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5 Must-Have Items to Take on Spring Break

5 Must-Have Items to Take on Spring Break
5 Must-Have Items to Take on Spring Break

Do you hear the birds singing? Spring is here! And that means spring break is right around the corner. You can spend spring break in many ways, from sleeping out under the stars on a mountain retreat to cruising along coastal highways, lounging on the beach, or enjoying a staycation and bingeing Netflix with your loved ones.

No matter what you do, take these spring break essentials along.

1. Power Pods! Keep Your Phone Charged All Day and Night Long

You’ll probably spend spring break hanging out with your besties all day and night. You might go road-tripping, thrifting, and swimming at the beach, followed by dancing at the club. Or all four in one day! But no matter where you go, you need your phone fully charged and ready.

The We're All Human | Minimal Face Art Power Pod keeps your phone charged and ready for a full day of pics. Whether you want to post Instagram stories of the delicious dinner you ordered in Ibiza or find directions on maps to the next bar, power pods ensure your phone is fully functional.

2. Sunscreen & Aloe—Don’t Let a Sunburn Ruin Your Trip

Spring can’t come soon enough after the long and lonely winter. Some of our favorite spring break trip activities include lying on the beach, grabbing margs by the pool, and going on early afternoon hikes. And in each case, the sun will be waiting in the sky to bless you with its golden rays.

Make sure you’re ready for some quality sun time with sunscreen and aloe. Sunscreen is a must to protect yourself from overexposure and skin damage. But if you do go overboard, aloe will soothe your burns.

3. A Protective Phone Case—Don’t Let a Cracked Screen Ruin Your Vacay

Spring break can get wild—sometimes, too wild. You might be dancing through the streets and unleashing all your pent-up energy when—oops. You drop your case.

A cracked screen is a bummer, and that’s the last thing you want on your vacation. So prevent it with a protective phone case.

Casely cases come in various designs, like our Spot On | Dotted Animal Print Case, for a case ready to match your fierce energy. The durable polycarbonate, raised edges, and air pockets keep your phone super-reinforced for your boldest days and wildest nights.

4. A Statement Outfit—Nothing Says Spring Break Like Your Fit

Your attire sets the tone for the entire vacation, and you have to read with at least one, two, or maybe even three statement outfits!

Pack for different occasions, from a girls’ night out to a classy Sunday brunch fit. You want your Instagram pics to serve the ultimate spring break looks.

5. AirTag + Casely’s Airtag Holder—Stash It All in Your Beach Bag

Let’s be honest: spring break comes and goes like a hurricane. It’s easy to lose things in the fun and frolicking of beach days and dancing nights.

Don't just throw your keys in the bag when you head down to the waters during the day. Attach an airtag first using Casely’s chic Airtag Keychain, available in black, navy, or brown vegan leather.

You’ll never have to worry about losing your valuables again.

Spring into the Season

Lighten your step and luxuriate in the spring sun. With these essentials, you’ll be ready for the season of love and happiness!

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