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Zodiac Love Forecast - What's Your Sign Say About Your Romantic Life This Year?

Zodiac Love Forecast - What's Your Sign Say About Your Romantic Life This Year?
Zodiac Love Forecast - What's Your Sign Say About Your Romantic Life This Year?

It's the new year, so naturally, you want to know what your love life may look like in the coming months. The answer? Look to the stars, of course!

Check out how your love life will look with our Zodiac Love Forecast for 2022!


Commitment isn't exactly on the cards for you this year Aries, but that doesn't mean you're flying solo. Let your hair down and have some fun in 2022. If you already have a special someone in mind, don't be afraid to cast your net a little further. You don't know who you could catch.


Taurus, the year will start slow for you, but don't let that get you down. Things can only get better and more exciting as the year unfolds. Uranus activates in your sign this year, which means you should expect the unexpected!


Your focus this year, Gemini, should be your career, but who says you can't have it all? Venus will be in your sign between June and July, so make the most of a romantic summer, and you might meet that special someone you've been waiting for all along.


Your stars are giving us versatility this year, Cancer. Two strong love interests may enter the scene. To help you choose, consider who inspires a more genuine connection. Butterflies are great, but what about the long-term? Keep the big picture in mind!


You might meet the one this year, Leo, but don't obsess over it. Have fun, enjoy frequent dating where you can get it, and the right person for you will come along. Just remember, to get the most out of a connection, you sometimes need to step out of the spotlight.


The year is looking powerful for you, Virgo. Blessed by Jupiter, April will be especially significant. Whether you're already in a relationship and wanting to take it to the next level or eager to meet someone new, this year is the year for growth.


The start of your year will be intense, Libra, but don't let this intimidate you. Something sweet is on the horizon; you just need to keep the faith. Pay particular attention to February and March. Something is brewing!


If you're already in a relationship, then it's likely you're going through a tricky spot. The best word of advice is to avoid making any brash movements. This year could provide both you and your partner with the break you need, allowing love to return full force.


Someone has a crush. Whether it's you or an unnamed admirer, we can't say, but the stars are telling us you are in for butterflies and cutesy romance Sagittarius!

Walt Disney Animation Studios Love GIF by Disney


This year is bookended by Venus for you, Capricorn, meaning if anyone is in a place to receive love, it's you. Don't get complacent, though. Anything worth having is worth fighting for, and you don't want to let your self-doubts prevent a beautiful connection.


Your year will be about transformation and busyness, Aquarius, but don't let love fall to the wayside. You're going through something significant, but that doesn't mean you have to fly solo.


Both of your rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, are in full force for you this year, Pisces. Whether it's in the form of a relationship or other blessings, you're all set for a fantastic year. Lucky you!

Get Lovin'

There you have it—the zodiac forecast for your sign! And just to attract a little more blessing from the stars, check out the Casely Zodiac Stars case. Let the stars be your guide in all things love and phones.

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