone 11 Cases

1. Secret Garden Mixed Floral Classic Edition Case

Love a muted floral design? This Apple phone case is for you! The Secret Garden Mixed Floral Case contains a vibrant budding design that's destined to catch the eye. The black base color accentuates the colorful flowers that cover the entire case. It's stylish and incredibly easy to pair with the rest of your outfit.

The round edges will ensure that your iPhone 11 is well-protected if it slips out of your hands.

2. Leaf Me Alone Green Floral Print Bold Edition

If you're a nature lover, this is the perfect clear case for you. The leaf prints are absolutely stunning! The clear detail on the leaves is mindblowing once you take a closer look, and others won't be able to stop themselves from asking you where you got it from.

In terms of drop protection, this Leaf Me Alone Floral Print case does an excellent job of keeping your screen and buttons safe from fall damage.

3. Geo Rose Gold Marble Classic Edition

There's something about rustic styles that's undeniably charming. With the Geo Rose Gold Marble Case, you can't help but notice the close attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship. This Apple phone cover would be perfect for summer beach vibes, but it could also pair nicely with a little black dress for more contrast.

The shock-absorbent materials add grip and ensure that your device is protected if you're more on the clumsy side!

4. Out And About Light Pink Floral Bold Edition Case

Looking for the perfect iPhone 11 cover for spring? Consider the Out And About Light Pink Floral Case. This design does an excellent job of releasing the flower power that will make your iPhone look like something out of a fashion magazine!

The bold edition offers even more grip and protection with a polycarbonate shell that shields your buttons and edges. So, yes - you can get the best of both worlds in terms of protection and style.

5. Always Vibing Glow In The Dark Retro Classic Edition

Who doesn't love 80s style? The Always Vibing Glow In The Dark Case takes retro to the next level with its eccentric design and durable shell. Anyone who glimpses your cover will get a sudden rush of nostalgia that will put them in the mood for a disco!
Keep your screen and buttons safe with this nifty little glow-in-the-dark case!

6. Stars Align Blue & White Stars Bold Edition

Turn heads with the elegant blue color and bold white stars on this iPhone 11 case. However, aesthetics aren't the only things that make this an excellent cover for Apple phones.

The bold edition of the Stars Align Blue & White Stars Case offers all the grip and protection you need to prevent your new iPhone 11 from breaking after a drop. Get a reliable option for your Apple device that looks amazing and keeps your device safe.

7. Free Spirit Rainbow Butterfly Classic Edition

The reason people love butterflies is that each one offers a unique beauty. If you're a butterfly lover, then the Free Spirit Rainbow Butterfly Case is made for you. It's almost mind-blowing how much clear detail goes into each butterfly.

The customizable sizing ensures that your iPhone 11 gets all the protection it needs if you accidentally drop it.

8. Check Me Out Checkerboard Bold Edition Case

Calling all minimalists! The Check Me Out Checkerboard cover makes the most of only two colors, and still provides a unique stylish edge. It's the perfect option to pair with your black and white wallet or outfit.

Furthermore, the bold edition is made with a polycarbonate shell that's almost indestructible.

9. Beautiful Teal Blue Seaglass Classic Edition

Everyone needs vibrant colors in their life. This Beautiful Teal Blue Seaglass case provides a stunning color pattern combined with a fun marbled seaglass print.

If you're looking for something elegant, slim, and durable, then this perhaps may be the best choice! Not only does it look amazing, but it will keep your device and camera safe from scratches if you drop it.

10. I'd Pick You Strawberry Classic Edition

If you want your cover to stand out from the crowd, choose the I'd Pick You Strawberry Case!

The strawberries give your iPhone 11 cartoon vibes, making them a nice touch if you're after something more jolly. All your buttons and camera fit perfectly into the cutouts for easy functionality.

The 10 Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases

1. Here Comes the Sun Colorblock Sunset Power 2.0 Edition

There's something about this Apple phone cover that somehow makes you feel more optimistic. If you're tired of cold winters, let the Here Comes The Sun Power phone case be your sanctuary!

The built-in MagSafe technology allows you to charge your device and connect it to all your magnetic accessories. What's more, the materials are quite flexible and easy to attach.

2. Into the Wild Leopard Print Classic Edition

There's nothing wrong with having a wild side. The leopard print pattern is smooth and the case itself has an amazing grip. If you're someone who constantly drops their iPhone, this Into The Wild Leopard Print Case has the strength and flexibility of an apex predator.

Your screen, button covers, and edges are all secure due to its durable design.

3. Classic Blue Marble Bold Edition

For centuries, marble has been synonymous with luxury, and the Classic Blue Marble Case is no exception. The design is extremely clear and realistic. It has a natural ability to add a touch of luxury and style to any outfit.
Furthermore, it's exceptionally durable and will keep your iPhone 11 Pro safe from scratches in your pocket or purse.

4. All Smiles Smiley Face Sticker Classic Edition

If you want something that will bring back good memories, check out the classic All Smiles Smiley Face Sticker Case. It's the perfect Apple phone case if you want to look cute on a first date or just vibe out with your friends.

While it's stunning and trendy, it also gives your iPhone 11 Pro the drop protection it needs.

5. Bright Yellow Sunflowers Clear Case Power 2.0 Edition

Sunflowers always face the sun, so they give us a sense of optimism. With this clear Bright Yellow Sunflowers case, you can boast that attitude since it's covered with detailed vibrant sunflowers. Furthermore, it uses a solid double polycarbonate shell for ultimate protection.

