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About HeadCount – September's #EveryCaseCounts Charity Partner

About HeadCount – September's #EveryCaseCounts Charity Partner
About HeadCount – September's #EveryCaseCounts Charity Partner

Besides making the best phone cases available, here at Casely, we are passionate about uplifting voices that speak on important causes. That's why, each month, we highlight charities and organizations that are going out of their way to make the world a better place.

This month, we are supporting HeadCount!

HeadCount is an organization committed to democracy and the importance of each vote. With young people being the least likely to head to the polls, HeadCount has come up with a unique and exciting way to get young voters engaged with democracy.

Learn more about this organization's incredible work and how you can help further the cause with Casely’s #EveryCaseCounts program!

Who Is HeadCount?

HeadCount wants to get young voters down to the polling booths to exert their democratic rights, and they do so through exciting and interactive ways. You can find them at festivals, concerts, and community events. Essentially, anywhere there's music, there's HeadCount!

They understand how easy it is to become overwhelmed or entirely disillusioned with the political landscape. Young voters may have started to feel that their votes don't matter. But HeadCount wants to change all of that.

This volunteer, non-partisan voter registration group makes it easy to get engaged. They attend over a thousand live events each year, encouraging civic engagement on a national scale.

Since 2004, HeadCount has signed up over one million voters. They have received support from Jay-Z and Dave Matthews and have attended Lollapalooza, RuPaul's DragCon, Bonnaroo, and various Pride Festivals across the country. Have you been to a Beyoncé or Ariana Grande concert in the past few years? You’ve probably seen them there too. Their reach is broad, and their efforts are tireless.

What Is Their Mission?

Their mission is simple: get as many young people as possible to vote and engage in the political sphere.

Participation in democracy is a privilege, but it is threatened by widespread disillusion and disinterest. HeadCount wants to change that by reminding thousands of voters of the importance of their voice and why they should use it in every election.

HeadCount's Values

All organizations need a strong sense of self to achieve their aims, and HeadCount knows itself thoroughly. Above all else, they value inclusion and diversity.

Democracy is for everyone and should be accessed by all, which is why HeadCount remains unbiased and non-partisan while encouraging you to vote. They don't care who you're voting for in the ballot booth, just as long as you're there to do it!

Fairness, trustworthiness, and social consciousness are three attributes that HeadCount values most.

Get Involved!

If this is a message you can get behind, check out the official HeadCount website today for all the information you need, including ways to get involved! They readily welcome donations and even sell merch to support their cause. If you feel especially moved, you can even sign up to volunteer with them. No matter how big or small, HeadCount appreciates every effort.

Plus, with Casely’s #EveryCaseCounts initiative, we donate a percentage of every purchase to this organization’s vital efforts to sustain democracy. It means you can get involved just by buying a phone case!

Tell Us About a Charity You Care About

Do you know of a charity or organization you feel deserves a shout-out? Fill out this form and explain why you think we should get behind them. They could be next month's chosen charity!

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