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Welcome Back Black Girls CODE - February's #EveryCaseCounts Charity Partner

Welcome Back Black Girls CODE - February's #EveryCaseCounts Charity Partner
Welcome Back Black Girls CODE - February's #EveryCaseCounts Charity Partner

Image credit: Black Girls CODE

At Casely, we celebrate and elevate voices that need it most, which is why we continue to highlight charities and movements that you should know about each month! For the third time, Casely is supporting a fantastic charity that is working to diversify the world of tech:Black Girls CODE.

They do incredible work in a niche field, making them even more deserving of the spotlight this month. If you haven't heard of Black Girls CODE before, get ready to be inspired. Stick around, and let us introduce you to their incredible work!

About Black Girls CODE

Black Girls CODE is a charity dedicated to spearheading the inclusion of women of color in tech spaces. They achieve this through encouraging self-confidence and providing opportunities that would otherwise never be open to them. Their goal? To train one million girls of color to be able to code by the year 2040.

Black Girls CODE supports girls of color aged between 7 and 17, training them to access the digital world around them in new and creative ways. Computer programming and technology are integral to our future economy, so it's more important than ever to ensure younger generations have equal access to it.

Their Mission

The tech world is ever-expanding and ever-changing, but it remains a field dominated by white men. Well, Black Girls CODE want to change that by encouraging young women of color to embrace tech and coding as a viable marketplace for them to enter and thrive.

They strive to prove that the best kind of society we can live in champions diversity by offering equitable opportunities. Inclusion is power, and Black Girls CODE emphasize that message through their continued efforts.

What Has Changed Since Last Year?

The past couple of years saw mass challenges to all of us due to the pandemic, racial inequalities, and a highly polarizing US election. Through that time, Black Girls CODE saw an opportunity to grow and strengthen their resolve, and that's exactly what they have achieved.

Through 2022, Black Girls CODE doubled its team, providing them with greater resources to reach even more girls of color with a passion for all things tech. They have also made moves to scale their curriculum so that the learning they offer is more consistent and responsive to the needs of their users. Last year was an excellent year for this charity, and they show no sign of slowing down in 2023.

Get Involved!

There are a bunch of ways to support Black Girls CODE, from donations to volunteering. You can become an active contributor in your city, helping girls of color to reach goals they may have never considered before.

You can also help out a charity that you think deserves the spotlight! If you know of a great cause that could benefit from a heightened profile, let us know, and we might feature it in one of our future #EveryCaseCounts!

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