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3 Fall Aesthetics in 2022 and Cases to Match

3 Fall Aesthetics in 2022 and Cases to Match
3 Fall Aesthetics in 2022 and Cases to Match

Fall is all about going back to school and the seasons changing—which means your style has to keep up.

We’ll see a wide range of aesthetic trends emerging through fall 2022, and it's time to prepare! If you have been focusing exclusively on your clothes, you are making a big mistake. Details matter and your phone case needs to sync up with the rest of your look. If you aren't sure how to do this, you're in the right place!

We'll give three examples of emerging aesthetics and the perfect phone cases to match. By the end, you'll be ready to embrace any aesthetic. Let's jump in!


Pink, pink, and more pink, that's the premise of barbiecore. This aesthetic aims to channel your inner Barbie in any way possible. It's fun and frivolous, perfect for living out your plastic fantastic fantasy.

Barbie has always been known for her wide range of accessories. In the twenty-first century, this needs to include a phone case.

Phone Case: Rad Dad 80s Colorblock Case

For this aesthetic, we recommend our Rad Dad 80s case. We know that Barbie isn't a father, which pretty much rules her out of the rad dad category (sorry, Barbs), but the color palette of this case is perfect.

Pink, green, and yellow with a checkered strip through the middle? It would blend perfectly in the Barbie mansion, which means it's barbiecore's best friend.


Bright colors and outfits that simply don't match in any capacity: that's the energy of Y2K. Why not add seven thousand different layers to your outfit? It's the year 2000! Anything goes! This autumn, we're going back in time and bringing chaos back into fashion.

Phone Case: Color Splash Abstract Retro Case

To match the chaos of your Y2K outfit, you need something equally wild while still looking deliberate. Enter the Color Splash Abstract Retro case.

This vaguely tie-die, splodgy masterpiece looks like a pattern straight from Lizzie McGuire's closet, and we love it. Embrace the Y2K aesthetic, and you can finally live out your Disney Channel superstar dreams. This case is the cherry on the cake!


This aesthetic is difficult to pull off, which is precisely why so many feel drawn to it. Who doesn't love a challenge? Especially when it turns out looking so cute!

Despite what it sounds like, the goal with kidcore is not to dress like a literal child. Instead, try introducing more oversized items (like a giant headband!) and nostalgic patterns to your look. Rainbow colors and Beanie Babies play a significant role.

Phone Case: Scratch That Crayola Rainbow Pencil Case

Nothing says kidcore like a bunch of rainbow Crayola scribbles, so this Scratch That Crayola case is really serving. Transport yourself back in time and complete your cutesy aesthetic with bright colors. It adds a sense of chaotic fun, which is the founding principle of kidcore in the first place!

Whimsy, fun, and eye-catching patterns are central to this aesthetic. This case couldn't be more perfect.

Prepare for an Aesthetic Autumn With Casely

The three cases we highlighted are excellent examples, but we have many more available. If you haven't spotted an aesthetic to fall in love with, don't give up! Check out our entire collection. We're confident you will find an aesthetic perfect for your personal fall 2022.

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