Van Gogh on the Go! Take Your Artistic Style with You

Van Gogh on the Go! Take Your Artistic Style with You

Is your artistic flare too strong to be confined to just one canvas? Do you need a personal style and accessories that are as versatile and travel-friendly as they are aesthetic?

If so, it sounds like you need to check out the new collection of Van Gogh-inspired phone cases. This super cute and sophisticated line allows you to add some classic art history flare to your everyday look, with enough options for you to mix and match easily.

With various designs inspired by Van Gogh’s oeuvre, these cases will keep your phone protected and your selfies looking museum-ready in more ways than one.

1. After Hours | Van Gogh Skeleton Case

Whoever said impressionist painting isn’t dark or spooky wasn’t familiar with this skeleton imagery by Van Gogh. The truth is, though, that the whimsical brush strokes of the impressionist era hold tons of potential for portraying some of the scarier aspects of humanity.

The case features a close-up skull image portrayed in dark black and brown hues. It’s the perfect pairing with that true-crime podcast you just started binging.

Throw this case on your phone for Halloween or any other everyday situation, and you’ll be sure to catch everyone’s eye with your inner morbid fashionista.

2. Blue Awakening | Van Gogh Almond Blossom Case

Whether you’ve tuned into the meditation TikTok craze or not, you can still give off zen vibes with your phone decor.

Van Gogh’s famous floral imagery refines this case. It’s the picture of peacefulness with calming teal and ivory tones that will make you feel as though you just stumbled into a secret serenity garden.

Never miss an opportunity to display your appreciation for nature and tranquility with this phone case that looks the way your meditation app feels.


3. Sunny Gratitude | Van Gogh Sunflower Case

If you’re the type of person who can’t pass a farmstand without stopping to admire the flowers, then this is the phone case for you.

The Sunny Gratitude case features cheery yellow and orange tones, and bedecking your phone with it is like holding a flower bouquet that never wilts. It’s perfect for any amateur florist or garden enthusiast who wants to carry with them these bright and perky floral favorites at all times.

Pair with your favorite sweater or plaid for a look that’s perfect for the early days of fall.

4. Sketching in Blues | Van Gogh Farmhouse Case

Did Van Gogh start the cottage-core trend? This farmhouse-chic look suggests he just might have.

The farmhouse depicted recollects simpler times before everyone was showcasing their houseplants on Instagram. Meanwhile, the mix of light and dark blue tones and swirly brush stroke patterns give this case a whimsical feel.

Swapping out your monotone, urban phone case for this one gives you a true farm aficionado vibe, on top of being simply lovely with every outfit.


You don’t have to be at the top of your art class to rock these funky painter looks.

No matter your style, there are enough options here for you to make an impression every time.


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