You can also charge your device using MagSafe wireless charging technology.

6. Spot On Dotted Animal Print Classic Edition

If you're someone that likes to rock animal print clothing, then this Spot On Dotted Animal Print Case is the perfect case to match your style. The subtle orange background and simple dotted design will pair nicely with an animal-print wallet or outfit.

While it looks slim and sleek, it's still incredibly strong.

7. It's Just a Phase Marble Moon Bold Edition

Like the moon, we all go through phases. This gorgeous It’s Just a Phase Moon case will take the style of your Apple phone to greater heights.

The polycarbonate shell does an excellent job of protecting your iPhone, and also adds a nice grip and drop protection. Furthermore, this slim Apple device case will keep your camera safe from scratches and fit comfortably in your pocket.

8. Classic Black Marble Classic Edition

The Classic Black Marble Phone Case is a versatile choice suitable for formal and casual events. The best way to make the most out of this Apple phone case is to pair it with a black shirt or dress.

The shock-absorbent materials give protection to all the elements of your iPhone, keeping it safe from cracks and scratches.

9. Solid Black Battery-Powered Charging Case

Today, an iPhone 11 Pro case should be stylish and functional. We all depend on our iPhones to get us through the day, so a dead battery is out of the question. You'll never have to worry about that with the Solid black Battery-Powered Wireless Charging Case.

You don't have to lug around your charging cable as it will charge your iPhone 11 Pro whenever it's nestled inside. While it may not be a wallet case, the design is extremely professional and suitable for working environments.

10. Current MOOd Cow Print Bold Edition

The cowhide trend is on the rise, so it's the perfect way to get involved. The white background and black spots are incredibly realistic, but don't worry - no cows were harmed in the making of this case! Match it up nicely with your wallet and any outfit.

The Current MOOd Cow Case will ensure that your iPhone has all the drop protection it needs to give you peace of mind.

The 10 Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases

1. Rose to Fame Blue & White Rose Classic Edition

Unlock all the flower power you need to stand out with the smooth and elegant Rose to Fame Blue & White Rose Case. The design is subtle, but it truly accentuates any outfit.

While it may look sweet and sensitive, it's still tough enough to protect your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

2. Paint The Town Colorblock Stripe Power 2.0 Edition

This wireless charging compatible Paint The Town Colorblock Stripe case is extremely simplistic and beautiful. If you like to rock soft hues, the color palette design will pair nicely.

Not only is this Apple phone case cute, but it also offers extreme protection and wireless charging capabilities.

3. Down for Whatever Light Pink Tie Dye Classic Edition

The beautiful homemade Down For Whatever tie-dye design case gives you a cute and playful edge to match your personality. Although the colors are vibrant, they won't distract people from the rest of your outfit.

This Apple phone case may look sweet, but it's still strong and will keep your device nice and safe.

4. Cute Rainbow Marble Bold Edition

While most marble designs sport a crisp white or black color, this Cute Rainbow Marble Case provides a vibrant rainbow pattern.

It's extremely slim and fits nicely in your pocket, but will also keep your iPhone 11 Pro Max safe from fall damage and scratches.

5. Off the Grid White & Black Lined Classic Edition

Do you want to stand out from the crowd with an Apple phone case that isn't overly colorful? Then the Off the Grid White & Black Lined Case was made for you.

It's funky, retro, and is bound to get compliments from friends. The edges are flexible and will provide the protection your beloved iPhone 11 Pro Max deserves.

6. Yellow Cherry Blossom Floral Power 2.0 Edition

This Yellow Cherry Blossom Floral case allows you to add style and functionality to your device without breaking the bank. The clear detail in the flowers is amazing, and you can get it in various colors.

Never worry about your camera, button covers, or screen, since you'll get all the protection you need.

7. On the Prowl Pink Leopard Print Classic Edition

Want to unleash your inner leopard? The pink background and realistic leopard drawings will give your device an edge over everyone else in the room.
What's more, your iPhone 11 Pro Max will fit nicely and comfortably inside.

8. Cactus Pattern Clear Classic Edition

Transparent cases have been popular for a while, but this Cactus Pattern Classic Case adds a nice touch with realistic artwork. The clear holographic designs will make your iPhone easier to point out. You can also use it as a wallet case and store your cards inside, so you can always keep an eye on them!

While it may look slim, this case durable and still provides great protection.

9. To The Moon & Back Outer Space Bold Edition

Space is infinitely interesting - so get this To The Moon & Back case to show that you are too!

The solid black background makes all the planets stand out, and it's destined to attract the attention of your friends. The raised lips will protect all the important elements of your iPhone so you can rest easily.

10. Midnight Marble Black & Navy Case Classic Edition

Right off the bat, this item has an addicting design that can get you lost in a trance. The colors are absolutely breathtaking, and the marble pattern is extremely realistic.

The Midnight Marble Black & Navy Case ticks all the boxes in terms of durability, design, and functionality.

Protect Your iPhone Today!

Finding the best case to protect your iPhone 11 can be tricky - especially with all the choices at Casely! - but we hope we've helped you narrow down a few favorites.

Feel free to get in touch with our team to ask any questions about our products. And, don't forget you can get a new case for your device delivered to your door every month with our subscription service!

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