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5 Tips to Preserve Your Phone's Battery Life

5 Tips to Preserve Your Phone's Battery Life
5 Tips to Preserve Your Phone's Battery Life

We are all obsessed with our phones. It makes sense, given how useful they are. They basically do everything at this point. Rather than being phones, they are more like computers you can fit right into your pocket.

However, battery life can be a real struggle, and a dead phone is no good to anyone. We’ve been there, and we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.

Listed below are our top tips on how to preserve your battery life so you (and your phone!) can keep going for longer.

Lower the Brightness

You could be surprised by just how quickly your phone's brightness can eat up your battery life. It's a significant contributor, and you might simply have gotten used to having your phone on an unnecessarily bright setting for too long.

If you need to save battery life in a pinch, put your brightness down to the lowest setting. In day-to-day life, try moving your brightness down just a little each day. You will get used to the new screen and save battery—it’s a win-win!

Enable Battery Saver

Most phones come with a battery-saving option these days, specifically designed to preserve your battery life. It limits many functions your phone usually performs, but it will prolong your battery if you need it in an emergency.

As fun as phones are, it's easy to forget how much they can do to keep us safe. In an emergency, an extended battery life and a trusty MagSafe case could make a significant difference to your circumstance. Keep your phone safe, and it will return the favor.

Turn Off Your Wi-Fi

When your phone connects to Wi-Fi in public, it constantly tries to find open networks to join. Besides being a security risk, this also puts significant strain on your battery.

Make a mental note to turn off your Wi-Fi whenever you leave the house or aren't connecting to a trusted network in public. It is not only better for your data security, but it will also keep your battery going for longer.

Turn Off Location Services

The use of GPS technology to pinpoint your location is a power-consuming practice. It can be incredibly helpful, especially if you're traveling somewhere new, but it isn't always necessary.

Go through your apps and turn location tracking off for each unless it is specifically required.

Remove Some Notifications

Every time you get a notification, your phone uses energy to display the message or process the new information. It might seem insignificant, but these little bites of energy soon build up.

Most of us have notifications that we immediately ignore, but we don't think to turn them off entirely. Do it. You could be surprised by the difference it makes.

Keep Going for Longer!

There are numerous tips out there for keeping your phone alive for longer. Any of the tips above will help keep your phone going for longer. Better yet, use a combination of all of them!

As your phone gets older, it will need the extra help to keep going for as long as it once did. Try our suggested techniques if you find that your phone has been dying quicker than usual.

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