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5 Fall Phone Backgrounds in Our Fave Casely Designs

5 Fall Phone Backgrounds in Our Fave Casely Designs
5 Fall Phone Backgrounds in Our Fave Casely Designs
Many people consider fall to be their favorite season. With the crisp sweater weather, pumpkins, and beautiful foliage, can you blame them? šŸ‚šŸŽƒ
Fall headfirst into the season with these stunning backgrounds and widgets and make this autumn unforgettable.

1) Rustic Landscape with Mountains

Rustic Mountains Phone Wallpaper

There's something about looking at a massive mountain that fills your mind up with optimism. Perhaps the large rock formations remind us of how small we indeed are, giving us a natural sense of relief from our daily struggles. ā›°ļø

This phone background displays a beautiful mountain in the backdrop with a luscious sea of fall leaves in the foreground. You can almost smell the crisp fall air as if it's a minute away from snowing.

Pair this background with our It's Just a Phase Marble Moon Case, and you'll have the perfect bewitching combo.

2) Vintage Deer Wallpaper

Vintage Deer Phone Wallpaper

Everyone needs some nature in their life. Viewing the natural world helps us escape the busy city life and fall back to our roots. What better way to give yourself a refreshing view into nature than a beautiful vintage deer background?

The background has beautiful coloring and sharpness so that you can easily get lost in the wilderness vibes. The solar flare adds some lovely vibrant tones to the image, and the detail on the deer is exceptionally clear. šŸ¦Œ

This image would go nicely with our As if! Red Plaid iPhone Case. You almost resemble a lumberjack wandering the forest, living your best life.

3) Green Leaves Turning Red

Green Leaves Turning Red Phone Wallpaper

The changing leaves are the centerpiece of the fall season. It's the last time we can enjoy the foliage before winter comes, and every moment is mesmerizing. You can capture this serene moment with this high-quality image of green leaves turning to red. šŸŒ²

With this image, you can remind yourself that life is full of cycles. Things change, and accepting these transitions isn't always easy. However, things always become good again with time.

You can pair this background with the stunning To The Moon & Back Outer Space Case. Both elements remind us that many things are out of our control, and that's okay!

4) Orange Leaves in Trees

Orange Leaves Phone Wallpaper

Attention all orange lovers! You can add more of your favorite color to your fall mood with this beautiful display of orange leaves pouring out of the trees. Seeing the orange foliage scattered throughout the landscape is a warm reminder of why we love fall in the first place.

This image is vibrant and will surely make you smile every time you gaze at it. You get a pleasant nature shot along with intense coloring to light up your world.

Combine this background with our Bright Retro Floral Case, and you have all the fall fun you need.

5) Fallen Leaves in a Pond

Fall Pond Phone Wallpaper

Who knew the world could be so beautiful? Seeing an image of fallen leaves landing gently in the pond reminds us that change can lead to something great.

You can see the shape of the leaves pressed against the darkened water, providing artful contrast and picture quality. The sun's reflection at the top provides a sense of optimism while approaching the end of the year.

Our What's Your Sign? Zodiac Stars Case would match nicely with this wallpaper. The soft white base color and the detailed stars contrast perfectly with the black water and crisp fallen leaves.


We hope you enjoyed our list of beautiful fall backgrounds. For more phone case-related content, follow us on TikTok @get.casely!

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