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Silver iPhone cases

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Silver iPhone cases

About Silver iPhone cases

It's all about the glitz and glamour, the shimmer and the shine! Silver is classic and never gets old, bringing the sparkle you need in your life. 

At Casely, we love a touch of sparkle and shine. If you're looking for a classy addition to your next ensemble, welcome to the silver iPhone collection.

From the shimmering leaves of the Tropical Palm Leaves to the futuristic Holographic Metallic case, you’ll feel transported to another world with our Silver iPhone cases. 

If a bold, reflective statement isn't your style, not to worry, silver doesn't have to be so bright. We've got a range of cases where silver is the accent color. We're all about classy and simple as well as funky and quirky here. With designers as diverse as our customers, you're sure to find a case to fall in love with every time you look at your phone.

Yes, our designs are fantastic, but so is our level of protection! Check out the 1-mm raised edges, anti-slip grips, and shock-absorbing pockets built into the case. 

Keep your most prized possession safe with a new phone case from Casely. Slim and sleek, yet strong. We've got you covered.