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What To Do With Old Phone Cases? 10 Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Cases

What To Do With Old Phone Cases? 10 Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Cases
What To Do With Old Phone Cases? 10 Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Cases

It's hard to believe, but sometimes your cell phone case can outlive the phone itself. So when it comes to getting rid of the phone, what do you do with the leftover case? Rather than simply chuck it out, you have many other options to ensure it stays out of landfills.

We've compiled the following list for you to take inspiration from. Which one will you choose?

1. Recycle

In a very positive turn of events, it's commonplace now and encouraged for people to recycle any and everything they can. This rise in keeping waste out of landfills is a fantastic feat for the environment, and with more and more day-to-day packaging and objects being amended to be recyclable, it's only getting better.

So what better thing to do with your old cell phone case than to recycle it? The good news doesn't stop there, though. Terracycle has now created a specific program dedicated to phone cases. Using this service guarantees your phone will be recycled safely and responsibly. What are you waiting for?

2. Sell

If you're unable to find a recycling center that will take your old phone case, another option is to go the old-fashioned way and simply sell it. With apps and services like Vinted, Depop, and eBay, you can sell your stuff without even leaving home.

One of the great things about selling your old stuff and thrifting is that it breaks the cycle of fast fashion, which, in turn, has an incredibly positive impact on the environment. In these times of climate change, it's never been more important to be aware of the effect we have on the planet, so if you choose to sell your old phone case, you'll not only be making a quick buck, but you'll also have the knowledge you're helping to save the planet at the same time.

3. Donate

In a similar vein to the above option of selling your old phone case, donating it can be just as good an option, especially if you're donating it to a good cause. With the combination of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, charities and good causes are really struggling to make ends meet. The work charities do is paramount to funding research and helping those in need, so any and all support they can get is welcomed.

If you donate your cell phone case to a charity, they can sell it and use the money for people and causes in need. Simply find a store nearby or contact a charity that means a lot to you and see how you can make your donation.

4. Give to Family or Friends

Are you looking for a simple, quick, and easy solution to getting rid of your case? Have you considered giving it away to a family member or friend? If you ask around, you're almost guaranteed to find out that someone you know is looking for a case. If your old cell is a popular make and model, you'll likely be able to give it away with no trouble.

Aside from getting it off your hands, helping out a friend or family member is a great way to show others you care about them.

5. Repurpose

1. Soap Dish

Due to the materials that cell phone cases are often made of, they make a really good soap dish. That's because they're designed with grip in mind. After all, you don't want your cell to slip out of your hand.

You can spruce the case up, splash some color on it, or even use stickers. If you plan on using it for your children's bathroom, let them decorate it and have it as an activity one afternoon.

You'll never need to buy a soap dish again.

2. Luggage Tag

What with them being thrown in and out of airplanes and on and off conveyer belts, it's hardly surprising that luggage tags go missing in transit. You can have a suitcase for many years, but we're willing to bet you buy a new tag much more often.

Well, not anymore. Once you're done with your old cell phone case, they make the ideal luggage tag. The best bit is that they are super durable. After all, they're designed to protect your phone from any potential damage. You can either write your details on it directly or use a sticker, but either way, it will make your case much more identifiable and easier to distinguish upon collection.

3. Sponge Holder

Similarly to the soap dish suggestion, using your old cell case as a sponge dish is another way to repurpose it and get the most out of your original purchase. By nature, sponges are slippery, meaning if you just place them on the side of the bath or sink, the chances are they'll fall in. Not exactly the ideal scenario.

Instead, use your old case and make a little dish to keep your sponge exactly where you want it to be, i.e., out of the dirty sink or bath water.

4. Jewelry Tray

If you have lots of small jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, and earrings, you'll be all too familiar with losing them. Or - more often than not - losing just one, which is somehow way more annoying. Well, you can make that a thing of the past by repurposing your old cell case as a jewelry dish.

Place it by the side of your bed so you can place them down before you sleep, and be sure they will be there in the morning. Genius.

5. Change or Keys Dish

What else often goes missing if it's not kept in a dedicated space? That's right; we're talking about loose change. If you tend to carry your cash around in your pocket, then at the end of the day, take it out and place it on the side - let's be honest - you're going to forget about it. We have the solution… And it's multifunctional.

Reuse your cell phone case as a small dish to hold your loose change and other small items in your pocket. Chewing gum? Keys? Earphones? Think of it as your at-home pocket.

6. Candle Holder

And our final idea for upcycling your old case is to use it as a candle holder. As pretty as they are, melted wax on your furniture and carpet is not what you want. Avoid that by using the case as a base. It will catch all the overflowing wax and look good doing it - win, win.

It will also help if you decide to redecorate and move the candle into another room - the possibilities are endless.

In the Market for a New Phone Case? Shop Casely!

Treating yourself to a new phone case is something you definitely deserve, but just because you're getting a new one, don't throw the old one away. Which one of the above methods will you choose?

For all your phone case needs, head to Casely now.

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